Chloe von Einzbern

クロエ・フォン・アインツベルン ★★★★

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Character Information
Illustrator: Hiroyama Hiroshi
CV: Saitou Chiwa

Kuro is a clone who split off from Ilya and incarnated in the form of a certain Heroic Spirit.
She describes herself as “Ilya’s older sister.”
However, Ilya also claims to be the older sister, leading to endless sibling quarrels that look like someone yelling into a mirror.


Mind’s Eye (False): B
Projection Magic: B
Kiss Demon: B
Magic Resistance: C
Independent Action: B

Bond Level 1
Height: 133 cm
Weight: 29 kg
Source: Fate/Kaleid liner Prisma☆Ilya
Region: Fuyuki, Japan
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Female

“Mana supply, pretty please?”

Bond Level 2
Ilya rejected Kuro at first, but Kuro eventually came to live in the Einzbern household.
Her cover story claims that she’s Illya’s cousin, but the resemblance is so uncanny that they are often mistaken for twin sisters.
Upon their first meeting Ilya’s foster brother Shirou mistook Kuro for Ilya. This was understandable since he had no idea Kuro existed, but it was a great shock to Ilya that her brother couldn’t tell them apart.

Bond Level 3
Kuro does not know the identity of the Heroic Spirit whose form she has borrowed. She has only inherited the fighting skills that he refined.
She wields her formidable combat powers with reckless abandon. Rin saw this as a threat, and inflicted on Kuro a curse of shared pain perception. Kuro’s shared pain with Illya was meant to deter her from targeting her twin, but the trifling curse meant nothing to the little devil.

Bond Level 4
Threefold Crane Wings  — Kakuyoku Sanren
Rank: C
Type: Anti-personnel Noble Phantasm

An exquisite technique of a certain Heroic Spirit.
The user projects three sets of the male and female paired swords, combining throwing and slashing maneuvers to execute an unavoidable combination.
Kuro also teleports behind the enemy in conjunction with the technique, making her attack difficult to predict even with Mind’s Eye.
The only ways to defeat it are with an omni-directional defense, or by ignoring the damage to make a suicidal assault on the user.

Bond Level 5
Kiss Monster: B
Kuro, who unexpectedly manifested as a Servant-like being without a Master, always requires magical energy.
Thus, she resupplies via mucous membrane contact as a quick and easy method that requires no contract.
An unguarded victim will suddenly oneself thrust into a kissing scene by the brown little devil, without a care for the time or place.
“But don’t get me wrong, it’s just a medical procedure,” she says. Oh, that makes sense.

Unlock: epilog: Windflower Laughing in the Breeze
Ilya’s sealed qualities and memories grew denser and more complex until they condensed into a distinct personality: Kuro.
Kuro is aware of this.
She knows that it’s a miracle that she can even exist, even if it might not be in the way she wanted.
Still, Illya and her family accepted Kuro.
The warmth of a family she believed had been stolen from her was still there after all, waiting for her.

Thus, her birth must have had meaning.
Kuro will lecture her unreliable little sister, defeat her enemies, and show her the way.
Once, she thought her little sister was behind her. But before she knows it, Ilya will surely surpass even her big sister, and reach for the light of the distant stars.



“I guess I owe you for a lot of things. It’d be rude to just say goodbye, so I’ll pay you back. Yep, I’m sure you’ll find me useful. After all, aren’t big sisters always better?”

Level Up

“Still not enough~”

Saint Graph Ascension

  1. “What are you looking at me like that for? I know that the others all strip off their clothes or change into different ones. You were expecting that, weren’t you? What a pervert.”
  2. “Well, all right. I’m the type to work hard for someone else, but it might not be so bad to have some backup.”
  3. “Look, I said I’m not taking this off. Not even if you give me the puppy-eyed act. But maybe for the last stage… No, never mind.”
  4. “To think you’d bring me so far… You really are a persistent one. Fine. Just this once, I’ll let you have a peek.”

Start of Combat

“Now, let’s run wild all we please.”

“I have enough energy. Now, I’ll fight you.”

Command Card Selection

“Wanna do that?”


EX Attack


Skill Use

“You wanna see me that badly?”

“Want me to do this?”

Noble Phantasm Selection

“I’ll show you what I’ve been holding back!”

Noble Phantasm

“Twin wings that overcome mountains, part seas, and never fall… Threefold Crane Wings!

Heavy Damage Received

“You’re kidding me!”


“Out of mana… How disappointing…”

“I know… your face now… I’ll make you cry later…”

End of Combat

“Done already? That was too fast. Try a little harder next time.”

“I’m a little tired. Mana transfer please, Master”


“Don’t you have to go to work? Or do you wanna keep hanging out with me?”

“You’re the master and I’m the slave, right? No? We’re Master and Servant? Isn’t that the same?”

Y-Yes. Kuro is Master’s slave… I’ll carry out a-any order- Hey, wait! Don’t actually take it seriously! It’s a joke! I was kidding!”

“Things I like? Hmm. People I’m compatible with, I guess. I love people who give me lots of mana.”

“If we’re talking about what I dislike, it’d have to be Ilya when she’s moping around! She’s strong when gets it together, but that takes forever!”

“The Holy Grail, eh. People wish for something, and it’s granted. Whether good or evil, that’s the only way we can live.”

Dress of Heaven: “Wait, someone that looks like my mommy passed me just now! And she forgot to cover her, uh, chest! Somebody tell her!”

Emiya (Assassin): “That gun and that voice. He’s undoubtedly my… No, he isn’t. He must have continued as an assassin until the very end. He walked a path that I don’t know, and I never will.”

Emiya (Archer): “His back… I remember it. It’s quite bigger and stronger than the one I know, but… I see that tragic forthrightness of him never changed. Though… I’m not calling him my big brother.”

Illyasviel von Einzbern: “I see you’re taking care of my foolish sister. That girl is seriously a dunce, so make sure you look after her. She’s basically unreliable, but, well, even she has her moments.”

Bond Level 1: “I’m lacking magical power. Isn’t there a cute girl around that I can use to top off? I’d prefer the Caster class.”

Bond Level 2: “Oh. Did you just touch me in a weird place?”

Bond Level 3: “Who are you really, to have all these Servants obeying you? Where do you get all that magical and spiritual power from? Speaking of which, the weirdest thing is how you’re so great at communicating that you can just chat with any Heroic Spirit. …Are you even aware of it?”

Bond Level 4: “I wonder what your mana tastes like… Hey, no need to run away. I was just kidding, silly. If I was serious, you wouldn’t be able to resist. You wouldn’t want to.”

Bond Level 5: “How curious. I feel so calm just being in your room. This is the first time I’ve felt that about anyone outside my family. Lend me your shoulder for a minute.”

Birthday: “Happy Birthday! It’s important, you know. You have to be thankful for being alive, and think about everything you’ve done. You’re definitely blessed to have such good fortune in a year. Come on, chin up! There’s still a long road ahead!”

Event: “Don’t you have something to do? Come on, I’ll go with you. Let’s go together.”