Artoria Pendragon (Alter)

アルトリア・ペンドラゴン〔オルタ〕 ★★★★


(Lines in bold represent text that was added or revised after her initial release.)

Character Information
Illustrator: Ishida Akira
CV: Kawasumi Ayako

The legendary King Arthur of the Knights of the Round Table.
In truth, she was an elegant female knight who nonetheless was possessed of both the morality and nobility that the king was known for.
Although she is better known as the wielder of a holy sword, the holy spear she possesses is also powerful – enough so that she can be summoned as a Lancer.
As well, she can take such a form as this, under the possibility that she was affected by the Holy Grail’s curse. It is one aspect of the King of Knights – the utterly ruthless wielder of the holy spear.

Parameters: STR A, CON A+, AGI C, MGI A+, LCK D, NP A++

Bond Level 1
Height: 171cm
Weight: 57kg ?
Source: Legends of King Arthur
Region: Europe
Alignment: Lawful Good
Gender: Female

Opinions differ in regards to her weight – or rather, form – when she is summoned as a Lancer.
She is always mounted when summoned as a Lancer. In this alternative form, her mount is Llamrei.

Bond Level 2
Spear Shining at the World’s EndRhongomyniad
Rank: A++
Type: Anti-fortress Noble Phantasm

This Noble Phantasm is the holy spear also referred to as Ron.
It is identified with the Holy Lance of Longinus that pierced the Messiah in the first century AD.
Its true nature is that of an anchor connecting the outer and inner sides of the world.
Once unleashed by its true name, the name and type of this Noble Phantasm changes.

Bond Level 3
The original role of the holy spear is a ‘pillar of light’ that serves to bind together the outer and inter worlds.
It is said that, should this ever become undone – the real world built upon current physical laws would be stripped away, and the many phantasmal laws of the past would reappear.

She possesses this weapon of tremendous power, as the king who stood at the final moments of the Age of Gods and phantasms.

Bond Level 4
Unleashing the holy spear’s true name requires the removing of half of the spear’s 13 restraints.
Upon this, the holy spear releases a portion of the power drawn from the light shining at the world’s end.
This property is believed to be on the same level as the planet’s holy sword of world salvation.

Bond Level 5
There are controversial claims that, if summoned to the world as a Lancer, one certain part of the King of Knights would appear different from when she had been alive.
Some believe that the possession of the holy spear, rather than sword and sheath, would allow one certain part of her to grow despite her agelessness…
Some believe that the power of the spear would allow one certain part of her to age…

Unlock: Her Wakeless Dream, Her Endless War
Even after switching from her sword to her spear, the way of the King of Knights does not change. She is still the same figure who took up the sword of appointment and fought against external threats and beasts, at times even resisting dragons – all for the sake of her country.
Even though she has taken form as Alter, she would surely become a great source of strength for her Master in the reparation of human history.