Mash Kyrielight

マシュ・キリエライト ★★★(★)

Major spoiler warning for Singularity 6.


Illustrator: Takeuchi Takashi
CV: formerly Taneda Risa, now Takahashi Rie (as of 1 October 2016)

Chaldea member Mash Kyrielight, fused with a Servant.
She is now a Demi-Servant.


Presently Brittle Wall of Snowflakes -> Valiant Wall of Snowflakes
White Rampart that Obscures Time
Shield of Resolved Determination
Magic Resistance: A
Riding: C
Allied Defense: C

Bond Level 1
Height/Weight: 158 cm / 46 kg
Source: Fate/Grand Order
Region: Chaldea
Alignment: Lawful Good
Gender: Female

Bond Level 2
Hypothetical Noble Phantasm Improvised Deployment: Human Order Foundation – Load Chaldeas
Rank: D
Type: Anti-Personnel Noble Phantasm
A Noble Phantasm instinctively invoked by Mash, who does not know the true name of the Heroic Spirit she fused with. It deploys a powerful forward-facing defensive wall. It is believed that its name “Chaldeas” stems from Mash’s wish to “see the future of humanity.”

Bond Level 3
Allied Defense: C

A power that manifests itself when protecting one’s allies.
Damage that exceeds the defensive value of the barrier is reduced, but this effect does not apply to the user. The area of the defensive field also increases as the rank of this skill increases.

Unlock: American Battlefield
Possession Succession: ?
Succeed Phantasm.
A special Demi-Servant skill.
The user inherits a single skill from the possessing Heroic Spirit, and it is sublimated in the user’s personal style.
In Mash’s case, this is Power Defense. It is a skill of the same type as Power Burst, converting magical energy into defensive power.
Because the Heroic Spirit possessed enormous magical energy, it manifests as a sacred rampart that can safeguard even an entire country.

Bond Level 4
Mash has learned the true name of the Heroic Spirit who once dwelt within her body.
His name was Galahad, a knight of the Round Table from Arthurian legend.
He was the only knight to obtain the Holy Grail, and a saint who ascended to heaven.
The catalyst for Galahad’s summoning — a place where heroes gather — and the shield that Mash wields, once served as the Round Table. It is the basis for Chaldea’s successful method of Heroic Spirit summoning.

Unlock: Replica 4/5
Presently Distant Castle of Ideals — Load Camelot
Rank: B+++
Type: Anti-Evil Noble Phantasm

The Noble Phantasm of the Heroic Spirit Galahad.
It is the ultimate defense using the Round Table, which sat in the center of the white castle Camelot, as a shield.
Its strength is proportional to the user’s spiritual might. It is said that as long as one’s heart is unyielding, the ramparts will never crumble.

Bond Level 5
Mash has grown into a full-fledged human and Servant in her own right, after overcoming seven singularities and triumphing in numerous battles.

The temporary name she assigned to her Noble Phantasm before she knew its true name — Human Order Foundation, Load Chaldeas — is the materialization of her innermost wish to see the future of humanity.

…Soon, the fight to stop the incineration of the Human Order will come to an end.
How will her journey conclude?
The beast of the planet quietly watches over that scene, which evokes the image of snowflakes.


Level Up
“Good work. I’ve leveled up, Senpai.”

Saint Graph Ascension

  1. “Have I become a little more like a Servant?”
  2. “Baseline abilities increased. I’ve leveled up, Senpai.”
  3. “I’ll do my best to be of even more help to you, Senpai.”
  4. “Thank you. I’m just… so happy. Senpai, I’ll never forget how I felt today.”

Start of Combat
“Entering combat. Your orders, Master?”

“Armed and ready. Here I go, Senpai!”

Ch. 5 Unlock: “Please watch me, Master.”

Ch. 5 Unlock: “Armed and ready. Here I go, Senpai.”

Command Card Selection


“Here I go.”

Ch. 5 Unlock: “Yes.”

Ch. 5 Unlock: “Calm down… Calm down…”

EX Attack
“Go down… with this!”

Ch. 5 Unlock: “I’ll defeat you with this!”

Skill Use
“Deploying maximum firepower.”

“Status boost… I’ll do my best.”

Ch. 5 Unlock: “Status boosted. I can hold out now.”

Ch. 5 Unlock: “I can’t fall yet.”

