Cu Chulainn (Alter)

クー・フーリン〔オルタ〕 ★★★★★


Character Information
Illustrator: Shimadoriru
CV: Canna Nobutoshi

The legendary warrior of the Ulster Cycle of Celtic mythology. A member of the Red Branch Knights and the strongest fighter of Ulster, he won his fame with his mastery of the invincible spear techniques taught to him by Scathach, the ruler of the alternate realm called the Land of Shadows.
He has unusually taken form as a Berserker. Some factor of his summoning also caused all of his equipment to change and reversed his temperament. His expressions become cold, and the crimson demonic spear that is his Noble Phantasm has been mixed with darkness, overflowing with a foreboding aura.


Mad Enhancement: EX (equivalent to C)
Divinity: C
Frenzy of the Faeries: A
Protection from Arrows: C
Battle Continuation: A

Bond Level 1
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 72 kg
Source: Ulster Cycle
Region: Europe
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Gender: Male

His Rune Magic is used only to strengthen his body.

Bond Level 2
Frenzy of the Faeries: A

The roar of Cu Chulainn awakens the spirits sleeping within the earth and crushes the will of enemy forces.
This mental interference causes a temporary decrease in STR and AGI in all enemies.

Bond Level 3
The Hound of Culann twisted by the wish of Queen Medb – as the Mad King Cu Chulainn, he devoured and ravaged the land of America.
This form is not even that of his berserk state in life, and different from the appearance he should have when summoned as a Berserker.

Bond Level 4
Gouging Piercing Spear of Carnage — Gae Bolg
Rank: B++
Type: Anti-army Noble Phantasm
Range: 5-50
Maximum Targets: 100

The homing demonic missile that is the proper Noble Phantasm of Cu Chulainn,
In his Alter form, it has increased power and effective range as he throws with such utmost strength that he breaks apart his own body.
This attack causes instant death in all enemy targets, in addition to dealing great damage if that does not take effect.
(By use of his Runes, he regenerates his flesh as he is throwing so he does not take any physical damage – though this does nothing for the enormous pain that he suffers.)

Bond Level 5
Grinding Crunching Beast of Death Tusks — Curruid Coinchenn
Rank: A
Type: Anti-unit Noble Phantasm (Self)
Range: –
Maximum Targets: 1

The storm of Cu Chulainn’s rage wraps around him like armour and temporarily takes form as the exoskeleton of the Curruid, the monster of the crimson sea, from which the demonic spear Gae Bolg was made. Wearing this offensive armour raises his CON and also grants him EX rank STR.
While this Noble Phantasm is active, he cannot use Gouging Piercing Spear of Carnage.

Unlock: ???