Artoria Pendragon (Lily)

ア ル ト リ ア ・ ペ ン ド ラ ゴ ン〔リリィ〕 ★★★★


Illustrator: Takeuchi Takashi
CV: Kawasumi Ayako

Artoria wielding Caliburn, the Sword of Selection, just after starting down the path of a king.
At this point, she was still an inexperienced knight.
She looked like an adorable lily, and her eyes brimmed with shining hope.
To broaden her experience, Artoria traveled the land and went on many adventures. The people she saved came to call her the Knight Princess, for her brilliance and beauty.


Instinct: B
Power Burst: A
Journey of Flowers: EX
Magic Resistance: B
Riding: C

Bond Level 1
Height: 154 cm
Weight: 42 kg
Region: England
Alignment: Lawful Good
Gender: Female

While her training to be a king was difficult, she was happy when caring for her horse.

Bond Level 2
A romantic knight studying daily to become the ideal king.
Still inexperienced, she cannot rid herself of her girlishness, and her heart is still full of hopes and dreams.
While touring the country, her party consisted of her foster brother Sir Kay and her mage attendant, Merlin. The usual course of their adventures would begin with Artoria’s fussiness, escalate into a crisis thanks to Merlin’s teasing, and Kay would be left to clean up the mess.

Bond Level 3
Instinct: B
The ability to “feel” the most favorable course of action for oneself during battle.
This finely honed sixth sense approaches precognition.
Instinct reduces the penalty of auditory and visual interference by half.
It can be thought of as excellent intuition.
In any case, Artoria could sense the worries of the people she met, so she often ended up helping them.

Bond Level 4
Golden Sword of Sworn VictoryCaliburn
Rank: B (conditionally A+)
Type: Anti-personnel Noble Phantasm
This was originally a sword to appoint the king of the realm.
Its “anti-personnel” description applies not to enemies, but to the wielder.
Caliburn displays power befitting a holy sword when wielded by the rightful king, or when its wielder becomes a complete king.

Bond Level 5
Artoria was a fated child born to save the British Isles, which were losing their mystery and headed for destruction.
She was the result of an undertaking by the previous king Uther Pendragon and the wizard Merlin to create an avatar of a dragon.
Namely, an incarnation of the Red Dragon said to protect Britain.
Possessing the heart of a dragon, the apex of Phantasmal Species, Artoria’s body generates an overwhelming amount of mana compared to other Heroic Spirits.

Unlock: The Young Swordswoman of Flowers
Caliburn is a separate holy sword from Excalibur.
It was created to help Arthur mature into a king, and was originally a ceremonial sword.
If its true name is invoked and wielded as a weapon, Caliburn can display firepower on the same scale as Excalibur, but the blade would likely crumble under the stress of Artoria’s magucal power.



“A pleasure to meet you, Master. I’m still a novice with the sword, so please call me Saber Lily. I look forward to adventuring with you!”

Level Up

“What do you think? Am I a little stronger now?”

Saint Graph Readvent

  1. “I’m a little more agile now. It’s nice to be able to move like this, Master.”
  2. “Thank you for investing your valuable time in me, Master.”
  3. “I do specialize in skill over strength, but isn’t this outfit a little light…? Still, I’m happy if you’re happy, Master. I’ll keep giving it my all!”
  4. “You’ve elevated my spiritual core so much… I’m grateful, Master. I’m still inexperienced, but thanks to you I’m confident that the holy sword will choose me.”

Start of Combat

“I accept your challenge!”

“I will fight with all I have.”

Command Card Selection


“Here I go!”

“Leave it to me!”

EX Attack

“Even stronger!”

Skill Use

“The fight begins now.”

“I’ll settle this with the next blow.”

Noble Phantasm Selection

“Please watch me. I will bring you victory!”

Noble Phantasm

“Sword of Selection, grant me power! Cleave the wicked! Caliburn!”

Heavy Damage Received

“I can still…”


“Merlin… everybody… I’m sorry…”

“I-I’m going to train some more…”

End of Combat

“I cannot fall until I am truly selected.”

“I will spare your life. Please tend to your wounds.”


“An excess of rest isn’t good for you, Master. Now, let us work hard today as well!”

“I am still in training. I hope to learn from you, Master.”

“You want to talk about a king and her subjects? U-Um, that’s something that happens in the future, and personally, I don’t feel ready at all… I-I’m sorry.”

“Things I like? I enjoy village festivals, and taking care of horses. I have to forget about them someday, but I hope I never do.”

“I don’t exactly dislike anything, but there is something I’m not good at. I can dance well with other girls, but dancing with a man is completely different…”

“A Holy Grail that grants wishes? It certainly would be convenient if such a thing existed.”

Bond Level 1: “I am still in training. I haven’t accomplished any feats worthy of a Heroic Spirit, but I will endeavor to serve you as your Saber.”

Bond Level 2: “So you’re still maturing as well, Master. I’m glad; it’s as if I’ve made a new friend. Hehe. It’ll be a race to see who can come into their own first.”

Bond Level 3: “I am still an apprentice with the sword, and have a long way to go before I become a knight. My spirit still needs tempering, never mind my skills. Someday, I will surely gain the strength of heart worthy of this holy blade.”

Bond Level 4: “Erm… I knew that our journey together would be long, but I didn’t expect us to grow so close. Now, your mere presence fills me with strength, Master.”

Bond Level 5: “I am grateful to you, Master. In spite of my inexperience, I’ve learned to appreciate the difference between what I must protect, and that which I want to protect. …Huh? You feel the same way? Heheh. I suppose we’re of one heart and mind. One day, I will lose this sword. But until then, please allow me to continue fighting by your side.”

Birthday: “Is it your birthday? Then, we should celebrate. I’ll bake you a pie! Ah… But I’m not very good at it, so please don’t expect too much.”

Event: “Something very unusual seems to be happening. Let us hurry so we don’t fall behind, Master. …This reminds me of the Selection.”


“While you rest, you should gather information. Please read the announcements. If you’re familiar with the state of the war, you need not fear even a hundred battles.”

“This is what we’ve accomplished so far. You could call it our training menu. I’ll try my best!”

“I enjoy training with the sword, but repairing a spaceship is rather difficult… Maybe I’m not suited to this task…”

“What exactly is Artorium, anyway?”

“Thank you for accompanying me during my training. I look forward to your continued leadership and support.”

“Good work, Master. Have I become a little more useful to you now? I think you can trade your remaining parts with Master X.”