酒呑童子 ★★★★★


Character Information
Illustrator: Honjou Raita
CV: Yuuki Aoi

A chieftain of oni from the Heian period, who reigned from a castle on Mount Ooe.
There are various accounts of Shuten-douji’s origins. One story describes her as a child born of a union between the elder god (Eight-Forked Serpent) of Mount Ibuki and a human, while another another describes her as a heaven-sent child of Mount Togakushi (Nine-Headed Dragon).
In any case, she is a child of a dragon god, and shares a common background with Sakata Kintoki.


Fruity Accord: A
Oni’s Malice: A
Battle Continuation: A+
Presence Concealment: C
Divinity: C

Bond Level 1
Height: 145 cm
Weight: 46 kg
Source: Otogizoushi and other sources
Region: Japan
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Gender: Female

Based on the traces and anecdotes she left behind, she is classified as an “anti-hero.”

Bond Level 2
Abe no Seimei divined the culprit of serial abductions of young men and noble daughters in the imperial capital to be Shuten-douji.
Ordered to subjugate the oni, Minamoto no Raikou led a party known as the Four Heavenly Kings to the enemy fortress, disguised as itinerant monks.
Raikou’s party served poisoned wine to the oni at a banquet, and attacked while they slept, to mixed success.
Shuten-douji’s severed head attacked Raikou, but the hunter was saved by a helmet received from the gods.

Bond Level 3
Shuten-douji speaks little of her origins.
Her alias, Ibuki-douji, was merely a name that Ibaraki-douji gave her, after recognizing the power of the Eight-Forked Serpent.
Shuten-douji herself may have forgotten her past.
As long as she has enchanting drink, extravagant feasts, and pleasurable appetizers, she is without malice.

Bond Level 4
Her connection to Sakata Kintoki was during his youth.
She could hardly resist enjoying such an easy-to-tease appetizer only once or twice.
To Shuten, they were just drinking parties, but Kintoki saw them as wicked feasts that would claim his life if he ever let his guard down.
“We take lives while drunk on wine. So is it not romantic to cheat each other while our bodies are entangled?”
Such were Shuten’s words.

Bond Level 5
Fruity Accord: A
The alcoholic scent of fruits enchanted with alluring voices and sultry sighs turns fragrant, and intoxicates targets even on visual contact.
Beings without magical defenses (such as normal humans or animals) find themselves instantly bewitched.

Unlock: Get Drunk, Get Crazy, Get Furious
Shuten-douji voices no wish for the Holy Grail.
In both past and present, she lives as she is and behaves as she wishes.
She is also a collector of antiques and rarities, and has a keen interest in the red dragon’s elbow bones in Kintoki’s arms.
It seems that she values rarity and elegance of form, contrary to the Hero-King’s emphasis on function and history.



“Assassin, Shuten-douji. Thank you so very much for summoning me. I’ll just do what I want. You don’t mind, do you?”

Level Up

“Thank you. I’m always pleased to accept your patronage.”

Saint Graph Readvent

  1. “How lovely it is to have such a strapping young master. Here, have a cup… Hm? It’s too shallow? I don’t mind. Why don’t you come a little closer?”
  2. “My vessel has grown. Look, don’t my horns have the most splendid luster?”
  3. “Honestly, I’m quite happy. I thought I’d turn this into a useful weapon… What do you think? If you like what you see, I’ll work harder for you than I deserve to. Well?”
  4. “Ahh… Not even in my dreams did I imagine that we’d be so compatible. My body and horns feel like they’re on fire. Now I feel like I can do anything… hee hee. If you don’t want me to, I’ll stop, for now. But… someday, Master. Someday, I’m going to eat you all up…”

Start of Combat

“I don’t see any handsome hunks here…”

“Heh heh, how scary. You’ll regret making that face.”

Command Card Selection

“Very well.”

“Nice and easy.”

“Heh heh, too bad.”


“Take that.”


EX Attack

“Drink up.”

Skill Use

“They taste the same either boiled or grilled.”

“That much? How exciting.”

Noble Phantasm Selection

“Mind if I wine and dine them?”

