Thomas Edison

トーマス・エジソン ★★★★


Character Information
Illustrator: pako
CV: Terashima Takuma

Thomas Alva Edison was an American inventor.
As a person born in the 19th century he boasts considerable renown, but because he is so recent, his power as a Servant is somewhat inferior.
To compensate for this weakness, all presidents of the United States of America throughout history granted him a Mystic Code that would reinforce the concept of “Edison.”


Transformation: C
Mass Production: A
Concept Enhancement: A+
Territory Creation: EX (equivalent to D)
Tool Construction: EX (equivalent to D)

Bond Level 1
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 88 kg
Source: Historical
Region: North America
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Gender: Male

Edison’s body composition differs from when he was alive, so the above figures differ from historical records.

Bond Level 2
Aside from Luck, Edison’s parameters are either E or EX rank. This is due to the unique circumstances of his summoning, and his actual abilities range from E to D rank.
As one of the most recent Heroic Spirits, his abilities have been augmented, resulting in the strange distribution of his parameters.

Bond Level 3
The achievements of Edison, King of Inventors, need not be recounted here.
Rather than coming up with novel inventions on his own, he was extremely proficient at reconstructing the work of other pioneers into easily proliferated forms.

Bond Level 4
Edison’s lifelong rival and nemesis Nikola Tesla also exists as a Servant with whom relations will inevitably deteriorate into a fistfight upon contact.
In contrast, Edison maintained cordial relationships with other inventors such as Alexander Graham Bell and Charles Babbage.
For some reason, Tesla was always the exception.

Bond Level 5
W.F.D. — World Faith Domination
Rank: EX
Type: Anti-populace Noble Phantasm
Range: Unknown
Maximum targets: Unknown
Phantasmal sovereignty formed by Edison’s Three Great Inventions.
Edison invented devices that illuminated darkness, recorded sounds that would otherwise fade away, and projected images that represented reality. As a result, secrets ceased to exist in the world.
Specifically, W.F.D. takes the form of “things that exist, but were recovered by Edison.”
It trivially exposes the things that gain power by being hidden or mysterious, rendering concepts of immeasurable energy to nothingness. It erodes the faith of the people in mysteries to zero, a “World Faith Plundering” anti-populace Noble Phantasm.

Unlock: Can You Do It?
Despite his lion’s head, Edison’s intellect is completely undiminished, and if people who knew him in life were to converse with him for a bit they would realize “ah, this is indeed Edison.” He has a truly straightforward personality.
There aren’t many points of caution when it comes to dealing with Edison as a Servant, but he only sleeps three to four hours per day, exerting himself fully in his work at all other times. Edison unconsciously repeats the habits he had in life, so one must take care not to let him suffer from sleep deprivation or overwork.



“Servant, Caster. I am Thomas Edison! Don’t mind my face! This! Is the symbol! Of America!”

Level Up

“My genius has ascended yet another stage.”

Spirit Readvent

  1. “Mwa ha ha ha ha ha! Did you see that!? How special I am!”
  2. [coming soon]
  3. [coming soon]
  4. [coming soon]

Start of Combat

“Very well, I shall demonstrate!”

“Hm, I should photograph this.”

Command Card Selection



“In that case!”

EX Attack

“Lightning belongs to humanity  now!”

Skill Use

“Very well!”

“Roar, as a human!”

Noble Phantasm Selection

“Prepare yourself!”

Noble Phantasm

“I will grant light to all people without discrimination. That is the karmic burden of a genius! World Faith Domination!”


“If I fall, America will…!”

“S-Somebody, get me a pen and paper…”

End of Combat

“The shoot is over! Now, to Hollywood!”

“Your light rose.”


“Don’t be afraid of failure! Life is a frontier at all times!”

“My preferences? I feel supreme bliss when someone uses my inventions.”

“My dislikes? Fine, listen. I’ll tell you just this one. …Don’t talk about Nikola Tesla in front of me! Ever!”

“Master-Servant relationship?  Ha ha ha ha! When you exceed my inventions, the world will be saved. Until then, we are fellows.”

“You are in the presence of the King of Presidents! What is a King of Presidents, you ask? Why, it’s a title I invented, of course!”

“Don’t you think the greatest Holy Grail belongs to the greatest country?”

Bond Level 1: “Good grief. Inspiration is still a ways off.”

Bond Level 2: “My morphed appearance? It’s not really a problem. As long as my intellect remains undulled, I’m fine with it.”

Bond Level 3: “Wa ha ha ha ha ha! Master, you seem to understand now that America is a nation of contradictions! We may be inexperienced, but we’re the strongest!”

Bond Level 4:

Bond Level 5:

Nikola Tesla: “Heh… heh heh heh heh. I just heard a most distasteful name. Tesla is here? Excellent! Begin the battle to decide the world’s King of Inventors! Sound the gong!”

Helena Blavatsky: “Oh, Madam Blavatsky. Your age is slightly different from the woman I knew. Hm? I’m the one who’s completely different? Yes, quite. I’ve grown my beard out.”

Geronimo: “Geronimo? I ought to honor him as a man from the same era, but I suspect he has no need for my respect.”

Indian heroes: “To think I’d fight alongside a hero from Indian myth. Mm, the world is a big place! Er, no, it’s small?”


Event: “It’s time for a festival. You should hurry!”