Sasaki Kojirou

佐々木小次郎 ★


Character Information
Illustrator: Mata
CV: Miki Shinichirou

A swordsman said to have been a worthy foe to Miyamoto Musashi, master fencer of Japan.
He excelled in the Ganryuu school at a young age, and was said to have been a peerless genius swordsman.


Mind’s Eye (True): A
Evanescence: B+
Sense of Subtle Elegance*: B
Presence Concealment: D

Bond Level 1
Height: 176 cm
Height: 63 kg
Source: Historical
Region: Japan
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Gender: Male

“I kill people, so I am an evil man, whoever that may be.”

Bond Level 2
A refined man who loves the beauty of nature, and wears an elegant battle surcoat.
He has an easygoing and noncommittal personality, but he is nonetheless a warrior who prefers fair and square contests.
Kojirou lived during a time when life and death were daily occurrences, so his perspective on mortality may seem cruel to modern people.

Bond Level 3
Swallow Counter — Tsubame Gaeshi
Type: Anti-Personnel Mystic Sword
Maximum Targets: 1 person
Swordsmanship comparable to a Noble Phantasm, achieved through human skill alone.
A miraculous technique that simultaneously slashes the target along three arcs.
It appears to be a form of the phenomenon known as Multi-Dimensional Refraction.
Swallow Counter was originally developed to cut down a swallow in mid-flight.

Bond Level 4
Kojirou calls his technique “Swallow Counter,” but to anyone watching it is undoubtedly a mystical technique.
After all, it is beyond human skill.
He claims to have created it to cut a swallow in mid-flight, but such a feat is obviously possible without resorting to a mystical sword technique.
Rather, that he reached transcendent levels of swordsmanship for such a mundane reason speaks to the uncompromising nature and extreme martial prowess of the swordsman.

Bond Level 5
Sense of Subtle Elegance*: B
A special ability to maintain one’s accuracy, no matter how many times the same technique or skill is used against the opponent.
Kojirou’s attacks cannot be analyzed.
Perhaps it is such mastery of the sword that one cannot become “accustomed” to his attacks.

Unlike Musashi, Sasaki Kojirou was a fictional swordsman with no basis in reality.
This “Sasaki Kojirou” is nothing more than a nameless swordsman who was called forth because of his ability to recreate the legendary Swallow Counter. Of course, as a genius swordsman who was unknown in life, Kojirou’s thoughts on being summoned to fulfill the role of a fictional Heroic Spirit were, “This too, is fine.”

*no direct translation for 宗和, a school of Japanese tea ceremony



“I am Sasaki Kojirou, Servant Assassin. I am here to serve.”

Level Up

“Hm. My manliness has increased.”

Saint Graph Readvent

  1. “Time to have a drink under the moon. My, this is something to celebrate.”
  2. “The breadth of my swordplay has increased.”
  3. “How refreshing, Master.”
  4. “My swordsman’s aura is now exquisite. You have my thanks, Master. Use my sword as you please.”

Start of Combat

“A head worth taking.”

“Now, let us proceed.”

Command Card Selection


“I understand.”

EX Attack

“A chance to show my skills!”

Skill Use

“A flash of spring thunder… I’ll demonstrate with a single stroke.”

“Now… I see your end, but how shall I approach?”

Noble Phantasm Selection

“Victory or defeat.”

Noble Phantasm

“Hidden Sword — Swallow Counter!

Heavy Damage Received



“I blundered.”

“That was too short…”

End of Combat

“There are no distortions in my blade. It is pristine.”

“A prayer reaches the fierce gods. You made light of a man’s body.”


“You may consider me to be one of your swords.”

“Is it time to depart? I am ready.”

“Am I dissatisfied? I am no warrior worth mentioning, and will follow my Master’s orders.”

“What disgusts me? I cannot bear to see ugliness of the heart, rather than the body.”

“What I wish for? I am content to simply swing my sword all day long.”

Medea Lily: “What twist of karma is this that I would encounter that fox again? But Caster is somewhat… well, she’s like a different person. Hmm. I hate to admit it, but… she’s quite lovely.”

Bond Level 1: “I have taken the name Sasaki Kojirou, but I myself do not know whether that is who I am. …Well, it seems I ended my days as a whimsical man who devoted his life to the sword.”

Bond Level 2: “I have no complaints with you, Master. You lack the haughtiness of a magus. I rather like that.”

Bond Level 3: “I view myself as a free spirit, but you are quite something, Master. You remain so carefree while shouldering a duty to save the world. Marvelous. Truly marvelous.”

Bond Level 4: “Even tools have their own happiness. I was a failure as a human, so it pleases me to serve someone like you.”

Bond Level 5: “How about a drink under the moonlight sometime- what, you’re… ‘underage’? You still can’t drink…? Oh, dear. In that case, I will patiently wait a few years. Until then, I, Kojirou, shall continue to guard you as your sword.”

Birthday: “So today is a day you celebrate, Master. May it be a good one.”

Event: “Hmm….? I sense something unusual…”