Holy Round Table Domain: Camelot


Act 1: Baptism by Sand (1)(2)

Act 2: The Sun-King’s Supper (1)(2)

Act 3: Eastward

Act 4: The Wailing Wall

Act 5: Retreat

Act 6: Adventure in the East Village

Act 7: Raider Knight, Mordred

Act 8: Sanzang of the Stars Returns from Tianzhu

Act 9: Poison Flower, Iron Sword

Act 10: Banquet at the West Village

Act 11: The Evening Bell Rings for Death

Act 12: Village in Flames

Act 13: To the Atlas Desert

Act 14: Hidden Research

Act 15: God-King Ozymandias

Act 16: Night Before the Final Battle

Act 17: Replica