Noble Phantasm

“It’d be nice if you died… Iridescent Divine Demonic Poison… Ah… you utterly belong to me.”


“No helping it…”

End of Combat

“Melt them down, and they’ll be ripe for eating.”

“In that case, I have to let myself go. You don’t mind, right?”


“I’m bored. Can’t we go somewhere?”

“If you’re interested in me… Why, come over anytime. Ah, but as you can see, I am an oni. I might chew you up… any regrets?”

“Master and servant? Hee hee, in that case, should I wear a collar for you, Master?”

“I love handsome men, of course. Hunks like that blond-haired, blue-eyed boy I saw at Mount Ooe are worth taking, you see. Heh, with some polish, you seem like you’ll be quite tasty as well…”

“Isn’t it rather boorish to suddenly bring up a lady’s distastes? Well, it’s fine as long as you’re a smooth talker.”

“A drinking cup? It has to have a red lacquer finish, of course! A good vessel makes a wine that much more delicious. I’d love to soak in a bath of Japan’s finest spirits…”

Sakata Kintoki: “I always enjoy seeing the blond boy. He’s so easy on the eyes. And wasted on that cow Raikou. Oh, no, right now I belong to you, darling. The boy’s bones are quite a delicacy, so would you let this slide?”

Ibaraki-douji: “Ibaraki…? Aren’t you a naughty girl, sharpening your horns so much again. You shouldn’t make our employer angry, you know.”

Oni Servants: “Oh? You’ve got an oni here. One other than me. Well, well… Darling? If you love oni so much, shall I became one for you tonight?”

Minamoto no Raikou: “Ugh, no, no, no. I can’t stand the stench of cows and spoiled milk. What are you trying to prove by being so huge and firm? Middle-aged hags should just retire!”

Bond Level 1: “Master. Lord. Excellency. Darling. There are many ways to address you, but I think darling fits you best of all. Thank you for summoning me. My new, innocent darling… Oh, come now. No matter how frightening I might seem, there’s a line I won’t cross. Despite appearances, I am a hard-working oni.”

Bond Level 2: “You’re still too young to drink. Too bad. Or is that you simply can’t hold your liquor? My liquor is strong enough that you’ll want to finish it all, Master.”

Bond Level 3: “You’re such a busy person these days, always fussing about. It wouldn’t hurt you to take it easy. But the fact that you won’t makes you my darling.”

Bond Level 4: “So it’s a fly in the ointment that you’re a bit fragile, but that’s no fault of yours, dear. Talks about the soul should start with talk of food. Why don’t you show off a bit more?”

Bond Level 5: “I can hardly bear it when you gaze at me so. I want to cut loose, distill you into wine, and drink you all up.”

Birthday: “What an occasion! How about a drink? What? You’re abstaining? I frighten you? Aw, you’re such a spoilsport, darling.”

Event: “I adore festivals. After all, it’s best when both humans and oni are bustling.”

Devilish Capital of Restless Spirits and Drunken Dreams: Rashomon:

“Welcome. Don’t be shy. Take anything you want. Good business makes me happy, too.”

“Root and branch, root and branch. What a nice phrase. To my very bones, I never tire of saying it!”

“You don’t need to hold back around me, darling. No matter what cravings might you have, I’m sure you’ll have a lovely time if an oni like me satisfies them.”

“Don’t forget to read the announcements carefully. The most frightening things in the floating world are deadlines and contracts. Even I can scarcely deal with harsh creditors.”

“Oh, dear. When you look at me that way… I can’t help but blush… You are a terribly unlucky Master if I’m what you desire most.”

1. Shuten-douji speaks Kyoto dialect. There is no way to convey all of the features and connotations of Kyoto dialect in English translation, but here are some facts about it. It is popularly viewed as an elegant and feminine-sounding subset of the Kansai dialects. It was historically the de facto standard Japanese until the middle Edo period, as Kyoto was the political and cultural capital of Japan for most of its history. Yuuki Aoi combines this script with a sexy, breathy performance. The result is a character whose every word is laced with hedonistic innuendo. Listening to the audio is highly recommended.