Illyasviel von Einzbern

イリヤスフィール・フォン・アインツベルン ★★★★★


Character Information
Illustrator: Hiroyama Hiroshi
CV: Kadowaki Mai (Illya) & Takano Naoko (Magical Ruby)

A simple girl who goes to the elementary branch of Homurabara Academy.
She may have silver hair, red eyes, an aristocratic sounding name, parents who are always away on mysterious business, two maids in her ordinary house, and a brother of no blood relation… but she’s a completely ordinary fifth grader.


Cheerful-pattern Mystic Code: A
Born of Nature: B
Suspicious Drug: A
Magic Resistance: B
Infinite Mana Supply: C

Bond Level 1
Height: 133 cm
Weight: 29 kg
Source: Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA
Region: Fuyuki, Japan
Alignment: Neutral Good
Gender: Female

She’s somewhat used to getting lost in other worlds. Totally normal.

Bond Level 2
On an evening like any other, Illya was trying to relax in the bath, when a magical stick attacked her out of the night sky.
She was seduced by the squirming, chatty, maximally suspicious stick, leading to the explosive birth of Kaleid Liner Prisma☆Illya.
Of course, she keeps it a secret from her classmates!☆
…That night, she met her destiny.

Bond Level 3
Illya is surprisingly adaptable and sociable, taming a bizarre stick, opening a taciturn girl’s heart, and welcoming a murderous girl into her own family.
A critic would call her wishy-washy.
Her indecisiveness may have carried her all the way to Chaldea, but she’ll probably also do quite well for herself here.
She’ll surely be fine, with her magical stick, her desire to seek the future, and her adorable wit.

Bond Level 4
Multi-instrumental Saturation Bombardment — Quintett Feuer
Rank: A+
Type: Anti-personnel Noble Phantasm

By forcing the spell to recognize her muscular, nervous, vascular, and lymphatic tissue as false magic circuits, Illya can sacrifice her body to gain a momentary boost in firepower.
The tremendous torrent of magical energy, dancing through the five circuits running along her body, boasts destructive power rivaling the radiance of the planet.

Bond Level 5
Suspicious Drug: A
A mysterious drug that Ruby distills in the attic, night after night.
Indeed, Amber Herbs.
The raw materials are mainly (toxic) plants.
Rumors speak of suspicious flowers secretly growing in the Einzbern family’s backyard, a veritable Psycho Garden that a trained eye would know to report to civil authorities.
The drug’s effects are so extraordinary as to be terrifying, though they mostly lead to terrible consequences. Use sparingly.

Unlock: ???



Illya: “Um, my name is Illya. I’m in the fifth grade. And I’m working as a magical girl… for now. Yes. Erm, I don’t know if I’ll be very helpful, but I’ll try my best!”
Ruby: “Ruby is here, too! Let’s all be funny and cute, Grandmaster!”

Level Up

“Did I get bigger…? I-I’m talking about my height!”

Saint Graph Ascension

  1. Illya: “I did it! Trance complete!”
    Ruby: “By all means, replay the archive of her cheerful and embarrassing Trances in your head~”
    Illya: “That’s not a thing! M-Master, don’t expect too much!”
  2. Illya: “It feels like my body is a little lighter… I think I’m really growing!”
    Ruby: “No! Illya, don’t grow even a single millimeter!”
    Illya: “Why not!?”
  3. “Amazing… I’m brimming with mana! Now I can fight even better. I can protect everyone! U-Um, thank you very much for raising me this far! I’ll try even harder from now on!”
  4. “It’s been a longer summer break than I expected… Master, make sure you take responsibility and help me with my homework!”

Start of Combat

Illya: “This is a… necessary battle, right? Yeah. Let’s go, Ruby!”
Ruby: “Let’s fire it up!”

Illya: “T-They seem really strong!”
Ruby: “Ah-ah, retreat is not allowed!”

Command Card Selection


“Leave it to me!”

EX Attack

“I’ll shoot them down!”

Skill Use

Illya: “Please, Ruby!”

Ruby: “Leave it to me!”

Noble Phantasm Selection

“I won’t give up on anything, anymore!”

Noble Phantasm

Ruby: “Muscular, nervous, vascular, lymphatic tissue — Pseudo-magic circuit conversion, complete!”
Illya: “This is everything I have! Quintett Feuer!

Heavy Damage Received

“So childish!”


“I have to get… stronger…”

“Big brother…”

End of Combat

Illya: “We did it! A great victory!”
Ruby: “And now let’s harvest the losers for materials!”
Illya: “P-Please stop the violence…”

“Phew~ I thought we lost that one. I tried pretty hard. I wonder if they’ll compliment me.”


“Good work! But there’s still a lot left to do. Good luck! I’ll be rooting for you!”

Illya: “‘Master’, huh… There was this red lady who called herself that…”
Ruby: “This rather complicates our master-servant hierarchy.”

“I’m used to taking orders. I’m okay with our relationship as Master and Servant. But, try not to give me any orders that are too horrible.”

“I love the summer! Maybe it’s because I was born in the summer. When I see the big summer clouds, they make me want to run around!”

