Main Story

1 / Observer on Timeless Temple


Singularity F: Tainted Burning City — Fuyuki

First Singularity: Dreadwyrm Hundred Year War — Orleans

Second Singularity: Eternal Mad Empire — Septem

Third Singularity: Final Sealed Seven Seas — Oceanos

Fourth Singularity: Deathly City of Mist — London

Fifth Singularity: Great North American Mythic War — E Pluribus Unum

Sixth Singularity: Holy Round Table Domain — Jerusalem Camelot

Seventh Singularity: Absolute Battlefront Against the Magical Beasts — Babylonia

Final Singularity: Grand Time Temple — Salomon

1.5 / Epic of Remnant

Variant Singularity I: Isolated Den of Evil — Shinjuku

Variant Singularity II: Subterranean Folklore Realm — Agartha

Variant Parallel World: A Stage of Corpse Hills and Bloody Rivers — Shimousanokuni

Variant Singularity IV: Taboos Descend on the Garden — Salem

2 / Cosmos in the Lostbelt

Prologue: December 2017

Lostbelt No. 1: Eternal Permafrost Empire — Anastasia

Lostbelt No. 2: Perpetual Century of Ice and Fire — Götterdämmerung

Lostbelt No. 3: State of Unified Wisdom — Qin