玉藻の前 ★★★★★


Character Information
Illustrator: Wada Arco
CV: Saitou Chiwa

A miko shaman who would just prefer to be a good wife.
She was said to be the most favored courtesan of Emperor Toba at the end of the Heian period.
She was also said to take the form of a nine-tailed fox with golden fur and a pale face.
Events led to Tamamo’s expulsion from the imperial court, culminating in a great battle against the humans, after which she was peacefully driven off, or whatever.


Cursecraft: EX
Shapeshift: A
Fox’s Wedding: EX
Territory Creation: C
Divinity: A

Bond Level 1
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Source: Japanese mythology. One of the Three Great Youkai.
Region: Japan
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Gender: Female

“Yes? What’s wrong with a fox being a miko?”

Bond Level 2
Tamamo is a girlish Servant who might as well be wearing a sign that says “Looking for highly rated lovers!” However, at heart she wishes to exert herself for her partner.
In life, her childhood name was Mizukume.
She entered the service of the court at the age of eighteen, and later became one of Emperor Toba’s courtesans, taking the name Tamamo-no-Mae.
She was favored by the emperor for her beauty and extensive knowledge.

Bond Level 3
Eightfold Weight Stone of Amaterasu and Sunlit Varuna — Suiten Nikkou Amaterasu Yano Shizu’ishi
Rank: D (decreased from EX)
Type: Anti-army Noble Phantasm

A Noble Phantasm in the shape of a mirror. It is the momentary release of the the sacred treasure Weight Stone of Tamamo (Tamamo Shizu’ishi).
Originally it was a sacred relic that could even resurrect the dead, but the current Tamamo cannot draw out its power to that extent.

Bond Level 4
Cursecraft (Dakini Sacred Arts): EX
These arts are said to encompass techniques such as the divination of one’s time of death, or the secrets to gaining power — either by acquiring status and assets (for males), or seducing the powerful (for females).
However, Tamamo isn’t very eager to use them. Perhaps she had enough of them in the past.

Bond Level 5
Fox’s Wedding: EX
The skill Tool Construction, uniquely modified in various ways.
One can only call it a fox priestess’s cheat skill in which Tamamo unilaterally declares her wedding, causes an auspicious rain shower, and forces gifts onto ally-like people who happen to be present.
Chill out, Amaterasu.

Unlock: Pen Pal Wars
Tamamo solemnly reflected on her past misdeeds and cut off her tails, leaving her with just one.
Supposedly, she’ll return to nine tails after spending one or ten thousand years as a hermit…
As an aside, the severed tails have spiritual power and cores equivalent to the original Tamamo.
But don’t worry — she can only progress as far as three tails through Saint Graph Readvent.



“On! The! Scene! Your very own dependable fox priestess, Caster, is here as ordered!

Level Up

“That sent a little jolt through my tail ♪”

Saint Graph Readvent

  1. “What’s this, now? Are you sure you should be raising me?”
  2. “I still have a lot of room left to grow. As for where… I’ll leave that to your imagination.”
  3. *giggle* “I’m welling up. I’m welling up with emotion!”
  4. “To think I’d receive such kindness as an anti-hero. I’m so happy I think I’m dreaming… yet our bond is transient like the morning dew. After all, won’t it be hard for us to part ways?”

Start of Combat

“Here I go~”


Command Card Selection

“Now, now”


EX Attack

“Aren’t I brilliant?”

Skill Use

“I’ll curse them a whole lot ♪”

“Gotta be thrifty. I’m a good wife, after all.”

Noble Phantasm Selection

“Shall I show you a bit of my godly side?”

Noble Phantasm

“The gods dwell in Izumo. This is proof of purification, the sacred treasure, the Mirror of Uka. Eightfold Weight Stone of Amaterasu and Sunlit Varuna… Just kidding☆”

Heavy Damage Received

“Ow ow ow, stop! Stop, please!”


“Perhaps I should let go of my grudges…”

“Owww, Tamamo’s going home!”

End of Combat

“I eat scrubs like this for breakfast.”

“I’m free to kill or grill them after this, right?”


“The relationship between lord and servant is that, isn’t it? The strong skillfully controls the weak, right?”

“The relationship between Master and Servant? Total submission, of course!”

“Aren’t we going questing? Tamamo wants to go crazy!”

The Holy Grail? There’s never been a good thing to say about it! I emphatically decline!”

“Things I like? A small but wonderful home, of course! I wouldn’t complain about a large one, though.”

“Things I dislike? People who fixate on their own faults are rather bothersome.”

Elizabeth Bathory: “Are you taking care of Elizabeth? That lizard girl is a rather lonely sort in spite of how she acts. And she has a lot of rivals this time, too… Make sure you look after her, okay?”

Nero Claudius: “Well, if it isn’t the emperor. Glorifying your freedom as always, I see. …Honestly, I wonder if you realize that you’ll tread a path of evil if you ever lose your restraint.”

Sakata Kintoki: “Hold it! Kintoki, could you not approach me!? The static is making my fur all frizzy!”

Bond Level 1: “This time, I will serve you as a mere Servant.”

Bond Level 2: “I have no doubt that restoring the eras is a heavy burden. Please, rest.”

Bond Level 3: “Protecting human history is an awfully huge task, though… Wait, could this incident be related to one of mine…? N-Nah, of course not, no way!”

Bond Level 4: “I’ve grown used to this life. It’s nice to have a large family.”

Bond Level 5: “Fated though I am to be defeated as an anti-hero, I will live up to your faith. Let us be off, Master. We’ll save the world with a hearty Miko!”

Birthday: “Your birthday, Master!? You have those!?”

Event: “Hm hm, news has reached my perky ears! A limited-time event is starting, Master!”

1. It is difficult to convey Tamamo’s speech style in English. Imagine an overly cutesy girl + refined imperial courtesan, and you’re about 60% there.