Minamoto no Raikou

源頼光 ★★★★★


Character Information
Illustrator: RAITA
CV: Tomatsu Haruka

A figure from the tenth to eleventh century. Born as the eldest legitimate son of Minamoto no Mitsunaka, he was the progenitor of the Settsu Genji clan and contributed to the overall development of the Seiwa Genji line.
At the same time, he was the greatest killer of mysteries in the Heian Era – slaying many monsters such as Shuten-douji of Mount Ooe, the Tsuchigumo, the Ushi-Oni of Asakusa-dera, and many more.
…Although obviously historically recorded as male, Raikou was a woman due to some secret from her birth.
Leading her retainers known as the Four Heavenly Kings — Watanabe no Tsuna, Sakata no Kintoki, Urabe no Suetake, and Usui Sadamitsu — she safeguarded the peace of the capital.


Eternal Arms Mastery: A+
Power Burst (Lightning): A
Mystery Slayer: A
Magic Resistance: D
Mad Enhancement: EX
Riding: A+
Divinity: C

Bond Level 1
Height: 175 cm
Weight: ?? kg
Source: Historical (Otogizoushi)
Region: Japan
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Female

While a cool and hardened warrior, she is also a beauty possessing of great patience and tolerance. Truly, an embodiment of motherly love.

“Sigh… what’s wrong with being a mother…?”

Bond Level 2
Calling the Lightning of the Ox King – Inevitable and Inescapable Divine Judgment — Go’ou Shourai, Tenmou Kaikai
Rank: B++
Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
Range: 1~100
Maximum Targets: 200 persons

A momentary summoning of the oxen (or Ushi-Oni, ox-demons) that are the divine servants of Gozu Ten’nou, the Ox-Headed Divine King – who is the source of Raikou’s demonic nature and abnormality. Raikou then sweeps through the enemy ranks alongside them. The weapons which appear with the thunderous force of a god represent the souls of the Four Heavenly Kings who served under her.

Bond Level 3
An elegant, pure, attractive and youthful woman.
She is a serious-minded career soldier, but can become teary-eyed like a doting and worrying parent when it comes to Kintoki.
Although appearing to be a sensible woman who prizes peace and quiet above all else – as she is not entirely human in nature but somewhat divine, she tends to see things from a higher and broader point of view.
On the other hand, she becomes very emotionally attached to anyone she loves, becoming the embodiment of motherhood in her determination to antagonise the rest of the world for the sake of her son.
To her, a “lover” is the same thing as “her son” – and she does not realise at all just how abnormal this perspective is

Unlock: Bond Level 4; Demonic Fairy Tale ~Onigashima~
According to the ancient ballad, The True Form of Ushi-gozen…

The son of Minamoto no Mitsunaka, born as a heaven-sent child of Gozu Ten’nou, was shunned for its abnormal birth (child of an oni) and given to a temple to be raised in secret.
When she turned fifteen, the shunned child was given the name “Ushi-gozen,” and created a demonic country in Sunagawa-no-Suzunomori.
Ushi-gozen was slain by a warrior who shared the same father, Minamoto no Raikou. Raikou led the Four Heavenly Kings on this mission.
Ushi-gozen was the avatar of Gozu Ten’nou, and Gozu Ten’nou was an avatar of Indra.
…But who was Ushi-gozen, really?
What was the conclusion of their battle?
Only Minamoto no Raikou and Sakata Kintoki know the truth.

Bond Level 5
Mad Enhancement: EX

The skill to strengthen physical capacities at the cost of one’s reason.
In Raikou’s case, she does not lose her reason at all and remains her intellectual self. However, her mentality becomes polluted by her oni blood, leading her to her unnatural expression of motherly love and failure to follow morals. She will fanatically protect those she love, willing to eliminate any obstacle for their sakes.
Even though she speaks of love that is good and true, she is willing to ignore social morality and tolerate any act for her beloved…
In short, she becomes mentally ill.
Unlike other Berserkers, this breach in her mind is not made apparent at all in the eyes of outside observers.
Generally, it is impossible to persuade or convince her to improve.

Unlock: The True Form of Ushi-Gozen: A Different Account
To Raikou, the Master she contracted with is a single ray of hope in the darkness.
Her Master is her destined soul mate, who contracted not only with Kintoki, but herself, in spite of her demonic aspects.
Thus, she dotes on her Master with frightening obsession.
However, her desire to monopolize her Master is so strong that she will immediately weep if her Master pays attention to anyone else, and interrogate her Master in anguish if she suspects adultery.
“Motherly love” would be a charitable way of describing her, but her excessive affection causes her to treat her child as a possession, and robbing it of its future and freedom.
Although Raikou’s love has entered the realm of madness, even her deep wisdom and advanced intellect fail to acknowledge the problem (to those around her, never mind herself).


