メディア ★★★


Character Information
Illustrator: Nekotawawa
CV: Tanaka Atsuko

Medea was the daughter of King Aeëtes, owner of the Golden Fleece, and a mage who learned her arts from the moon goddess Hecate.
She left her homeland with the hero Jason, and was branded as a treacherous witch after a long life of wandering, before she finally passed away.


High-Speed Divine Words: A
Golden Fleece
Teachings of Circe: A
Territory Creation: A
Tool Creation: A

Bond Level 1
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 51 kg
Source: Greek mythology
Region: Greece; Colchis
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Gender: Female

Based on past experience, she does not trust handsome men.

Bond Level 2
A sorceress who hid her face in a robe.
A cruel and ruthless woman who excelled at black schemes, stopping at nothing to achieve her goals. She was wicked, without a doubt.
However, her personality developed from her revolt against the fate that had been imposed on her.
She was betrayed again and again, until she tragically fell into the position of a betrayer herself.

Bond Level 3
All Seals Must Be BrokenRule Breaker
Rank: C
Type: Anti-magic Noble Phantasm

The lifetime of the witch Medea, given form as a conceptual Noble Phantasm.
It is a dagger that nullifies all magic. An anti-magic Noble Phantasm that breaks magical contracts, and returns objects and lifeforms formed from magical energy to the ether.

Bond Level 4
Territory Creation: A
Tool Creation: A
High-Speed Divine Words: A

Medea possesses all of the Skills necessary for a mage, at rank A.
She is not highly regarded because she accomplished nothing of note in myth, but her expertise as a mage is of the highest caliber.

Bond Level 5
Anyone who spends some time with her will come to see that, given her history as a secluded princess, Medea is a lady possessed of morals and good sense.
Her uttering of lines such as “everyone in this town is my property” may seem villainous, but her sparing of their lives is proof of her ethics.

Unlock: The Witch’s Miniature Garden
Medea was once a pure and innocent woman who devoted her talents to serving her beloved.
Nonetheless, she keeps an aloof attitude due to the trauma of being abandoned by the man she doted on.
She is vulnerable against honest people.


“Well, what an adorable Master you are.”

Level Up
“That’s how it is.”

Saint Graph Ascension

  1. “A fine performance, my inexperienced Master.”
  2. “Not bad. Keep gaining more experience.”
  3. “Do you… not know how to treat your Servants?”
  4. “Heheh. This is your first time inside my workshop. Welcome, Master. Now, what sort of witch’s potion do you desire?”

Start of Combat
“Shall we begin?”

“Disappear from this place.”

Command Card Selection


“Very well.”

“How’s this?”


“…Too bad.”

EX Attack

Skill Use
“Shall I make them suffer?”

“I’ll end you with a finger.”

Noble Phantasm Selection
“I don’t really want to use this.”

Noble Phantasm
“Rule Breaker!”

“I’ll let you go this time…”

“No… more…”

End of Combat
“Flee like the losers you are.”

“My, over already?”

Room Conversation
“I just need to serve you as a Servant, don’t I?”

“Isn’t it time to depart?”

“I am a magus, so I’ll follow the rules. …Even if you are an acolyte far beneath my stature.”

“Don’t you think model-building is such a refined hobby? Let me know if you have any well made ships in bottles.”

“What I dislike…? It’s for no particular reason, but men who have nothing but good looks irritate me.”

About the Holy Grail
“The Holy Grail… Heh. It must seem very convenient to you mediocre magi.”

Artoria Pendragon
“That tense Saber with the blonde hair and petite build is here, isn’t she? Yes, her! That Saber! That girl is so nice… I just want to touch her all over…”

“That sour-eyed Saber with the blonde hair and petite build is here, isn’t she? Yes, her! That Saber! She’s a bit different. Her face is exactly how I like it, but she just… doesn’t really heat up my modeling soulder.”

“It’s hot in here! It’s way too hot and sweaty! Hey Master, tell that 300-plus kilogram lump of muscle to stay away from me!”

Bond Level 1
“I was taught magic directly by Hecate, goddess of the moon. My skills are on a different dimension from yours.”

Bond Level 2
“You don’t bother me with impossible missions or vulgar language. Well, perhaps you have some promise.”

Bond Level 3
“Wait! Don’t be so hasty. I’m coming with you, so give me proper treatment.”

Bond Level 4
“I had a little brother once. If he was still alive, I’m sure he’d be as honest and forthright as- No, never mind. Forget what I said.”

Bond Level 5
“Good grief. I’ve even lost my edge as a treacherous witch. You don’t make me want to act that way at all. I suppose I should resign myself to being your personal witch.”

“Oh my, is it your birthday? I hope it’s a nice one.”

“The world is changing. Make haste if you don’t want to be left behind.”