Old Man of the Mountain

“山の翁” ★★★★★


Character Information
Illustrator: Ryota-H
CV: Nakata Jouji

An assassin who wears a skull mask.
This is believed to the first Hassan-i Sabbāh to bear the title “Old Man of the Mountain” after the Hashashin sect was established as the Assassins.
However, neither the other eighteen Hassans nor the devotees of the sect know this figure’s identity, and it is said that there was never any evidence that he existed.
He is a legendary assassin, said to appear to take the head of a generation’s Hassan-i Sabbāh when they stray from the path.
In other words, he is the Hassan who kills Hassans.


Battle Continuation: EX
Protection of Faith: A+++
Evening Bell: EX
Magic Resistance: B
Presence Concealment: A
Independent Action: B
On the Boundary: A

Bond Level 1
Height: 192 cm
Weight: 120 kg
Source: Middle East [possible typo]
Region: Middle East
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Gender: ???

“Thou mayest call me ‘King Hassan.'”

Bond Level 2
It is said that the Hashashin left no witnesses, so it comes as little surprise that all who have seen him are dead.
The first Old Man of the Mountain also chose to live the life of a guardian who would pass judgement on the decay within the sect.
The organization rightfully followed God’s teachings, but its actions were evil to humans. This was all the more reason that he could not allow the organization itself to rot.
Such offense would be the greatest sacrilege to God.

Bond Level 3
Namely, the corruption of the sect’s leader, the current Old Man of the Mountain, would mean the decay of the sect.
Whether that leader suffered from a corrupt spirit or declining skills, such a person must not bear the name of the Old Man of the Mountain.
To decline was to die. He took their heads in forgiveness of their sin, and passed down hope to the next Old Man of the Mountain.
He chose to fight head-on with a greatsword rather than hidden weapons, in honor of his solemn duty to assassinate assassins.
To lay eyes upon his skull mask meant that one’s life was over.
After bringing the hammer down upon fools who strayed from the doctrine of the order, the skull-masked swordsman would erase anyone who had witnessed him from the world.
It is said that he, who sent many Assassins to oblivion, remained in the shadows until the destruction of the assassin order.
The skull-masked swordsman was a living legend, the abyss of assassins, whom no one has ever witnessed.

Bond Level 4
The Angel who Announces DeathAzrael
Rank: C
Type: Anti-personnel Noble Phantasm
Range: 1
Max Target: 1 person

An utterly ordinary greatsword that Hassan swung throughout his life. It is dyed in his resolute faith.

He, who walked the boundary of the tranquil valley, is said to inflict instant death with every strike of this sword.
The chance of this effect is low, but it can deliver instant death to even the most powerful of foes.
He, who dwells in the tranquil valley, is familiar with Death. He has become one with it, gaining resistance to instant death and charm effects.

Bond Level 5
Presence Concealment: A

The Skill to erase one’s own presence. It is the vestige of an ability he learned long ago. The swordsman bears a powerful curse which makes his presence known to those whom he will kill next, even if he achieves a perfect success on a check to conceal himself.

Evening Bell: EX

The evening bell which signals the arrival of death and announces a funeral to all.
A unique Skill which denotes that its user has become one with this ritual.
The swordsman does not choose who he kills out of his own will.
When someone becomes a dead person who has lost sight of their own time of death, Hassan delivers salvation in the name of the Lord in Heaven. All is according to Heaven’s will. Therefore, those who encounter the swordsman know that their fate is at its end.

“…Canst thou hear this bell?
It tolls for thy destiny’s end.
Accept it, and unbind thy soul, for this is thy last chance as a human to slumber in peace.”

Unlock: ???


“Fear not, contractor. The Old Man of the Mountain reveals himself in response to thy summons. I have no name. Address me in a way that suits thee.”

Level Up
“I am the Hassan of Hassans.”

Saint Graph Ascension

  1. “The piling of corpses is not unlike building a tower…”
  2. “My growth is not yet complete.”
  3. “Shall I scatter blood and let it dry another night…?”
  4. “My lord, my life has now acquired the light of salvation.”

Start of Combat

“Bring out the dead…”

Command Card Selection
“Thou hast chosen.”

“Resolve thyself.”

“I accept.”




EX Attack
“Now, die!”

Skill Use
“Bring me thy head!”

“Dost thou hear the bell?”

Noble Phantasm Selection
“The oracle hath come.”

Noble Phantasm
“Hear me. The evening bell ringeth thy name. Wings which announce death — shalt thou take a head? Azrael!

“I was always but a husk, only to return to the earth.”

“My fate has run dry…”

End of Combat
“Futile. Much too futile.”

“This is no world for the faithless.”

Room Conversation
“Get to work!”

“I am but a mere worm squirming in the darkness, with no desires of my own. I shall honor thy will.”

“The bond between Master and Servant is an exchange of duty. Thou savest life, and I return it. All is light and shadow, my contractor.”

“Things I like? Heads.”

“Things which repulse me? Sloth, depravity, and decay.”

About the Holy Grail
“There is no such thing as a Holy Grail. Do not thou confuse delusion with fanaticism.”

Hassan of the Cursed Arm
“The Cursed Arm. What hast thou grasped with the arm of a devil? Thy own folly? Now… bring me thy head.”

Hassan of the Hundred Faces
“The Hundred-Faced. What hast thou built with endless wisdom? The hunger of a hundred souls scrambling to seize a single faith? Fool! Bring me thy head.”

Hassan of Serenity
“The Serene. What hast thou managed to protect with a body dipped in poison? Thy own solitude, which faileth to guard even wildflowers in bloom? Fool. Bring me thy head.”

Bond Level 1

Bond Level 2
*grunt*… *grunt*

Bond Level 3
“Much time hath passed… Even beneath the light, my heart shall not waver…”

Bond Level 4
“Thou art an infidel, yet worthy of my trust. Above all, thy heart is good. That unwavering spirit in the face of any challenge is what we require.”

Bond Level 5
“It hath been a long journey, and a good memory. Verily, a fine, fine end to my life. My contractor, once this battle is over, I should like to disappear for good.”

“Celebrate! And cherish thy remaining life. ‘Tis not fear, but steadfast resolve.”

“I hear a bell. This time, there seems to be an especially heavy head for the taking.”