Queen Medb

女王メイヴ ★★★★★


Character Information
Illustrator: Takayama Kisai
CV: Sakura Ayane

The queen of Connacht from the Ulster Cycle of Celtic mythology and a woman with many lovers, having been betrothed to many a king or warrior, at times marrying them, at others simply becoming physically intimate.
The eternal noblewoman, then, now and forever.
As the chief culprit behind the greatest war of the Ulster Cycle, she sought the life of Cu Chulainn, the Ulster warrior who defied her.


Golden Rule (Body): A
Charisma: B → Queen’s Chastisement: A
Alluring Nightingale: C
Magic Resistance: B
Riding: A

Bond Level 1
Height: 154 cm
Weight: 41 kg
Source: Celtic mythology
Region: Ireland
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Gender: Female

She was born with a perfect body like a goddess.

Bond Level 2
Innocent and unsullied. Lustful and wicked.
Neither are false, for she is all of these things – merely that most people’s first impression of her is the former.
She covets without guilt, and commits evil with a light heart.
She loves a good man. She loves a strong man!
Never one to go against her own desires, she made many men into her possessions in life. Fergus mac Roich, bearer of the demonic sword Caladbolg was one of them.
As well, she loves wealth – causing the great war against the lands of Ulster, as she led the forces of Connacht from her chariot.

Bond Level 3
“I don’t care if he treats me like an enemy.
But I won’t stand for the only man I actually wanted in all Ulster refusing to be mine.
He heard my voice. He saw what I could give him.
But he didn’t listen… he just looked totally exasperated, like I was the crazy one!
He won’t get away with that! No way! Never! Never! I’ll never forgive him!
Ulster’s Cu Chulainn! In the name of Medb, the lover and dominator of all men… I will bring you to heel!”

Bond Level 4
Although she is said to be the mother of many warriors, she does not in fact give birth to them.
Instead, after taking in the genetic code of warriors, she replicates them within herself.
By taking a blade to her finger and drawing blood, letting it drip to the ground, what was merely a single drop becomes a foaming pool that ‘manufactures’ soldiers.
Thus Medb is literally the queen of an army of nameless soldiers.

Bond Level 5
Even in modern Ireland, there are many reported sightings of her.
However, it is not nonsense – for in the hearts of the people, the eternal noblewoman still draws breath.

Unlock: The Queen’s Chastisement
While her obsession with Cu Chulainn remains, her wish for the Holy Grail is unrelated to him.
She wishes to “make all great men of past, present, and future her lovers” – and preferably those who are hospitable, fearless, and not likely to grow envious.
If she deemed her Master a warrior worthy of her, she would not hesitate to bring her love down upon him even in public.
And her love – like the whip in her hand – would be brutal, and merciless.


“I am Medb. Queen Medb. Are you the splendid warrior who would fight for me?”

Level Up
“Ufufu… I’m loved wherever I go!”

Start of Combat
“All my beloved! Lend me your strengths!”

“Is there a warrior here worthy of my love?”

Skill Use
“My body is perfect. Look, aren’t I beautiful?”

“Listen to my voice!”

Command Card Selection
“Oh, is that so?”

“Why not?”

“It feels so good!”

Extra Attack
“Hurry up and serve me!”

Noble Phantasm Selection
“I’ll give you a treat…”

Noble Phantasm
“All powers belong to me… the crown of total domination… the hard steel of oppression… and the terror that shakes the hearts of men! My Beloved Steel Chariot!”

Heavy Damage
“No…! How could you…!”

“So no one… saved me…”

“But I’m the queen…!”

End of Combat
“Looks like nobody here was right for me!”

“Can’t stay up already? That’s disappointing. You can’t fight for me like that.”

“I’ve tried to reflect your tastes. How does it look? Hmm…? So this is how you like it, then?”

“This feels amazing… it’s not every day you get to experience something like this.”

“Don’t turn your eyes away. This is me. This is Queen Medb. Well? Tell me what you think.”

“This is wonderful! I don’t think I’ve ever been filled with so much mana before. It’s all thanks to you.”

“I love warriors who are generous, who are brave, and who don’t get jealous! There must be some like that. Can you summon them here?”

Room Conversation
“How long are you just going to sit there? Adorable as you look, I’d prefer seeing more of your brave deeds!”

“Master! It’s so strange for me to bend myself to someone else. But it can be interesting once in a while. So I’ll become your whip, if only for a short time.”

“It’s beyond count how many have tried to make me theirs. What about you? Do you want me?”

About Cu Chulainn
“Cu Chulainn… the man who would not be mine. Even in this life, he appears before me. And just the same, he refuses to be mine…”

“Things I like? What do you think? Men. Brave men. Men who are stronger than any other. And to see them desire me, to want me for themselves… that’s the best feeling in the world, you know?”

“I… don’t like anyone who doesn’t try to approach me. Like when I was in Ulster… oh, no, it’s nothing.”

About the Grail
“The Holy Grail? Do you mean Dagda’s Cauldron? The greatest treasures all belong to me. So that must be mine too, right?”

“Is there some event? Let’s go, then! It can’t possibly start without me, after all. I am the center of the world while all others can only look to me in envy. The world exists only where I walk!”

“Is it your birthday? Mmhmm…. what? You want me to congratulate you? Me? All right, then. We’ll take a good, long time to celebrate…”

Bond Level 1
“Fufu, you really are adorable when you laugh. I approve, laugh more and let me see! Good, so you can make faces like that too, ufufu…”

Bond Level 2
“There is one man I hate. Did you know that? Cu Chulainn of Ulster. The one who wouldn’t become mine. He could have been the true king. I…”

Bond Level 3
“I’ve been watching your face… yes, yes, it’s splendid! I want to talk more with you, just the two of us!”

Bond Level 4
“I made many kings and many warriors mine. They all fall to me with just a smile. Hm? What about me? I don’t know. Love… huh… I…”

Bond Level 5
“They call me Queen Medb. The woman of many lovers. But I wonder. What is love? Is it about what I want? In that case, then yes, I did have many loves. But… was it really love that I got in the end?”