オジマンディアス ★★★★★


Character Information
Illustrator: Nakahara
CV: Koyasu Takehito

A historical figure from the fourteenth to thirteenth centuries B.C.E.
Ozymandias was a pharaoh of ancient Egypt who ruled a vast empire. He loved his subjects as Osiris did, and was greatly beloved by his people.
He is also known as Ramesses II, or Meryamun.


Charisma: B
Imperial Privilege: A
Blessing of Ra: A
Magic Resistance: B
Riding: A+
Divinity: B

Bond Level 1
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Source: Historical
Region: Egypt
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Gender: Male

Ozymandias’ maximum height in life was estimated to be over 180 cm. However, he claims that he was in his prime when his most beloved wife, Nefertari, gave birth to their second son.

Bond Level 2
Ozymandias was a wise ruler who brought prosperity to ancient Egypt through both his war against the Hittites, and cultural exchange during peacetime.
He was a bold general and a man who fathered over a hundred children with the world’s most beautiful women. Even today, he is still known for his legacy of grand architectural projects.

Bond Level 3
He is often associated with Moses, the stepbrother he was raised with. According to legend, Moses led the Jews in an Exodus from Egypt, and Ozymandias has been attributed as the Egyptian pharaoh who pursued them with a great army.

Bond Level 4
Ozymandias decrees that he is the son and avatar of the sun god Ra, and an absolute being on Earth.
Like a bird that soars through the sky, like a fish that swims in the sea, like flowers blooming in a meadow, he is naturally the Pharaoh — a god-king.

Bond Level 5
Radiant Grand Temple Complex — Ramesseum Tentyris
Rank: EX
Type: Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm

The power of Pharaoh Ozymandias, embodied as a Noble Phantasm.
It is a type of Reality Marble, made of a fantastic, grand complex of massive temples and mausoleums.
The magical energy cannon Dendera Light is its primary form of attack, but the complex itself is used as a massive attack of last resort in Fate/Grand Order.

Unlock: ???


“My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”

Level Up
“I am radiant, no matter the place! Very well, I permit this! Make me shine even brighter!”

Saint Graph Ascension

  1. “I am the perfect pharaoh. But… hmph, I suppose an occasional change of clothes is fine. How thoughtful of you.”
  2. “I am already perfect. That is what a pharaoh is.”
  3. “Your aesthetic sense is not bad at all. In that case… I shall conduct myself in this form, for a while. Rejoice to the utmost degree!”
  4. “Do not shield your eyes. My radiance now surpasses that of the sun itself, but I shall grant you the glory of beholding my brilliance. You may bask in my splendor.”

Start of Combat
“Allow me to demonstrate the valor of a godly pharaoh. I permit you to die of despair!”

“Here and now, I shall burn you to ash with the radiance of the sun!”

Command Card Selection
“Very well.”

“How fragile!”


EX Attack
“Fool who dares defy a pharaoh!”

Skill Use
“Behold the majesty of a pharaoh. Hehe, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

“Nothing on Earth is impossible for a pharaoh. All of Creation is under my reign!”

Noble Phantasm Selection
“A gift for the lightless.”

Noble Phantasm
“Look upon my works, ye Mighty, and grovel! The sun, my infinite radiance, descends upon you! Ramesseum Tentyris!

Damage Received
“Is that all?”

Heavy Damage Received
“Very good, haha! That was adequate!”

“Impossible… You dare wound the Pharaoh’s person!?”

“That I… Ozymandias… would be defeated…”

End of Combat
“Revere the heavens, and prostrate yourself on the earth, for I am the sun’s brilliance you look up to!”

“Boring. There was no need for me to address this.”

Room Conversation
“You will accompany me to save the world? You’ve got it out of order. I! Will accompany you! To save this world, which is my domain! Don’t get the wrong idea.”

“The Pharaoh is absolute. I permit you to worship me. As humans prostrate themselves before the sun, so may you revere my countenance.”

“I am none other than the ruler of the earth. Therefore, all things under my reign are equal in value. They are not to be labeled with your “qualities.”

“There is only one thing I hate, and that is the frailty of my earthly flesh. I, the radiant sun and greatest of all pharaohs, must never rot away. Yet, both my past and present bodies far fall short of that ideal.”

“This presence… Could it be one of the heroes?”

Tamamo no Mae
“Oh? I sense an avatar of the sun. Tamamo, eh? Then I suppose that makes me the elder brother, and her my younger sister. I will permit it! Tell her that henceforth, she may address me as Brother!”

Karna, Gawain
“Oh? Could this presence be a pharaoh from another age? One who embodies the sun can be none other than a pharaoh, after all. That is what it means to be Pharaoh.”

Bond Level 1
“Hmph. Be they heroes of great valor, or magi who wield mysteries, they are of no interest to me. All are equal subjects to be ruled by the pharaoh. None are of any worth.”

Bond Level 2
“Few people manage to catch my interest. I speak not of royal bearing or royal blood, but those born with the power of kings and an understanding of that burden. Also…”

Bond Level 3
“A mere king cannot compare to an absolute Pharaoh. But, I do not mind leading kings once in a while, pharaohs though they are not. No, I’m not talking about you. Do you possess the bearing of a king?”

Bond Level 4
“Hmph. You have piqued my curiosity. A lowly magus has caught my interest… How? I will permit it. You may approach. I wish to examine your face.”

Bond Level 5
“You lack the bearing of a king, but you carry yourself with… a certain something. Perhaps you resemble my brother… No, that can’t be. Anyway, show me your face some more. I wish to look into your eyes.”

“As if I would know the day of your birth! A pharaoh does not involve himself with the affairs of his subjects! He rules them all equally. By the way, is there anything you desire from me?”

“There is some commotion outside. Normally I would annihilate them all with a blast from Mesektet, but… It has ever so slightly piqued my interest. I permit you to accompany me.”