Fergus mac Róich

フェルグス・マック・ロイ ★★★


Character Information
Illustrator: B-suke
CV: Kuroda Takaya

A hero from the Ulster Cycle of Celtic mythology.
Fergus was one of the Red Branch Knights, wielded a magic sword, and was a friend and father figure to the hero Cú Chulainn.
Possessing unparalleled sexual stamina, gluttony, generosity, lack of envy, and fearlessness, Fergus was the model of a brave and magnificent warrior. His name remains even today, and will persist for generations to come.


Magic Resistance: B
Riding: B
Valor: A
Rebellious Spirit: B
Mind’s Eye (True): A

Bond Level 1
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 90 kg
Source: Ulster Cycle, Red Branch Knights
Region: Ireland
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Gender: Male

Rotate Heaven, Earth, and the Ether!

Bond Level 2
Prismatic Sword — Caladbolg
Rank: A+
Type: Anti-army Noble Phantasm

Caladbolg is known by other names, such as “Spiral Prismatic Sword” or “Spiral Sword.”
It is an anti-army Noble Phantasm boasting great power and area of effect, able to shatter the earth.
Tradition tells that a swing of this terribly powerful sword “clove the heads of three hills” with its radiance.

Bond Level 3
In the legend, Caladbolg’s hill-destroying “rainbow-like brilliance” was mainly wielded for its terrain-destroying aspect. Namely, as an great, irresistible earth-breaking attack.
It is said to be the prototype for magical and holy swords obtained by many heroes in later ages. It is the prototype of Excalibur Galatine, for one.
The term “prismatic” in Caladbolg’s name refers to its rainbow-like effect.

Bond Level 4
Formerly a cornerstone of the Red Branch Knights, Fergus was enraged by the Ulster King Conchobar’s treachery and quit the knights. During the greatest war of the Ulster Cycle, Fergus displayed his valor on the side of Queen Medb of Connacht. Although he chose not to exert himself seriously as his friend Cú Chulainn was on the Ulster side, Fergus still fought his way to a mere breath away from killing King Conchobar.

Bond Level 5
According to a geis he formed with Cú Chulainn, the next time the two meet in battle, Fergus will unconditionally win.
During the second assault on Ulster, Queen Medb decided that Fergus would be an obstacle to her plans for revenge against Cú Chulainn, and did not invite Fergus to battle. Later, King Ailill, Medb’s husband, grew jealous of Fergus and had him assassinated.

Unlock: Quest Title
Fergus’ wish for the Holy Grail is to once again “get along” with his wife and Medb.
Yes, “get along.”
By the way, his wife is a forest goddess — a Divine Spirit. There aren’t many humans who can keep up with him, after all!



“Hello, there. I, Servant Saber, have come in answer to your summons. My name is Fergus mac Róich. …Now, is Cú Chulainn here?”

Level Up

“Oh? I’ve become quite strong.”

Saint Graph Readvent

  1. “Ha ha ha! Bring me a good woman!”
  2. “Hm… I feel like I’m about to boil over.”
  3. “This is… a very intimate feeling.”
  4. “Ha ha ha ha ha! You’re quite a whimsical one, Master! But now, I understand well how you feel. Let us continue to walk together.”

Start of Combat

“It’s a fight!”

“Very well. I see you want to be bled.”

Command Card Selection


EX Attack

“Here I go!”

Skill Use

“How’s this?”

Noble Phantasm Selection

“Spiral ready!”

Noble Phantasm

“Feast your eyes on a true rainbow… Caladbolg!


“Ah… and so I die…”

“It is a warrior’s fate to fall on the path… I leave the rest… to you…”

End of Combat

“There was simply a difference in our powers. Ha ha ha ha ha!””

“Now, Master. Bring me women and wine!”


“Leaving the question of whether I’ll follow your orders aside, I haven’t forgotten that you’re my Master, you know.”

“Master and Servant? Lord and vassal, eh… I admit I haven’t given it much thought. Though… I’m sure I’ll be easier to handle than that Cú Chulainn.”

“Hey, it’s time to head out!”

“The Holy Grail? Let me think… What do you think of asking it to reunite me with my past lovers? No, I’m being serious…”

“To tell you the truth, I’ve a weakness for women. Wine and battle are perfectly fine, but soft and fair skin…”

“Jealousy… Envy… They are foolish emotions. Those are the only things I dislike.”

Cú Chulainn (Lancer): “Oh, if it isn’t Cú Chulainn! I’m glad you’re looking well. How about a fistfight?”

Cú Chulainn (Caster): “Cú Chulainn…? Oi, what’s up with that outfit? Where’s your spear you always keep with you?”

Bond Level 1: “Hey, Master. How are you?”

Bond Level 2: “Oh, Master, is something troubling you? You can count on me when it comes to the opposite sex. Though, I don’t mind the same sex, either. Ha ha ha!”

Bond Level 3: “Master? Hm… You’ve grown far more fearless since we first met. I’ve gained a fine lord.”

Bond Level 4: “Hmm, Master. My love for you no longer wavers. You don’t have to answer it. Love is a private thing.”

Bond Level 5: “Are you there, Master? Hm, wine is… no good. Still, let us drink. Tonight, there is a brilliant moon and a gentle breeze. And, I have you. That’s all I need to live for.”

Birthday: “Here, drink up! …What? You’re not of age? Too bad. Still, it is my Master’s birthday. We must celebrate!”

Event: “Something’s going on, I think…”