Major spoiler warning for Singularity 5.


Character Information
Illustrator: Takeuchi Takashi
CV: ???

A person who lived from 1011 to 931 B.C.
Solomon was the third king of ancient Israel, and a great king who brought ancient Israel into its greatest glory.
The Seventy-Two Demon Gods served him, and he constructed the First Temple of Israel.
Solomon was an excellent ruler, but there are also many anecdotes about his magical accomplishments.


Summoning: EX
Rings of Solomon: EX
Clairvoyance: EX

Unlock: And, Beyond the Mist
It is said that after Solomon married the daughter of an Egyptian Pharaoh, God appeared to him in a dream, speaking, “Thou art worthy. Speak thy wish, and I shall grant it.”
Solomon requested wisdom, rather than gold or power.
This pleased God, for Solomon’s wish proved that he was indeed worthy of attaining True Wisdom.
After this, Solomon’s rings became the source of his magic to employ angels and demons.

Unlock: And, Beyond the Mist
Revelation: B
The ability to hear “voices from Heaven,” and take the best course of action.
The skill Instinct is a sixth sense for combat, but Revelation encompasses all events relating to the accomplishment of one’s goals (such as the correct path to take while on a journey).
Solomon received but one revelation. Yet with it, he created techniques to manipulate phenomena that even normal people could use — in other words, magic.
(Prior to this, magic was the sole domain of people associated with the gods.)

Unlock: And, Beyond the Mist
Solomon performed only a single miracle, but it demonstrated his intelligence.
He only needed to show the people that the king had God’s blessing.
Any more would have terrified and corrupted the people.
Without using magic, the King of Magic spread his name to neighboring lands. When he eventually died, he was renowned as a wise king.

Unlock: And, Beyond the Mist
Summoning: EX
Magic that summons spirits from the past or future.
Solomon’s magic to summon spiritual beings known as the Seventy-Two Demon Gods justifies his fame as the King of Magic.
King Solomon left the knowledge to control demons. This manuscript came to be named the Lemegeton or the Ars Goetia.

Unlock: And, Beyond the Mist
Rings of Solomon: EX
Rings received from God, that Solomon wears on each of his ten fingers.
They are proof of Solomon’s status as a king, and as the father of magic.
When all ten rings are worn, Solomon can nullify all magics used by humanity, and even control them.

Clairvoyance: EX
Solomon’s Clairvoyance is said to peer into both past and future.

Unlock: And, Beyond the Mist
He Who Hath Mastered All at Birth — Ars Almadel Salomonis

King Solomon’s third Noble Phantasm. The First Original Sin.
At a glance, it appears to be a ring of light surrounding the earth, but it is in fact an aggregation of hundred of millions of rays of light.
Each ray deals extreme damage comparable to the A-rank Noble Phantasm, Excalibur.
Unfortunately, nothing exists on Earth that surpasses the energy of this Noble Phantasm.



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