イスカンダル ★★★★★


Character Information
Illustrator: Takeuchi Takashi
CV: Ohtsuka Akio

Iskandar is the name by which Alexander III is known in Persia. He is also known by the nickname Dhul-Qarnayn (“two-horned king”).
Thanks to his eastern campaign, Iskandar’s exploits reverberated throughout the Islamic world and became the basis for numerous heroic legends. His name has propagated throughout Asia.


Charisma: A
Military Tactics: B
Conqueror of Thunder: EX
Magic Resistance: D
Riding: A+
Divinity: C

Bond Level 1

After ascending to the throne of Macedonia at age 20, Iskandar subjugated the Greek city-states and advanced on West Asia.
He became Pharaoh of Egypt, defeated the proud and mighty Persian Empire, and carved out a great empire that stretched all the way to distant India.

Bond Level 2

Iskandar’s conquests stemmed not from a greedy desire for territorial expansion, but rather from his explorer’s spirit that fervently sought the unknown. Iskandar appointed local residents of the lands he conquered to govern them, and was proactive in appealing to West Asian cultures, laying the foundation for the Hellenistic Period.

Bond Level 3
Height: 212 cm
Weight: 130 kg
Source: Historical
Region: Macedonia
Alignment: Neutral Good
Gender: Male

The King of Conquerors ruins not the defeated, and shames not the conquered.

Bond Level 4
Army of the King — Ionion Hetairoi
Rank: EX
Type: Anti-army Noble Phantasm

A Reality Marble of summoning. The King of Conquerors’ trump card.
His people are his treasures. The deeds of innumerable heroes are proof of his kingship.
The royal guardsmen that Iskandar commanded in life are summoned en masse as individual Servants, crushing the enemy with a force that numbers tens of thousands.

Bond Level 5
Iskandar can summon the army he led in life using the Army of the King. This symbol of his path of kingship has been sublimated as a Noble Phantasm, formed by the bonds between king and subjects, surpassing space and time.
This Noble Phantasm originated not with a hero that achieved martial exploits, but rather a hero that commanded an army.

Unlock: ???



“Oh, you have done well to draw me! Iskandar, King of Conquerors, shall carve out your path!”

Level Up

“Surely we still have a ways to go.”

Spirit Readvent

  1. “Even Bucephalus is neighing now.”
  2. “My base fighting strength has been enhanced.”
  3. “It would be a waste to stop here! You’re almost at the summit!”
  4. “Your command is exemplary. Very well, join me for a round of drink and merrymaking, Master!”

Start of Combat

“Splendid, splendid! The enemy has a fine look on their faces!”

“Oh, I suppose we’ll have negotiations after the brawl.”

Command Card Selection


“Leave it to me!”


EX Attack

“Grit your teeth!”

Skill Use

“Homer is great. His tales swell me with motivation!”

“How tepid. I’ll give them a good kick!”

Noble Phantasm Selection

“Now, to the distant ends of the earth!”

Noble Phantasm

“As long as our chests beat with ambition for the far horizon, the campaign shall never end. Raise your cries of war! Ionion Hetairoi! AAAAAALALALALALALAIEEEE!!!

Heavy Damage Received

“This is just too much.”


“Mrgh! We didn’t do enough reconnaissance…”

“I’ve failed! Did I misread the path to victory!?”

End of Combat

“Is this all? That was a bit unsatisfying…”

“Good! Let us hurry to the next battle!”


“Hey, what are you lazing about for!? We depart for the front!”

“Hm? If you can’t decide who is superior, can’t we just fight for it?”

“If your ambition excites my spirit, I will gladly be your guide!”

“Things I like? Conquest, obviously. And seeing famous sights!”

“I don’t find anything particularly distasteful. Ah, right. I suppose I’ve little patience for whiny ministers.”

“I’ll use whatever means are available to me. The Holy Grail, eh? I would wish for a second life!”

Bond Level 1: “I won’t blame you for your inexperience, but now is the time for diligence. The situation is what it is. We should hasten however we can.”

Bond Level 2: “Everywhere I look, I see Heroic Spirits worth defeating. How regrettable it is this is not my era! Damn… Now I itch to join the enemy camp.”

Bond Level 3: “I campaigned to the ends of the earth, but you are on a journey to reach the end of time. Hrm! Tantalizing indeed! There were no heroes on my staff with ambitions as grand as yours!”

Bond Level 4: “I completely forgot! This is the 21st century! Where are your next-generation game consoles?”

Bond Level 5: “Hmm. You now wear a competent expression. Once, you were weak, but you’ve grown into a champion. Haha, this is what makes life interesting. Fight all you please, Master! My chariot will blaze a path anywhere you wish.”

Zhuge Kongming (El-Melloi II): “Hm? You have a strategist with a stern countenance. I’d like to see him compete with with Eumenes- Ah, he’s still an immature youth on the inside. How amusing it would be if he met Hephaestion!”

Gilgamesh: “Now this is a surprise! Even the King of Heroes is here! He is the most troublesome of foes, yet even more worrying as an ally! Are you sure you haven’t bitten off more than you can chew?”

Darius III: “Darius III, eh? Hmm, I have quite a history with that king, but it was too bad that we never shared a drink. I thought that this would be our chance, but his current form reflects our third pursuit battle. It seems that our destiny is ever to kill one other.”

Artoria Pendragon: “Hmm? If it isn’t Britain’s King of Knights! You have a fine bearing now that you’ve dispelled your doubts!  Mmm, ahem, I can’t. I’m happy, but I feel a strange itch! I know! Perhaps I’ll tease her!”

Artoria Pendragon (Lancer Alter): “What is that? Am I still drunk from yesterday? Lest my eyes deceive me, I see a plumply matured King of Knights… Ha ha ha ha! Still, she rides a fine steed. Though it’s no match for my Bucephalus!”

Birthday: “Isn’t it your birthday? Alright, I’ll go buy you a limited special edition!”

Event: “Oh, I’ve seen omens of a new battle. Shall we go kick up a storm, Master!?”