Let Us Tell a Tale of World Salvation


Salvation. At its heart, the act is one of arrogance.
However, without tolerating such arrogance, one man cannot pull another upward.
The salvation of individual human beings is simple.
One simply needs to turn one’s thoughts to them.
Then, what about the salvation of the world?
I thought that I understood, but in truth, perhaps I knew nothing at all.
That is why, what is required is power indisputable.
The power to save all things of this world, impartially… even implacably, one might say.
Of course, I answered the summons for the objective of mending the human order.
However, somewhere in my heart, I still search for that relentless power.
Yes… the unrelenting salvation that we call the Holy Grail.

[fade to plains at night]

Enemy destroyed, confirmed.
Thank you, Master.

Dr Roman
Roger that. Keep going in this direction.
With the human order incinerated, we can’t let even the smallest singularities emerge.
I know that you’re busy, but it’s definitely more efficient to break these down while they’re still small.

Yes, we both understand.
And we have Mr Amakusa helping us this time, so I don’t think we’ll have any problems.

Amakusa Shirou
No problem at all. No Servant should gripe about unexceptional duties.
You can put me to as much work as you will.

[fade to forest]

Is this the right direction, Doctor?

Dr Roman
Of course.
Go right through that forest and there should be a cave.

  1. Let’s hurry!
  2. Let’s take it slow.

[1] Amakusa Shirou
Be calm, Master.
Haste makes waste.
At times, it is important to wait carefully.
I can assure you, I have sixty years to support these words.

[1] Mashu
Sixty years…?

[2] Amakusa Shirou
That is correct, Master.
Good things come to those who wait.
In this unknown forest where we do not know what may be present, we ought to proceed with care.

Dr Roman
Actually, there’s something that I’ve been wondering about.
Why do you use Black Keys, Amakusa?
They didn’t exist in your country during your era, right?

  1. What keys?
  2. Black Keys?

Dr Roman
Black Keys are conceptual equipment… a Craft Essence of the Church.
I don’t know the details, but they’re throwing weapons with blades made from pages of the Bible.
There aren’t any records of you belonging to the Church at some point, and the technique hadn’t been brought over to Japan yet…

Amakusa Shirou
It is a simple matter.
This “me” possesses experience with the Church, as I had been reincarnated during a certain Holy Grail War.


Dr Roman
What was that?!

Yes, there are records of Servants receiving flesh from the Holy Grail, but…

Amakusa Shirou
In any case, it is completely contradictory with the records of this world, so it must have been brought about by some other, impossible process.
However, there is no doubt that this is my most useful form to take as a Servant.
Originally, I am a third-rate Servant who has no possibility of becoming a Ruler.
With effort, I may barely be able to qualify as a Caster.

  1. Maybe you can ask Medea to teach you.
  2. Maybe you can ask Edison to teach you.

[1] Amakusa Shirou
I am afraid I will die.
The Magi of the Age of Gods are rather, well, they like to speed past on a motorcycle while you are still riding a bicycle.
Besides, I am more of a spellcaster than a Magus.
I cannot perceive Magecraft as they do, only that it is a useful thing to have.
Well… I do believe that we have other Servants who are of the same mindset…

[2] Amakusa Shirou
Mr Edison…

I am sorry… a Revelation just came upon me. A vision of my arm undergoing Conceptual Improvement until it became a rocket…
And the birth of Shin Amakusa Shirou…

Dr Roman
But, if you don’t have the qualification to be summoned as a Ruler, then why are you a Ruler now?

