Okita Souji

沖田総司 ★★★★★


Character Information
Illustrator: Takeuchi Takashi
CV: Yuuki Aoi

The captain of the first unit of the Shinsengumi, a security force active mainly in Kyoto during the Bakumatsu (the final years of the Edo period).
Even amongst the widely feared master swordsmen who composed this group, Okita was known as a prodigy with the blade.


Earth Contraction: B
Sickliness: A
Mind’s Eye (False): A
Magic Resistance: E
Riding: E

Bond Level 1
Height: 158 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Source: Historical
Region: Japan
Alignment: True Neutral
Gender: Female

“No, no beams from me.”

Bond Level 2
A lovely girl in her teenage years wearing elegant Japanese clothing.
This is what she normally wears, due to her real outfit being far too recognisable.
She has the faces of both a cold, heartless killer as well as a light-hearted lover of children.

Bond Level 3
Lightless Triple Thrust — Mumyou Sandandzuki
Type: Anti-Personnel Mystic Sword
Maximum Targets: 1

The feat of certain death used by this peerless master of the sword, containing three individual thrusts.
From the Hiraseigan stance, she releases all three straight thrusts in the exact same instant – a sword technique born from her transcendent finesse and speed.

Bond Level 4
The three thrusts exist simultaneously in the same time and place.
Even if the first thrust were stopped, the second and third would still pierce the same target – a paradoxical information overload triggered at the sword’s tip.
As such, for all practical purposes it is impossible to defend against this feat.
Due to the paradox caused by its usage, it also functions well when applied in the destruction of physical objects.

Bond Level 5
Although possessing both peerless technique and genius to live up to her name, she has low Constitution and Magic Resistance as a Saber.
This is due to both her own sickliness in life, as well as her image being muddled by public perception, until it became something similar to a curse like Innocent Monster.

Unlock: Guda-Guda Honnouji
Her wish for the Holy Grail is something she was unable to accomplish in life – she desires to fight until the end alongside her comrades.
Even as a Heroic Spirit, she still regrets not standing shoulder to shoulder with them, and deeply believes in her failure as a captain of the Shinsengumi.


“Okita Souji, captain of the first unit of the Shinsengumi, has arrived. Are you my Master? …my Haori? I’m not quite sure where it’s gone…”

Level Up
“Okita-san, level up!”

Start of Combat
“There is no good and evil in battle… only the shimmering of blades.”

“Let us deal with this swiftly!”

Skill Use
“Faster… sharper…!”

“My sword shall pierce my foe!”

Command Card Selection

“Let us!”

“Leave it to me!”

Extra Attack
“This is the end!”

Noble Phantasm Selection
“Behold the glint of my greatest technique!”

Noble Phantasm
“One step, crossing sound… two steps, surpassing any distance… three steps, arrival of the ultimate blade! Mumyou Sandandzuki!”

“I… cannot fall yet..”

“I can… still fight… Master…”

End of Combat
“It’s settled. Are you hurt, Master?”

“A win for Okita-san! Yes, my body is fine. I can still go for more! Koh?!

“What happened to my Hakama and boots, you say? Well, this is actually my, um, work clothes? By the way, Master, do you know where my Haori is?”

“This is going well, Master! In fact, I’ve never felt so lively!”

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Master! I’ve finally found my Haori! From now on, you can leave it all up to the strongest, ultimate Okita-san!”

“To think that I would be able to reach such a pinnacle… thank you, Master. From this moment on, my sword, my all, is yours!”

Room Conversation
“Hard to pass the time when we have nothing to do, isn’t it? Oh, shall we go for a patrol, Master?”

“The relationship between Master and Servant? Umm… I’m not too sure about that, to be honest. Kondou-san and Hijikata-san were more like family… if possible, I’d like if we act the same.”

“If my lord orders me to cut down an enemy, I’ll simply do just that. Principles are meaningless on the field of battle, you know.”

About Oda Nobunaga
“She and I… have a history, I guess you can say. It was just terrible back at the Capital…
But, well, in terms of compatibility I’m super effective against her!”

About Sasaki Kojirou
“An unavoidable Mystic Sword… yes, I’m terribly interested in his swordsmanship. I would love to have a chance to study under him…
Eh? You start by cutting down swallows? Oh… um… swallows?”

“What I like? Dango and Konbeitou and… I quite like sweet things. Oh, since we’re on the subject, how about we go have some now?”

“What I don’t like? Hmm… if I have to say, then Takuwan, I suppose…? Well, it’s not so much that I dislike it, but I guess you can say I’ve gotten tired of it…”

About the Grail
“You mean that my sickliness can be cured! Yaaay! …Eh? I can’t cure my Skill as a Heroic Spirit? But you said it can grant my wish! Wahhhh!”

“Master, there is some disturbance in the streets. Let us make haste!”

“Happy birthday! As a present, how would you like a Haori of the Shinsengumi?”

Bond Level 1
“A prodigy? That wasn’t really something I intended… and besides, in a sword fight, it’s all about spirit. If your sword breaks, then use your sheath. If your sheath breaks, then use your bare hands. No one will wait for you in battle. Like I said, spirit!”

Bond Level 2
“Romance…? Um, I guess I’m a bit dull when it comes to things like that… well, Hijikata-san loved that sort of thing… actually, he went way too far…”

Bond Level 3
“You are kind, Master. Back then, the only ones who would treat with a killer like me so casually were the children living nearby… Ah, but I’m not calling you childish or anything like that!”

Bond Level 4
“I… I’m not sure how to say this, but… when I’m with you, it’s like I feel calm… and my heart is racing… it’s strange, isn’t it? I’ve never felt this way before back when I was alive… did I catch cold again?”

Bond Level 5
“The time for doubts has passed for Okika-san! Wherever my Master goes, be it the ends of the earth and the seas… even were this frail body of mine to fail, I shall accompany you even to the edges of the Underworld!”