クレオパトラ ★★★★★


Character Information
Illustrator: Komatsuzaki Rui
CV: Kugimiya Rie

Cleopatra VII was a tragic queen known in history for her beauty.
She was the last queen of the Ptolemaic Dynasty of Egypt, and the de facto last pharaoh of ancient Egypt.
Many literary works have depicted her as a ravishing beauty who drowned in love and turned her kingdom into her personal property, but the truth was the opposite.
Cleopatra possessed a profound intellect, particularly in the domain of economics, and her leadership raised the militarily weak Ptolemaic Egypt into one of the world’s foremost economic powers.


Imperial Privilege: A
Golden Rule (Wealth & Body): B
Blessing of the Goddess: C
Presence Concealment: B
Divinity: D

Bond Level 1
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Source: Historical
Region: Egypt
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Gender: Female

Strictly speaking, the “last pharaoh” was her son Caesarion, who ruled mutually with his mother in her final years. Caesarion lived for several more days after Cleopatra’s death.
However, Caesarion was merely nine years old when he died. Cleopatra was the final pharaoh who ruled the kingdom and struggled against destiny.

Bond Level 2
Publicly, Cleopatra carries herself as a haughty queen, but privately she moderates her eccentricity and behaves as a well-bred, cool, prudent lady.
Her traits can be summarized as domineering, sadistic kindness.
She enjoys inflicting pain, yet is a kind person. This seems to fit the definition of sadism, yet Cleopatra does not derive pleasure from tormenting others.
She abuses people not to make herself feel good, but merely because her personality is so inclined.

Bond Level 3
Cleopatra acts queenly, but is a principled woman who observes decorum, minds her surroundings, and tries to keep the peace.
When diplomats came from other countries, she would verbally abuse them out of concern:

“I am the absolute standard in my kingdom. The ugly are no different than slaves.
Hmph! Prepare yourselves, you vulgar, ill-bred, piggish men!
Relax in my hospitality to your hearts’ content!”

Thus she would lavish the highest hospitality on her diplomatic guests.
Because of this, there may have been some diplomatic missions that sought audiences with Cleopatra just to receive her tongue-lashing.

Bond Level 4
In her lifetime, Cleopatra was intimate with two men.
The first was Caesar. She fell undeniably in love with him. Their passion and affection was so obvious that it blessed the winds of the Mediterranean with a sparkle…
But he died. Her lover, who was on the verge of uniting the Mediterranean world under his rule, was assassinated, leaving their son Caesarion behind.
In Cleopatra’s grief, another man came to visit her. He was the Roman general Antonius, who declared that he would protect Cleopatra and Ptolemaic Egypt.
She loved her people, her country, and two men: Caesar and Antonius of Rome. In the end, she killed herself.

Bond Level 5
She was intimate with two men, and then she died.
It was love, the most extreme of feelings. It couldn’t possibly have been the product of political calculation.
…Yet, people whispered of Cleopatra as the devilish woman who seduced Rome’s generals in her own time, not to mention later eras. Consequently, after becoming a Heroic Spirit, she was incarnated as a devilishly beautiful seductress.
Still, as a matter of pride…
She will only grow intimate with the most superb of gentlemen.
If you are someone so faithful that she would not regret dying by your side, like the men she once loved, then you are an excellent candidate. Try to woo her.

Unlock: ???


“Heh, did you think I would be wrapped up in some carpet!?
…Yes, I’d briefly considered wearing that, but this is a summoning greeting, so decided not to.
I am the last pharaoh, Cleopatra VII Philopator. Take heed of your insolent posture, Master — you hold your head higher than the sun!”

Level Up
“The fire of growth… Excellent! You seem to understand how you should treat me.”

Saint Graph Ascension

  1. “Know that I always keep with the latest fashions, both now and in the past. I am not some meek lamb swayed by popular trends. I’ve merely taken a liking to leather pants, this time!”
  2. “I have no choice but to be even more beautiful. I can’t help but be proud of it!”
  3. “Why are you looking at me like that? You kept saying that I didn’t fit your image, so I changed for you. Tonight, I want to hear your impressions, and you will submit to me a report on all of the greatest fashion senses in the world.”
  4. “This is the first time I’ve had so many gifts lavished on me… And not for my kingdom, but only for me… W-Well, I’m sure it’s because I’m just that charming!”