Amakusa Shirou
Ah, the answer is simple.
At the Holy Grail War mentioned where I was reincarnated, my Master had deviated from the rules.
By right, a Servant is summoned into the eighth class of Ruler to mediate the Holy Grail War.
Thus, the Master of Ruler is the Holy Grail itself, and a Ruler is expected to take a neutral stance.
My Master attempted to summon a Ruler for the sake of victory, however.
In a normal Holy Grail War, the summoned Ruler holds Command Spells against all participating Servants.
These are powerful tools, with which one can even force Servants to commit suicide.
As such, the act of making Ruler your familiar may well be equivalent to winning the Holy Grail War. That was my Master’s scheme.
That was how I was summoned… how I was made to become a Ruler, by foul play.
It was likely this incident that allowed me to gain the qualifications to be summoned as a Ruler.
Of course, were things not as dire as the reparation of the human order itself, the chances of summoning me would be very low…

Dr Roman
I see.
You weren’t summoned because you were qualified.
Instead, because of that summoning, you fooled the system into thinking you were qualified.
In any case, after something like that was recorded, the pathway to summoning you was established.
The second summoning after that will be easier.

Amakusa Shirou
In the Holy Grail War where I was summoned, I did not attain victory.
Yet by a series of coincidences, I managed to receive flesh.
…Hm, it seems this is no time to reminisce about the past.

Dr Roman
Oh, oops.
Even I got really interested listening to all this!
Yeah, there’re some enemies. Watch out!

You’re too late, Doctor!

[battle with monsters]

Amakusa Shirou
In truth, I did not bring about any miracles at all.

I-Is that so?
But the most well-known part of Amakusa Shirou’s legend was that he brought about what were miracles beyond any doubt…

Amakusa Shirou
Yes, I was merely a spellcaster.
However, my use of Magecraft was mostly subconscious, so I had not even realized it myself.
By the strange device we call faith, after dying and becoming a Heroic Spirit, I became capable of exercising miracles.
These are my true Noble Phantasms… Right Hand, Evil Eater; and Left Hand, Xanadu Matrix.

  1. Is it like an Immortal Chaos Brigade sort of thing?

Amakusa Shirou
Yes, that sounds about right!


Amakusa Shirou
Fufufu, I carry a strange empathy with Sakata Kintoki-san and Fuuma Kotarou-san.
We tried inviting Lu Bu-san as well…

[fade to Chaldea in the past]

Lu Bu

Sakata Kintoki
I get ya! That’s golden!

Fuuma Kotarou
Kintoki-dono, what is Lu Bu-dono saying…?

Sakata Kintoki

Sakata Kintoki
“Most regretful. Named with great passion was my treasure. Its name is unto art itself. Ranivation not permitted.”

Sakata Kintoki
…and that’s that!

[fade to cave in the present]

Amakusa Shirou
As such, Lu Bu-san did not accept our offer.
Truly regretful.

Dr Roman
Hahaha, seems like there’s been bonding between strangers going on in Chaldea that we didn’t even know about.
It feels a bit like I shouldn’t be laughing this off, but it’s good that you’re learning to work together better!
…Anyway, it surprises me that you were a spellcaster.
That means that you never learned Magecraft properly, right?

Amakusa Shirou
I did not. Well, it is something that comes naturally very, very rarely.
It just so happened that I was born with the power to exercise the miracles called Magecraft, and no one around me ever pointed it out…
And so I was revered as a boy of miracles.
Perhaps Mori Souiken and his peers had suppressed those whispers.
And now, we no longer know the truth…

Dr Roman
From what I’ve heard of the uniqueness of your Magecraft, it’s hard to think that even the Association back then would have let you roam freely.

Amakusa Shirou
In any case, all of that is from when I was alive. It matters little now.
Let us focus our efforts on saving this world.

  1. Do you want to save the world?

Amakusa Shirou
I do. I will save everyone and anyone, even the killers of my own kin.

You really are a Saint…

Amakusa Shirou
No, I am not a Saint. I was never canonized.
I do try to act as one. However, there are things that one must put aside to reach such a position.
…Hatred, for example.
One cannot live as a Saint while carrying such an emotion.
Then, of course, there are also those like Jeanne d’Arc, who was practically born a Saint…

It seems Ms Jeanne does not consider herself a Saint.
I hear that she is sometimes teased for it.

Amakusa Shirou
Other’s views are not the same as one’s own mindset.
Whatever she may claim, I believe that Jeanne d’Arc is a Saint.
…Although, from her perspective, doubtless she would very intently wish for me to mind my own business.

