Kid Gil

子ギル ★★★


Character Information
Illustrator: Tenkuu Sphere
CV: Endou Aya

The Hero-King of Uruk. Humanity’s oldest hero.
His personality is heartless and cruel. He was a tyrant who ignored the opinions of the people, and lived only by his own standards — and none of this applies to him in this form.


Charisma: A+
Handsome Rosy-Cheeked Youth: C
Golden Rule: A
Magic Resistance: E
Independent Action: A
Divinity: B

Bond Level 1
Height: 140 cm
Weight: 30 kg
Source: Historical; The Epic of Gilgamesh
Region: West Asia
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Male

He prefers women who are like “blooming wildflowers.”

Bond Level 2
It is uncertain whether Gilgamesh took his Elixir of Youth to turn himself into a child, or whether he was originally summoned in this incarnation.
It is believed that his mentality from the time he was known as a wise king forms the basis for his current personality.

Bond Level 3
Handsome Rosy-Cheeked Youth: C
A skill denoting the tendency of a handsome youth to charm people.
It exerts a magical enchantment regardless of the target’s gender, but this effect can be avoided with the Magic Resistance skill. Even without Magic Resistance, the effect can be mitigated with strength of will.

Bond Level 4
Omniscient and Omnipotent StarSha Naqba Īmuru
Rank: EX
Type: Anti-personnel Noble Phantasm
The consciousness of the King of Heroes, spanning every inch of the earth like the radiance of the stars to gaze upon all of creation, sublimated into a Noble Phantasm.
It is a continuously active Noble Phantasm. In Fate/Grand Order, the only Noble Phantasm that Kid Gil invokes the true name of is the King’s Treasury.

Bond Level 5
Sha Naqba Īmuru is a terrible Noble Phantasm indeed, divining all of the target’s secrets with a single glance, let alone one’s true name and Noble Phantasm.
Although it is in a continuously active state, it can also be assumed to be deliberately restrained.

Unlock: ???



“Hello, Master. I’m… yeah, please call me Gil-kun.”

Level Up

“Growing up, huh… It’s a complicated feeling.”

Saint Graph Readvent

  1. “Guess I’ll upgrade my wardrobe a bit.”
  2. “I see. So this is how it feels.”
  3. “Not too plain, and not too gaudy. I think my tolerance is probably the biggest difference between us.”
  4. “Looks like this is as far as I can grow in this form. It might actually be for the best.”

Start of Combat

“I won’t get careless.”

“I’ll try my best!”

Command Card Selection



“Leave it to me.”

EX Attack

“Here I go!”

Skill Use

“The fight begins now.”


Noble Phantasm Selection

“It’s time to discipline you.”

Noble Phantasm

“This is also a tactic, barbaric that it is. I use the treasury like this. Gate of Babylon!”

Heavy Damage Received



“I’m pulling back for a bit.”

“I’m sorry…”

End of Combat

“We scattered them. I’ll leave the cleanup to you.”

“That was quite enjoyable.”


“I’m a little bored. Shouldn’t we do what we’re supposed to do?”

“Master, feel free to think of me as a child, and address me however you wish.”

“So this is what it feels like to serve someone… Yes, this will be very educational.”

“Things I like? At least, when it comes to women, I prefer the mature and composed type.”

“Things I dislike? Bullying. You know who I mean, right? That Goldie. Seriously, how did I turn into someone like that?”

Gilgamesh: “Ah, sorry. I’m going to hide for a bit. If we see each other, it might turn into a full-on fight to the death.”

Bond Level 1: “Okay. I think I’ve gotten the hang of this, Master.”

Bond Level 2: “Are you sure you want to talk to me all the time, Master? You’ve got lots of other wonderful Servants here, you know.”

Bond Level 3: “What should we talk about today? I’m fine with any subject, but I’d like to hear a lot about you, Master! I’m interested in you!”

Bond Level 4: “I know I’m just being sentimental, but it feels like I’ve been your Servant forever, Master. Yeah… I’m sure it’s just a happy delusion. Even if it’s a dream I’ll wake up from eventually…”

Bond Level 5: “I happen to be a king, too… but I feel like I’m going to forget that. It’s just too cozy here, Master! Heh heh.”

Birthday: “Happy Birthday, Master! What do you want for your gift?”

Event: “Huh? Something different is happening. Why don’t we go take a look?”