Dress of Heaven

アイリスフィール〔天の衣〕 ★★★★


Character Information
Illustrator: Shima Udon
CV: Oohara Sayaka

From what could have sprung forth such a miracle?
This terminal for the Holy Grail – a homunculus infinitely similar to a true human – had returned to the Greater Grail but off-split from it, becoming a Servant.
She continues to protect a lone guardian cursed by fate – forever far yet close at hand, never distant yet always out of reach.


Resolute Devotion: A
Born of Nature: A
Healing Magecraft: A
Territory Creation: B
Goddess’s Core: C

Bond Level 1
Height: 158 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Source: –
Region: –
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Female

A transient form, for a transient Servant.

Bond Level 2
Unlike the nature displayed by the defiled Fuyuki Holy Grail – with All Evils of the World hidden within it – she is instead deeply coloured by the aspect of “Irisviel von Einzbern” as a wife and a mother.
If she were to have been a Divine Spirit, she would have possessed a nature like that of a “Mother Earth” figure.

Bond Level 3
Goddess’s Core: C

A skill representing one’s quality as a perfected goddess.
Although her essence is close to one, as she is not an offshoot of a legitimate Divine Spirit, her rank is only C.

Bond Level 4
Sing Out, O White Grail — Song of the Grail
Rank: B
Type: Magecraft Noble Phantasm

Her love and motherhood, bonded with the Holy Grail, allow the temporary granting of her sincere and pure wish. This is not a function of hers as a wish-granting device, but merely her very nature sublimated into a Noble Phantasm.

Bond Level 5
Resolute Devotion: A

The emotional state towards those are beloved, for whom she would even be willing to sacrifice herself.
It increases the effect of defensive/healing magecraft, skills, and items.

Unlock: ???