Dr Roman
Speaking of which, do you and Jeanne d’Arc know one another somehow?
For being fellow Rulers, you two don’t seem to get along very well.

Amakusa Shirou
Ah, yes, that…
…is something that shall remain a secret.
After all, the matter concerns our beliefs.


Dr Roman
The singularity in the cave is rapidly establishing itself!
This is too fast… what’s going on?!
Hurry! Something bad’s about to happen!

Amakusa Shirou

[beside the Grail]

What is this…?

Dr Roman
A polluted Holy Grail!
What’s something like that doing here?!
Watch out, that black mud oozing out can contaminate Servants!

Amakusa Shirou
Please, be calm.
We simply need to blow it apart before it establishes itself.

Y-Yes, that is true, but…!

  1. How?

Amakusa Shirou
With a Noble Phantasm, of course.
We race against time, but…

[Zouken appears]

You shall not, Ruler…!
This Holy Grail… is mine…!

  1. Is that a person?
  2. is that a Nurarihyon…?!

[1] Dr Roman
No, it’s not a human being!
It’s the remnant of some recording, born from the Grail mud!

[2] Dr Roman
What? No! No no no!
Why would a Japanese Youkai pop up here?!
It’s probably the remnant of some recording, born from the Grail mud.

Dr Roman
This sort of thing… doesn’t usually happen.
Anyway, you don’t need to worry about it. Just deal with him!

Amakusa Shirou
Ah, perhaps you were one of those whom I had fought in the Holy Grail War.
My apologies, as I can barely remember.
But, if he appeared, then…

You… yes, you desire it too, do you not?
This Holy Grail will be quite the magnificent work, if allowed to erect itself!
Something that could well surpass the Holy Grail of Fuyuki…!

Amakusa Shirou
…Let us rid ourselves of him, Master.
It is a waste of our time hearing this.
I will deal with him…!

[battle with insects and ghost]

Enemy defeat, confirmed.

Dr Roman
Come on, the Grail’s about to blow its top!
Once it explodes, it’ll take form as an established Holy Grail!

Amakusa Shirou
I will activate my Noble Phantasm.
Please, step back.

Dr Roman
…Something’s coming from the mud again!

Amakusa Shirou
One after another…!

[Angra appears]

Hey there, handsome.
Is this our first time seeing each other? It is, isn’t it?
I’m just a sewer rat that can only be born from the mud.
Can’t imagine myself ever having crossed paths with some high and mighty Saint!
But… aha.
This one’s a pretty hard worker, from what I can see.
You got that same stench on you. You smell kiiiiinda like me, eh?
Can practically see the weights hanging off your shoulders.
Even those shoulder relief pad things aren’t going to cut it here.
But it’s not like we can do anything about it, right? You and me, we got the same deal.
The hard way. That’s exactly how we like it!
Nobody’s sympathizing with us!

Amakusa Shirou
You are right. I do not wish for anyone to comfort me.
Besides, I am usually the one who is comforting others.

Damn, you got the same sort of mindset as the new kid on our side!
Got this sort of steely self-control, you know? An achiever, is that what you call them?
I’m really bad with those types. Like, they really make me sick.
Well? If I’m out here, that must mean someone wants to make a wish on the Grail.
So which of you is it? You sick bastard!
Is it you?

  1. No way!

Yeah, I didn’t think so, either!
And the one over there, looking all nice and meaty and tenderized. Not her.


So that leaves…
Whoa, hold on, Mr Saint.
Are you really thinking of switching to this side?
Chasing after a Grail? That kind of thing drops your market value to garbage, you know?


Dr Roman
You’re kidding, right?

Amakusa Shirou
…There is no need for concern.
I am used to handling a Holy Grail.
Allow me to put this Grail to use.

Dr Roman
Are… are you insane?!
That’s a highly contaminated artifact!
Even Rulers have limits on how much they can resist!
You’ll be turned in an instant!

Amakusa Shirou
Yes, I know full well.
But, whatever the risk…
I cannot give up on the salvation of the world.
If the chance presents itself, I will reach out for it every time.