“Well met, sweet little magus. I am Servant Saber… hm? O-Oh? I am not Saber… um… my name is Minamoto no Raikou. I may not measure up to much, but I hope you can accept me.”

Level Up
“We’ve done it! Did you see that, Master? I’m shaping up well.”

Start of Combat
“Your punishment shall now be dealt.”

“I’ll take care not to overdo things.”

Skill Use
“This is but child’s play…”

“Please watch closely.”

Command Card Selection
“I understand.”

“My, my…”

“Of course. I am your blade.”

“Did that hurt?”

Extra Attack
“Forgive me!”

Noble Phantasm Selection
“If you command it so… I, Raikou, shall become an oni.”

Noble Phantasm
“Come to me, my loyal subjects, my limbs, my arms and armour… the Four Heavenly Kings themselves are as before you. Begin…! Go’ou Shourai, Tenmou Kaikai!

Heavy Damage
“Not bad…!”

“How could I… how shameful of me…!”

“That was my blunder…!”

End of Combat
“Sigh… battle is uncouth, after all.”

“Have I served you well? Hehe… it gives me the greatest of joys to hear that.”

“This is so embarrassing… but thank you. I hope you do not mind if I act a little more bolder from now on.”

“Is it all right to treat me like this…?”

“My, a new battledress… hehe, it’s wonderful knowing that you are relied upon. I will continue to do my best, Master.”

“To make me this strong, and think of me so strongly… it brings me such joy, but also sadness. For I am a demon, a blood-crazed ox. Am I truly permitted to have a place by your side…?”

Room Conversation
“Children should be as restless as the wind, as the saying goes. Why not go outside? I’ll come with you.”

“Master… Master… Heh, t is a good feeling to serve another. Not as a general, but as simply a woman. It’s a very new sensation to me.”

“I wish… to become as deeply bonded with you as I am with the Four Heavenly Kings, for our names to be as connected… does that trouble you…?”

Sakata Kintoki
“Oh, my! Kintoki! Why must you always behave so rowdily… w-why are you running away? I only say that because I care about you! Sob… you’re breaking your mother’s heart…!”

“I sense the presence of a fly… a scrawny oni girl buzzing about. What an eyesore. Oh, it’s all right, let me crush her… I’ll dispose of her somewhere you and Kintoki won’t see.”

“What do I like…? Kintsuba, perhaps… eh? You weren’t talking about food? I-I’m sorry! Oh, what a fool I’ve made of myself…!”

“What do I dislike? It does not need to be said. There is only one thing I despise… the malevolent pests that approach the ones I love.”

About the Holy Grail
“My wish for the Holy Grail? Yes, I suppose my greatest wish would be for a serene world filled with the love of mothers and their children.”

“My, do you hear that? That sounds of a delightful festival. Shall we attend?”

“Fufu… come here, Master. It is said that one’s birthday should be celebrated with family. Please, feel free to think of me as your mother and spoil yourself.”

Bond Level 1
“Yes, I am a Berserker… a class of Servants rightly feared as violent, savage monsters. I was prepared for that… but thank you, for contracting with such an unfit being as me all the same. Leave your battles to me, Master.”

Bond Level 2
“To battle is my duty, but I much prefer speaking like this than being on the battlefield. Fighting is no fun, after all… it’s so very dreary to have to step on each bug, one by one.”

Bond Level 3
“Um… so, we know each other quite well now… I think it’s about time… for me, to stop calling you ‘Master’… is that all right, dear?”

Bond Level 4
“Hehe… please, come here. Why not rest on my lap if you’re tired? My Minamoto Lap Pillow… is it comfortable? Good. By the way, Master… I’m very protective of what is mine. Please don’t make me sad and do this with anyone else…”

Bond Level 5
“I swear to you, Master… that I will love you as my own child. So, please, do not betray your mother. If that happens… why, I don’t know what I may do.”

Boss Quotes

Skill Use
“You think too much of yourself…”

“Prepare yourselves.”


Noble Phantasm
Go’ou Shouriki, Dobatsu Tenshou (Calling the Power of the Ox King – Tendrils of Rage Reaching Heaven)… All you insignificant humans shall be turned to dust!”

Damaged Received
“Your mother is getting angry…!”

“I was merely careless…!”