Amakusa Shirou Tokisada

天草四朗時貞 ★★★★★

Character Information
Class: Ruler
Gender: Male
Source: Historical
Region: Japan
Alignment: Lawful Good
Height: 169cm
Weight: 59kg


Background Development: Higashide Yuuichirou
Character Design: Konoe Ototsugu
CV: Uchiyama Kouki

Class Skills

Magic Resistance: A
He possesses Saber-level Magic Resistance, but it does not apply against sacraments of the Church.

Personal Skills

Revelation: A
A skill equivalent to Instinct. Whereas Instinct is a ‘sixth sense’ for combat, Revelation applies to all matters related to the attainment of a goal; the choosing of the best path during a journey, for example. However, as these choices are not based on anything concrete (that he is aware of) he cannot explain them to others very well.

True Name Discernment: B
By being summoned as a Ruler, all Servants that he meets directly will have their true names and parameters automatically revealed. However, a LCK check is necessary against Servants with concealment abilities.

Divine Judgment: C
The authority exclusive to Rulers to exercise Command Spells against other Servants.

Charisma: C-
The inborn talent to command a military force. Although he cannot govern a nation, he can form powerful bonds with comrades with whom he share the same aims, and they are willing to lay their lives down for them. Due to this skill, he is also able to have his comrades believe in the contents of his Revelations.

Baptismal Rite: B+
Magecraft formulated in the style of the Church that is tremendously effective against spiritual bodies. Combined with his two Noble Phantasms, he can sublimate even Servants.

Noble Phantasms

Dual Arms, Zero Point ConvergenceTwin Arms, Big Crunch
Rank: A+
Type: Anti-Army
Range: 1-200
Maximum Targets: 500 persons

Connecting both arms to a leyline, he adds excessive amounts of magical energy into the Magic Circuits in both arms until they go out of control. An annihilation Noble Phantasm that produces artificial dark matter drawing in everything in its surrounding.

As it requires such massive amounts of energy, it normally cannot be used as a Noble Phantasm. To fully power this Noble Phantasm, he must somehow secure a path of energy provision separate from the Master.

Right Arm, Predation of WickednessRight Hand, Evil Eater
Left Arm, Foundation of Heaven’s BlessingsLeft Hand, Xanadu Matrix
Rank: D
Type: Anti-Unit
Range: 1
Maximum Targets: 1

His own two hands that had become Noble Phantasms. By these two hands, he had caused miracles to occur again and again, bringing hope to those faithfuls who walked a path of hardships. Able to connect to any magecraft foundation, they form a ‘skeleton key’ allowing him to wield any form of magecraft.

At the same time, his right and left arms can exercise abilities similar to the Mind’s Eye (True) and Mind’s Eye (False) skills respectively, and strengthen his Baptismal Rites.


An amiable and mild young man, although he is philosophical to a peculiar degree and his actions can appear strangely caculating. Rather than building tough walls, he is the type to maintain his relations with others on a knife’s edge, keeping them neither friend nor foe. If anyone could draw close to him, it would be one who would accept his beliefs and wield its power.

Motives and Attitude
He maintains a very modest relationship with his Master. As long as they do not accept his desires for the Holy Grail, the Master remains a target for purging no matter how friendly their relationship becomes. But if – only if – his Master assented to his views, and Amakusa Shirou himself recognized his Master as worthy of entrusting with his dream, then would he gladly offer his own life.

Historical Figure

Jeanne d’Arc
The holy maiden with whose fate his own was entangled during a certain Holy Grail War, and he speaks as though he still remembers the event. At any rate, as they are not ideologically opposed, there are no ill feelings between them.

Edmond Dantes
The Avenger whom he learned of and fought against during a certain ordeal. He is unsure whether it is admiration or pity he holds for the man who cast away his own self to carry on the spirit of vengeance.

An empress of the Middle East who…? Fufufu, how can it be that such a fraud of a hero finds himself connected to such a figure? Impossible, surely… and yet it is a curious thing that we call fate.


“Servant Ruler, Amakusa Shirou Tokisada. Do I resemble someone else? A mere coincidence.”

Level Up
“Level up. I suppose that means I still have ways to go before I reach the summit.”

Start of Combat
“Goodness… I have no talent for barbarism, but it seems I have little choice.”

“I am not a Servant suited to combat… but as you will, Master.”

Skill Use
“My miracles!”

“Watch over us!”

Command Card Selection

“Well then.”

“Very good.”

Noble Phantasm Selection

“Let us go.”

Noble Phantasm
“Activate Heaven’s Feel. To all creation, an end… Twin Arms, Big Crunch!”

“No need to be concerned about me… go on ahead, Master.”

“It is frustrating… to find yourself unable to proceed further…”

End of Combat
“Well, that will have to do for now.”

“Let us take care that this victory does not lead to future defeats.”

“Thank you, Master. I can fight by your side for a little longer.”

“It seems… even an inferior man like me can still walk a little further.”

“We have reached unseen heights, Master. I am quite excited, to be honest.”

“Truly, I thank you, Master. We have reached the very ends of my world.”

Room Conversation
“Master, we should depart soon, or we will get a scolding.”

“Yes, as long as you conduct yourself correctly in the salvation of the world, I am your Servant.”

“There is no problem, as long as you do not assert unreasonable commands.”

About Jeanne d’Arc
“Oh…? No, it is nothing. The holy maiden and I may have different views of the world, but it is certain that she wishes for peace as well.”

“I love a world where all is cherished, even if such a world cannot be reached.”

“Oppression, domination, slaughter. I feel nothing but abhorrence for such things.”

About the Grail
“Do I have a wish for the Holy Grail? I do, but it is a secret.”

“It seems something has happened. Will you go?”

“Happy birthday. Please, have this bouquet.”

Bond Level 1
“Do you have need of me, Master?”

Bond Level 2
“Thank you, Master, but you need not concern yourself with me…”

Bond Level 3
“Having reliable companions is a good thing. Of course, I count you among them, Master.”

Bond Level 4
“I wish for the world to have peace. For that purpose, I will use anything that can be used, and others can use me as well. Please, use me, Master.”

Bond Level 5
“Let us walk together to the uttermost end of this world and find its peace. Do not worry. I am with you.”