Good grief. Taking the power to destroy the world, and using it to save the world?
That’s just a countdown to extinction, you know?
Good guy or bad guy, it doesn’t matter. No one can handle a power like that.
Am I right, Mr Master?
You get what I mean, don’t you?

  1. I get what you mean.
  2. When did we become friends?

[1] ???

[2] ???
Oh. Hehe.
That’s true, but ouch!

Amakusa Shirou
…The mud speaks the truth.
But what is salvation, if not perseverance in the face of opposition?
Your decision, Master.
Will you leave in my care this thing attempting to becoming a Holy Grail?

  1. I will not.
  2. …I’m sorry.

[1] Amakusa Shirou
…So it has come to this, after all.
It is very regrettable, but…

[2] Amakusa Shirou
I see…
Then we have no other option.

Amakusa Shirou
Let us conduct the most primitive form of the Holy Grail War.
The winner takes all.

You really are like the new kid!
Both of you do whatever needs to be done! Like two peas in a pod?
But then, our kid does like to keep a sense of style in things, like that black cloak.
You don’t let anything go to waste, though. You’re ice cold!
You can’t talk someone like that out of anything.
Hey, you. Master person.
This is a case where you need to beat him to stop him.
And when you got a Ruler running wild, you bring out an Avenger, right?
Well, ain’t you lucky? You got a Bingo, and now you get a free trial run of a rare dark Servant!
Besides, I’ll fade away after one night, like a debt that has to be paid by the next morning.
The least I can do is go out with a bang!
Let’s do it, boss!

[battle with Amakusa]

Amakusa Shirou
…So, I have lost.

But the Grail…!

Dr Roman
This is bad.
All of you need to get out of there right now!

Dr Roman
If you can’t destroy it, you have to evacuate first…!

Amakusa Shirou
No, I shall destroy it.
It is my defeat, and so I will put an end to this.
…Talking with you has been most meaningful, Angra Mainyu.

Angra Mainyu
That so? If it helped you blow off some steam, well, it was worth going through all that risky stuff, then.
You guys can take care of the clean-up. Me, I’m usually more the slacker type.
Don’t wake me up too much, yeah?

[Angra Mainyu fades]

Amakusa Shirou
Activate Noble Phantasm.
Twin Arms, Big Crunch…!

[fade to Chaldea]

Dr Roman
…That just now was a close shave.

Amakusa Shirou
My goodness, I agree completely.
And, troublingly enough, I do not feel any remorse.

Dr Roman
Now, then… you’re his Master.
I’ll leave it to you to decide how to reprimand him for his mutiny.

Amakusa Shirou

  1. Some other time.
  2. Just reflect on what you’ve done.

Amakusa Shirou
Is that all?

Dr Roman
Sigh… I had a feeling that you’d say that.

Amakusa Shirou
Master, to me, the Holy Grail…
No, the power brought about by the Holy Grail is my deepest desire.
If something similar were to occur again, I am afraid that I will most definitely try and claim it once more.

  1. We can’t do anything about that.

Amakusa Shirou
We… can’t?
…Then, when that happens again, what will you do?
Will you stop me once more?

  1. I will.

Amakusa Shirou
…I see.
It seems you and I will never see eye to eye on this matter.

  1. That’s fine.

Amakusa Shirou
…What did you say?

  1. I’ll stop you as many times as it takes.

Amakusa Shirou
Are you saying… as long as you are my Master, you will always stop me?
As many times as it takes…?
This is beyond me. A Servant cannot go against his Master.
…Very well.
As long as you are my Master, I shall place my own dream under seal.
Although we cannot come to an understanding, we can fight alongside one another.
Although we may part ways some day, we can hold each other.
Just as you place your trust in me… I, too, swear to shut away my own wishes.
…Be that as it may, I would still prefer some form of punishment.
I simply cannot let things settle like this.

  1. Go… clean my room…?

Amakusa Shirou
Thank you, Master.
Amakusa Shirou Tokisada shall devote his all to cleaning your room!