ニトクリス ★★★★


Character Information
Illustrator: Shima Udon
CV: Tanaka Minami

A sorceress-queen who reigned during the Sixth Dynasty of ancient Egypt, if only for a short time.
Oddly, she shares the same name as a Babylonian queen.
It is said that Nitocris drowned all of the conspirators who murdered her beloved brothers, and took her own life after her revenge was complete.


Egyptian Magic: A
High-Speed Divine Words: B
Favor of Horus: B
Territory Creation: A
Tool Creation: B+
Divinity: B

Bond Level 1
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 51 kg
Source: Historical
Region: Egypt
Alignment: Lawful Good
Gender: Female

Divine characters are always inscribed on the tools that Nitocris creates.

Bond Level 2
Fundamentally, Nitocris is a graceful and wise woman who always remains calm in the face of danger, and is possessed of the intellect and mental strength to illuminate the optimal path… supposedly. But, there is a reason for her short temper and tendency to jump to conclusions.
In her heart dwells fierce, blazing willpower.

Bond Level 3
Though Nitocris was installed as a puppet queen, she is fully aware of her status as a child of the gods and a pharaoh who bridges the valley between gods and men…
Yet, she cannot help but cower in the shadow of great pharaohs such as the Sun King Ozymandias and Iskandar, the King of Conquest.

Bond Level 4
Divinity: B

A pharaoh is one who rules over the people yet touches the gods.
The divinity of pharaohs has varied over the ages, but Nitocris is a daughter of the sky god Horus, as well as his avatar.

Bond Level 5
Codex of the Nether Mirror — Anpu, Neb-Ta-Djeser¹
Rank: B+
Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm

Nitocris describes this as a mirror which reflects the netherworld, or a dark other-world, but its details are unknown. It may be a reflection of her own spirit.

Unlock: Pharaoh Nitocris
Nitocris’ wish for the Holy Grail is “to live in peace with her siblings in the Eternal Realm.”
Now that she has become a Heroic Spirit, she does not know whether her murdered brothers safely reached the Eternal Realm. All she can do is pray…


“Servant, Caster. Nitocris, avatar of the sky god Horus, has answered your summons. As you can see, I am a pharaoh, but I am terribly inexperienced. Thus, this time only, I will recognize you as a confederate.
…First, however, I must say this. *ahem* Lower your head! You disrespect me!”

Level Up
“It is a good thing to raise one’s magical skills. Let us continue to reach for the heavens.”

Saint Graph Ascension

  1. “Whew… I have finally obtained a more fitting form. Master, please forget about my appearance before now. …Why, you ask? I was tolerating the shame of an outfit that was the bare minimum to protect my modesty.”
  2. “Yet another step… I am approaching Horus.”
  3. “This is… a phase that I never reached in my lifetime, the form I had been aiming for! You have my thanks, gracious contractor. You have guided this untested pharaoh to new heights.”
  4. “Now, I am a true pharaoh… No longer am I as inexperienced as I was before. Come here, Master. Tonight, allow me to thoroughly teach you who the greatest Servant is of all…”

Start of Combat
“Here stands the power of the gods. I, Nitocris, will give no quarter.”

“Foolish… I do not know how to specifically describe your folly, but you are a fool.”

Command Card Selection
“There is no helping it.”

“We are of one mind.”

“If that is your wish.”

“Come forth!”



EX Attack

Skill Use
“I am become Horus, a Pharaoh.”

“I sentence you to death, for high treason.”

Noble Phantasm Selection
“Heh, so you wish to see the Mirror of Nitocris?”

“Sway, sway into the night, adorable ghosts…”

Noble Phantasm
“Mirror of Corpses. Mirror of Darkness. Become a gate, and release terror… Anpu, Neb-Ta-Djeser!

Heavy Damage Received
“T-This is terrible!”

“Will I… go to the Eternal Realm…?”

“I want… to live with my… beloved brothers…”

End of Combat
“Do you wish to be my servant? Then, you will begin lower than a mummy.”

“Soon, we will meet again. But it will be in the underworld.”

“I will accompany you on your journey. There is no need for formality. I may be a ruling pharaoh, but we are in an alliance. It may worry you, but please do not concern yourself on my account.”

“My contract as a Servant? It is… unthinkable for a pharaoh to serve another. Thus, I acknowledge you as my confederate.”

“I lack experience as a pharaoh, so I will not rule over you. I will treat you as an equal in our alliance.”

“Things I like… If you mean things that I am reluctant to part with, then it would be my mirror. I don’t mean a mirror that shows one’s reflection; it is the Mirror of Darkness, which reflects the phantasmal…”

“Things I dislike? I hate to admit it, but I have a short temper and tend to jump to conclusions, so I want to do something about that. In emergencies, the way I act changes, so…”

About the Holy Grail
“I do have a wish for the Holy Grail. It’s… proof that I am not a complete pharaoh. I wish that, one day, I will be with my brothers…”

“A true pharaoh… Ozymandias the Great. He is a pharaoh who ruled the entire world. Such formidable strength of spirit… I want to learn from it.”

Elizabeth Bathory
“Master. Earlier, I passed a strange Servant in the hallway. She had red hair, and the horns, wings, and tail of a demon… Anyway, she insisted that she was the daughter of dragons, and an “idol” at that. I too am a god of the sky and a god of the underworld, but isn’t she too full of hersel- Huh? We’re similar? You think we’ll definitely get along…?”

Xuanzang Sanzang
“Just how brutish can that monk get!? She just irritates me, somehow! Swinging a pole, a hoe, and iron fists around as a woman… Have some shame!”

Bond Level 1
“Originally, one who becomes a pharaoh may pass to the Eternal Realm after death. Yet… I have become a Heroic Spirit. Does it mean anything…?”

Bond Level 2
“You simply do not have enough respect! I’m sure I don’t need to repeat myself by now, but I am the god of the sky and the underworld. And a pharaoh too, you know! A mere commoner should be groveling in awe!
…Huh? I’m getting too worked up? It doesn’t make sense to be a god of the sky and underworld at the same time? That… Now that you mention it… You’re right. I never noticed that.”

Bond Level 3
“Ahh! Your room is so messy again! Why do I, a pharaoh and allied partner, have to clean a commoner’s room!? …Huh? Just let the usual mommies do it?
Naturally, it’s my job to take care of you. Your job as my retainer is to defeat my enemies.”

Bond Level 4
“Are you used to dealing with me now? Good. I feel the same towards you. To be honest, I initially felt unpleasant about the idea of being a Servant… but I’ve accepted it now. It is the privilege of an ancestor to help her unworthy heir. Henceforth, I, Nitocris, will lend you my power without reserve!”

Bond Level 5
“I am… a pharaoh who could never reach the Eternal Realm. I regretted this even after my death, but now, those feelings have faded. My sins remain, but that aside, there I things that I must now do. O Master… my confederate. I may rule the darkness, but I will always support you, lest the darkness ever take you.”

“May the heavens bless the birth of your flesh. May they guide your soul to its rightful place.”

“The mirror of the underworld whispers to me. ‘If something interests you, endeavor to honestly take part, without putting on strange airs.’ …No, my mirror says that, not me.”

1. “Anubis, Lord of the Sacred Land”