Artoria Pendragon

アルトリア・ペンドラゴン ★★★★★


Character Information
Illustrator: Ishida Akira
CV: Kawasumi Ayako

Arthur, the legendary King of Knights who had ruled Britain.
She is a “what-if” of a King Arthur who, after rising to the throne, primarily bore the holy spear instead of the holy sword.
Without the holy sword arresting her development, the king experienced physical growth befittingly. Although she leans closer to a divine spirit due to usage of the holy spear – as she has only used it for about ten years, her mental and spiritual composition has yet to change much.


Power Burst: A
Charisma: B
Blessing from the World’s End: EX
Anti Magic: B
Riding: A

Bond Level 1
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 57 kg ?
Source: Legends of King Arthur
Region: Europe
Alignment: Lawful Good
Gender: Female

Opinions differ in regards to her weight – or rather, form – when she is summoned as a Lancer.
Also, she is always mounted when summoned as a Lancer. This time, her mount is Dun Stallion.

Bond Level 2
This heroic spirit is “another possibility” of the regular Artoria.
While she has a human form, she can no longer be said to be a heroic spirit of man. Due to the secret nature of the holy spear, she has transfigured into an existence closer to a divine spirit, perhaps even a goddess.
She is calmer and more logical compared to the Artoria of the sword, but she has not lost her humanity.
In fact, having become an adult, she can maintain composure in her decision-making and is closer to the ideal state of a ruler.

Bond Level 3
This Artoria, having returned the holy spear herself at the hill of Camlann, returned to the earth as a heroic spirit of the sky.
However, the Lion King – a Servant who appeared identical to her – was unable to die at her fated hour, and ended up a wandering wraith, still wielding the holy spear.
As she continued to carry the spear, the Lion became entirely divine and, as a result, was different within from this Artoria.

Bond Level 4
Spear Shining At World’s EndRhongomyniad
Rank A++ Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm

The holy spear. The anchor of storms that binds the planet.
Its true form is said to be a tower binding the outer ‘skin’ to the world. When unleashed with its true name, its rank and category as a Noble Phantasm change.

Bond Level 5
Even with thirteen restraints limiting its proper power, the radiance of the planet shines on gloriously and overwhelmingly, through this pillar at world’s end…
The main body of the holy spear Rhongomyniad is a ‘pillar of light’ that binds the surface layer of the world. Via the same process of placing it under thirteen restraints, liken to those on the ‘holy sword of world salvation’, the holy spear can just barely take form as a Noble Phantasm.

Unlock: Interlude 1
This Artoria, summoned to Chaldea as a Servant, knows the beauty of the world. In order to take back its brilliance – even that which may not come from the world’s end – she will certainly fight alongside the Master and employ all the power she possesses.


“I answer you. I am Lancer, your Servant. Wielding the spear from the world’s end, I shall aid you.”

Level Up
“The spear shines brighter still.”

Start of Combat
“Deploy Cataphracti formation.”
“Now is the time to reveal the spear of light.”

Skill Use
“Come, Dun Stallion.”
“Prepare to charge…!”

Command Card Selection
“I go!”
“An aggressive move.”

Extra Attack
“Dash through them!”

Noble Phantasm Selection
“Hoist the holy spear!”

Noble Phantasm
“Release the light shining at world’s end… that which tears the sky and joins the earth… the anchor of storms! Rhongomyniad!

Heavy Damage Received
“It’s but a scratch…!”

“You caught me by surprise…!”
“The stirrups broke…”

End of Combat
“A good match.”
“My spear is the phosphorescence of the planet. The radiance from the world’s end… None can deter it.”

Ascension 1
“You removed my helm… and my armor has become lighter in general. My defenses are reduced, but I find it easier to fight like this.”

Ascension 2
“Let us shine on, together.”

Ascension 3
“Your strength has guided me here. The spear’s power rises to far greater heights than before… Master? What are you looking at? What is the matter…?”

Ascension 4
“Look, Master. We may not be at the world’s end, but this light is still beautiful. My spear is the protector of this radiance… For its sake, I shall stand at your side. Let us continue our fight, together.”

Room Conversation
“I am always ready to take to the field with you. I am your Servant.”

Room Conversation
“I offer my spear to you. Let us save the world together.”

Room Conversation
“Master, I feel that your nature is just. However, you require training.”

About Artoria
“So there are others of myself among the Heroic Spirits you have summoned. Yes, all of those Servants are ‘me’ as well. But if you were to ask me whether we were all the same individual… it would be somewhat difficult to express in words.”

About other Knights of the Round Table
“The holy spear and the Knights of the Round Table are here. This brings back many memories. Many memories, indeed, and…”

“Things I like… I am sorry, but I still cannot think of anything in particular.”

“Things I dislike… Nothing immediately come to mind on this front, either. What about you, Master? What are your likes and dislikes?”

About the Grail
“The Holy Grail… What ought to be obtained, shall be obtained. In the past, the Knights of the Round Table, they too…”

“I sense battle and a harvest to come. Let us ride out, Master.”

“Happy birthday. May the path before you be blessed with light.”

Bond Level 1
“Why did I not take form as a Saber, you ask? This spear is also one of my Noble Phantasms. The holy spear of the planet. Its power… will not prove inferior, even to the holy sword.”

Bond Level 2
“There are thirteen restraints upon my spear. This is due to its immense power. When all its restraints are released, Rhongomyniad will exercise its true power.”

Bond Level 3
“It is better to speak directly, after all, rather than through a faceplate. While I could see you eye-to-eye, the helmet was… something of an obstruction. Though I did like the lion design in itself…”

Bond Level 4
“Master, I noticed that you… What is it? My appearance? I see… You are not sure where to look? What do you mean?”

Bond Level 5
“The holy spear has been freed. From here on, it will be able to show its true power. My chest has also been freed…? What are you saying, Master?”