Mata Hari

マ タ ・ ハ リ ★


Illustrator: Koyama Hirokazu
CV: Taneda Risa

A female spy who operated in the shadows of the world, Mata Hari may well have been the most wondrous individual among her kind. Until she was executed for espionage while posing as an exotic dancer, she enthralled military officers with her alluring figure.

Parameters: STR E, CON E, AGI E, MGI E, LCK D, NP A+

Height/Weight: 165 cm / 49 kg
Source: Historical
Region: France, Germany
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Gender: Female
Her real name is Margaretha Geertruida Zelle.

From the beginning of her life, Mata Hari stumbled into futile circumstances.
Her father’s company went bankrupt, and repeatedly cheated on his wife. Mata Hari’s mother fell ill with anxiety, and died when her daughter was 14 years old.

Mata Hari’s marriage failed because her husband was a violent, drunken adulterer. This young woman, who spent most of her youth abused by the greed of men, seems to have taken well to being a spy who was terribly skilled at enthralling them… even if execution was all that awaited her in the end.

Espionage: A++
This skill does not conceal one’s presence, but rather makes one presence fail to register as hostile. At rank A++, as long as the user is not outed by her allies, it is impossible to to discern any hostility from the user.

Woman With the Eye of the DayMata Hari
Rank: A
Type: Anti-army Noble Phantasm
A brainwashing Noble Phantasm that is the manifestation of her legend. With a bewitching dance, the targets’ thought patterns are confused and they are made into puppets. It is even applicable against Servants without any mental resistance skills.

If Mata Hari had a wish for the Holy Grail, it would probably be for a beloved partner and a happy household. More than anyone, she knows how weak she is as a Heroic Spirit, and has given up on that wish ever being granted.