Noble Phantasm Selection
Before:”True name, pseudonym registered. I can do this.”

True Name Known: “True name, unveiled — I will attend the Siege Perilous.”

Noble Phantasm
Before: “Deploying Noble Phantasm!”

True Name Known: “Our homeland heals all wounds and grudges. Manifest! Load Camelot!”

Heavy Damage Received

“This isn’t enough to defeat me!”

“No… I must still… fight…”

“I’m… sorry…”

End of Combat
“Excellent leadership, Senpai.”

“Battle complete. …We managed somehow.”

Ch. 5 Unlock: “Battle complete. …Um, was I helpful?”

“Are we continuing the search? I’m ready to go anytime.”

“I’m still an inexperienced Servant, but I’ll work hard to be of help to you, Senpai.”

“In the future, I’d like to be able to fight, cook, clean, and converse at a glance… I’m aiming for that kind of relationship.”

“Things I like? The color of the sky, the smell of the earth… I like those.”

“Things I dislike? …I’m sorry. Right now, I don’t feel that strongly about anything.”

About the Holy Grail
“It is our duty to find and recover the Holy Grails. Let’s do our best, Master.”

Bond Level 1: “The outside world is incredible. It’s full of information I couldn’t learn in Chaldea… I learn something new every day. What about you, Senpai?”

Bond Level 2: “Countless people fought and lived before our time. The twisted parts aside, I feel blessed to be able to experience human history directly.”

Bond Level 3: “This may be inappropriate of me to say, but I’m thankful for this journey. I feel like I want to see even more skies. And… I want to help you even more, Senpai.”

Bond Level 4: “We have only one more of the King of Magic’s schemes to unravel. Soon, your journey, and my time as a Servant, will come to an end.”

Bond Level 5: “Let’s go, Master.

Birthday: “Happy Birthday. This is such an important day. Don’t you think the entire country should be celebrating?”

Event: “I’ve confirmed that a special phenomenon is occurring. Senpai, let’s hurry. We need to work hard to get the rare items!”

Master Missions
“Everything begins from humble savings. Keep going, Senpai.”

“Reward acquired. Take good care of it, Senpai.”

“Ka-ching! Cha-ching! …Ah, ahh! It’s okay. I wasn’t playing with our precious resources. …I wasn’t.”

“Resources successfully recovered, Master. It’s so small it feels like it’ll fall apart in my palm, but it’s a valuable resource nonetheless.”

“Once you’ve collected them all, head to Da Vinci-chan’s workshop. I’ll leave their usage to you, Master.”

Master Missions, July 2016
“The morning comes early, and night falls late. Every day feels longer when the daylight lasts longer, Master.”

“Surprisingly, we only have half of the year left to go. Let’s keep it together and follow our plans, Master.”

“I’ve heard of saltwater baths in the summer. I might not be ready to wear a… swimsuit, but I’d like to go rei-shift to a beach to go swimming, Senpai.”

Master Missions, August 2016
“So this is a terrestrial summer… Let’s not give into the heat and do our best, Senpai.”

“Good work, Master. When you have a break, let’s ask the Doctor for some shaved ice.”

“Here’s some well-chilled barley tea for you. Make sure you stay hydrated to avoid heat exhaustion, Senpai.”

Master Missions, September 2016
“The changing seasons can be hard on one’s health. Please take good care of yourself, Senpai.”

“The hot days continue, but I’ve heard that the lingering heat is the best part of the summer. Keep fighting, Master!”

“By the way… Does Fou have a shedding season?”

Master Missions, October 2016
“It’s gotten quite chilly. This is the season where it’s easier to exercise. Senpai, would you care to train with me?”

“It’s the season of delicious foods. I love freshly baked bread.”

“Watching the autumn leaves… Senpai, do the leaves in Japan turn red as if the volcanos are erupting? I’d like to see that with you.”

Master Missions, November 2016
“Did you get your coat ready? It’s getting colder and colder, Master.”

“Please let me know if you catch a cold. I’ll put my whole spirit into looking after you.”

“There are a lot of exciting events coming next month. Are you ready, Senpai?”

Master Missions, December 2016
“We only have a few days left in the year. Let’s give it our all  until the very end, Master.”

“The final battle draws near, but the mood here is rather relaxed. Let’s proceed as we always do.”

“It’s cold outside, but when I’m with you… I feel warm, Senpai. Is this what they call the heat island effect?”