Start of Combat
“Kneel. I’ll give you my affection if you do.”

“Prepare yourselves, you vulgar, ill-bred, piggish men!”

Command Card Selection
“Very well.”


“Well, fine.”

EX Attack
“Look up at me with respect!”

Skill Use
“This is hard…”

“You want to do a lot to me, don’t you? That’s not allowed.”

Noble Phantasm Selection
“You want me to be your mistress?”

Noble Phantasm
“This is the snake of time, the omen of Egypt’s downfall. I command you as the final pharaoh: Uraeus Astrape!
…But, it wasn’t my fault!”

“Heh… Not bad. I like you, you can be my serv- ahhh!!!”

“Heh… Still better than being fat. Better than being f…”

End of Combat
“Heh. You’re even more delicate than papyrus. Make sure to get enough nutrition.”

“I dirtied my finger. If I was going to crush them anyway, I would’ve preferred some fruit.”

Room Conversation
“Your face is dull and your behavior bores me, Master. Can’t we go do something fun, already?”

“Words that denote master and servant? That’s obvious, isn’t it? Gods and humans! Humans toil for the gods, and gods cannot shine without humans. In other words, I’m saying that you’re my valuable possession!”

“You say I’m not used to serving because I’m a pharaoh…? Hmph. Master, you are imprudent not only in mind and body, but other aspects as well. Rather, there has never been a pharaoh that has served anyone else, as I do now.”

“Things I like, you ask? Beautiful things, obviously. I think that Medjed god is super cute! …Ahh, please don’t mention Caesar. It makes me seriously want to die…”

“Things I dislike? You want me to tell you? It would be my Master in front of me, brazenly asking such graceless questions. It bothers me to have to answer in a way that judges you so harshly, so check your tongue next time.”

About the Holy Grail
“I’ve researched the Holy Grail as well. It’s something that doesn’t save countries, but can it save people? Of course, I plan to use it for myself.”

Gaius Julius Caesar
“Is that Caesar…? That’s Caesar… right? Oh, I don’t know what to believe anymore! Mm… But, but, no matter how plump he is, I can still see how wonderful- Oh, what is that!? Ahhhhh I can’t believe this!!!!

“That is Iskandar the Great, the honored ancestor of Ptolemaic Egypt… Overly gruff men aren’t my type, but… Oh, how embarrassing! I can’t help but be enchanted by him!”

Ozymandias, Nitocris
“Even I know the meaning of shame. Before the true pharaohs, I can feel nothing else. …No matter how one glosses it over, the truth is that I brought an end to the pharaohs.”

Bond Level 1
“You summoned me, and forged a pact with me. It would be no exaggeration to say that you ended your life at that moment. So, you will now serve me as my attendant. Specifically, carry my luggage behind me!”

Bond Level 2
“I said to carry my luggage, but I can’t deny my surprise that you’ve actually been doing it. I suppose I should thank you. Ahh, no, I’m used to this. You definitely didn’t make my heart flutter at all!”

Bond Level 3
“Huh!? I just realized that we’re sharing tea at the same table… I am Cleopatra. Countless people have thrown their lives away just to get a glimpse of my face and touch my skin…”

Bond Level 4
“Ah… O-Oh, really. You still want to be friendly with me? If you insist, then I suppose there’s no helping it… My heart is ready as well…”

Bond Level 5
“I’ve decided. You are incompetent and unfortunate. As a Master, you lack even a hint of promise, but your effort alone is worthy of praise. Thus, I will use my  talents as your private secretary, and constantly manage your personal health. Now, read this. It’s the schedule I’ve created for you to follow from now on.”

“A birthday? Your birthday? Who cares about that? It’s a secret that I don’t even have a millimeter of desire to know.
…So? What present would you like!?”

“It’s so noisy… I wonder if the Nile is flooding?
…Let me correct myself. This commotion wouldn’t begin to cover the trouble of the Nile flooding.”