“If had to pick something to dislike, it would be Kuro when she’s being naughty, I guess. She’s really mean, you know! Kuro plays the pranks, but we look similar so I’m the one who gets blamed! I have to give her a good scolding, as her big sister! Yeah, her big sister!”

“A Holy Grail that grants any wish… It’s a little hard to believe, but if something like that really exists, I’m sure it can make everybody happy. I think it would be wonderful if tomorrow could be even a tiny bit better for everyone.”

Chloe von Einzbern: “I heard Kuro was bothering you again, Master… If you don’t like it, just tell her so, okay? If you don’t, um… she’ll take all kinds of things from you!”

Edward Teach: “Um, there was a man with a black beard staring at me in the hallway and making weird noises before fainting. Huh? I should leave him alone? Rather, I should never get close to him again? Oh, no. W-Who was he?”

Dress of Heaven: “Huh? Did I just hear Mommy’s voice? Hmm, maybe I misheard… It sounded like a rich lady, but Mommy talks more, well, like that.”

Emiya: “Lately, I feel like someone’s been watching me. When I turn around, they’re gone, but I’ve gotten a glimpse of a red cloak. I wonder what they want… I wish they would just tell me.”

Bond Level 1:
Illya: “Mmm, Ruby, don’t you have any way to pass the time?”
Ruby: “Hmm, in that case, I can break out my slideshow of Illya’s sleeping faces…”
Illya: “Delete that right this instant!”

Bond Level 2:
Illya: “Am I being helpful? Sorry, it’d probably be better if I was all *PEW PEW!* and *WHOOSH!* like the the magical girls on TV…”
Ruby: “Illya’s view of magical girls is logical and terrible as usual.”

Bond Level 3:
“I was nervous at first, but I’ve gotten used to living here. Mash and Da Vinci-chan-san are nice to me, Roman is… unreliable, Fou is fluffy, and Master… I know that you’ve been taking good care of me.”

Bond Level 4:
“I’m not afraid. No matter how strong the enemies are, or what fate lies in store for us, I know that you’ll be even stronger, Master. I believe in you!”

Bond Level 5:
“Eh heh heh. I like it when you pat me on the head, Master… Ah, if you could help me dry and brush my hair next time… Eh!? We can’t take a bath together!!! …Yet…”

Illya: “Happy Birthday, Master! Ruby and I made you a birthday cake. Eat up!”
Ruby: “Relax, we didn’t use any psychoactive ingredients.”

Event: “It looks like there’s some event going on. I’d like to go. Um… would you take me with you?”

Magical Girl Travelogue ~Prisma Corps~

Illya: “To think we’d be fighting other magical girls. This situation has gotten really crazy… But I look forward to working with you!”
Ruby: “Illya’s fate is in your hands… and in my feathers!”
Illya: “I can’t help but worry about my back…”

Illya: “I’m so glad I can work with the… cool… Master from Chaldea, and Mash.”
Ruby: “You really like Mash, don’t you?”

Ruby: “If we were doing things Ruby-style, I’d like it to be more violent! How about dropping a 3500-kilometer meteorite?”
Illya: “That’s not good at all! And that’s way beyond a meteorite!”

Ruby: “By the way, Illya, have you finished your homework?”
Illya: “Ugh… So there’s an announcement for that, too…”
Ruby: “You can’t always count on Miyu! Make sure your info is up to date!”

Illya: “To think there would be all these magical girls besides us bustling around…”
Ruby: “One is already a handful, so war is bound to break out when this many are gathered.”

Illya: “Our adventure in this strange and wonderful world is over. We owe you a lot for helping with Kuro and Miyu!”
Ruby: “It’s too bad the festivities are ending.”
Illya: “Now, now, we’re just getting started. Good luck, Master!”

Illya: “Items, check! Rewards, check!”
Ruby: “Did you forget anything? If we have to forward it to your family like Illya does to her brother, it’ll be pretty embarrassing.”
Illya: “You didn’t have to tell them that!”

Illya: “You did, you got an item.”

Illya: “This… might be a nice one!”

Illya: “A new mission. Let’s work on our homework a little bit each day.”
Ruby: “And the new mission we’ve been waiting for is…!?”

Illya: “Good, on to the next one!”

Illya: “Please take care of Kuro! …Ugh, I’m worried.”
Ruby: “She might actually be more useful than you.”
Illya: “That cuts deep, you know!”

Illya: “You’ve completed every mission!”
Ruby: “I’m deeply moved… Shall we rewind the ending theme and replay that famous scene?”
Illya: “Our fight isn’t over yet! Let’s try our best until the very end, Master!”

Illya: “All missions complete! Amazing. You’re amazing, Master!”
Ruby: “Such tenacity! To our Grandmaster who goes so far as to work while eating in bed, I salute you!”
Illya: “W-What a dodgy compliment… Anyway, great work!”

Illya: “Welcome! The limited shop is now open!”

Illya: “Supplies are important. Please take your time.”

Illya: “I wonder if this can make us stronger…”

Illya: “Makes you want even more of them, doesn’t it?”

Illya: “It looks this store will close soon. I have to turn over the lease to Da Vinci-chan-san. …Ah, let me know if you forgot to exchange anything. I’ll be here for you until it’s over.”