カルナ ★★★★★


Character Information
Illustrator: pako
CV: Yusa Kouji

A great hero from the ancient Indian epic Mahabharata.
Karna was the rival of Arjuna, one of the central heroes of the Mahabharata, as well as his half-brother.
After being incapacitated by a variety of curses, Karna was slain by Arjuna in an act that may as well be called premeditated murder.

Parameters: STR B, CON C, AGI A, MGI B, LCK D, NP EX

Bond Level 1
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Source: Mahabharata
Region: India
Alignment: Lawful Good
Gender: Male

Also qualified for other classes, such as Archer and Rider.

Bond Level 2
Karna was a demigod hero born of a union between the human woman Kunti and the sun god Surya. However, he was abandoned by his mother shortly after birth, and raised in another household.
Still, this did nothing to conceal Karna’s heroic qualities.

Bond Level 3
After Kunti abandoned Karna, the five sons of Pandu were born. The third among them, Arjuna, would become Karna’s lifelong rival.
When Karna was grown, he was adopted as a son of the Kuru clan, who opposed the house of Pandu.

Bond Level 4
However, before Karna dueled Arjuna, he was hounded by numerous curses and afflictions.
He was cursed by Brahmins, defrauded by Indra, and manipulated into promising his mother Kunti to fight none of the Pandavas other than Arjuna. Nonetheless, Karna shouldered all of these burdens.

Bond Level 5
Based on the tale in which Karna surrendered his armor to Indra, Karna can dismantle and discard his armor in order to wield his god-slaying lance. It is a spear of light that not even the king of the gods could withstand. A thrust of the spear, stained in the blood of Karna’s torn flesh, purges all impurities.

——O Sun, Submit to Death.

Unlock: Hero of Charity
Karna is an exceedingly tolerant Servant who will carry out any request, thinking “that too, is so.”
He treats all people equally, and respects all people as blossoming individuals of their own worth.
Karna’s martial prowess and guileless spirit were largely unrecognized due to the many prejudices leveled against him, but among all Servants, there are only one or two powerful enough to match him.

It may be difficult to believe, but if there exists a Master who cannot attain victory after contracting with this Servant… it would probably be someone ill-suited to war and with a terribly problematic disposition.



“Servant: Lancer. True name: Karna. Nice to meet you.”

Level Up

“It seems I’ve been filled a bit.”

Spirit Readvent

  1. “I see. So this is what it’s like.”
  2. “Hm. Satisfactory.”
  3. “I am truly blessed to have you place so much faith in me, and to be entrusted with such precious Noble Phantasms. Perhaps I am even the most fortunate of all Heroic Spirits.”
  4. “Is this what it means to feel… speechless? Thank you, Master. As long as this elation beats in my breast, my spear shall never fail.”

Start of Combat

“Such worthless karma. Which one of you is here to risk your life?”

“If you wish it, I shall answer.”

Command Card Selection



“No problem.”

EX Attack

“Weapons and arts are but an opening act. True heroes kill with their eyes.”

Skill Use

“I think you’re fussing too much over the details.”

“Feelings are just that, feelings. Blame them.”

Noble Phantasm Selection

“If you command it.”

Noble Phantasm

“Know the mercy of the king of the gods. This single thrust is Annihilation. O Indra, witness me. Burn them to cinders — Vasavi Shakti! ……It can’t be helped.”


“Is this my karma… yet again…?”

“I can’t fall… yet…! Argh…”

End of Combat

“Don’t think badly of me. You’re finished.”

“I merely exceeded you. It’s nothing to be concerned about.”


“If you command it, I shall obey.”

“I have no interest in the Holy Grail. If you wish to obtain it, however, that’s a different story.”

“It is thanks to your magical energy that we are able to live.”

“Things I like? Friendship, hard work, harmony… all are splendid. Do you not agree?”

“I don’t dislike it, but I find communication difficult. Can people truly understand each other with words?”

“Master, your time at home should be spent in moderation.”

Bond Level 1: “What? Is there a meaning to that action?”

Bond Level 2: “Too bad I’m bored. Sorry, that’s not what I meant. I’m the one at fault, not you.”

Bond Level 3: “You are a rather eccentric Master. Don’t mind my saying that. I’ve never found your commands to be inadequate. Use me as you please.”

Bond Level 4: “Is something the matter? I’ve yet to encounter a stress factor that I cannot alleviate. Now, do you have any worries that I can take care of?”

Bond Level 5: “A Master told me this, once: rather than speaking too much, I don’t speak enough. Since then, I think I’ve been working to address this. Has it shown any fruit? …I see. (happily) I see.”

Arjuna: “To stand shoulder to shoulder with that man… While promising, it also invites inevitable conflict. This is the first time I’ve ever felt this way. In any case, it is the ideal that our mother once desired. I’ll try it out, for now.”

Birthday: “It is the day of your birth? Something to celebrate, indeed.”

Event: “Something is happening. Can you see it?”