アルジュナ ★★★★★


Character Information
Illustrator: pako
CV: Shimazaki Nobunaga

A great hero from the ancient Indian epic Mahabharata.
The Mahabharata is a grand tale assembling countless champions and heroes, yet it would be no exaggeration to call Arjuna a central figure among them.


Clairvoyance: C+
Blessed Hero: A
Power Burst (Fire): A
Magic Resistance: C
Independent Action: A
Divinity: B

Bond Level 1
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 72 kg
Source: Mahabharata
Region: India
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Gender: Male

Arjuna’s beloved bow is named Gandiva. It is a godsbow he received from Agni, the god of fire.

Bond Level 2
Whereas Karna is the “Hero of Charity,” Arjuna is surely the “Blessed Hero.”
A son of the king of Kuru, Arjuna was born as the third of five Pandava princes. At the same time, he was fathered by Indra, the god of thunder.

Bond Level 3
From his countenance to his personality, Arjuna’s appearance is unassailable in every respect. He was once exiled from his country after his eldest brother lost a gamble.
Then, he had a premonition that a confrontation with Karna was inevitable.
After all, Duryodhana, a sworn enemy of the Pandavas, was a father figure to Karna.

Bond Level 4
He loves and is loved by his brothers.
He loves and is loved by his parents.
He loves and is loved by his people.

Bond Level 5
When did Arjuna resolve himself to slay Karna?
He likely made that decision at their first meeting.
It was not a fate that the gods pronounced upon them.
It (Karna) was a quest that Arjuna devoted himself to with utter animosity.
Even if it was unjust, Arjuna had to see it through.

Unlock: ???



“Servant — Archer. My name is Arjuna. Master, use me well.”

Level Up

“Ahh… This is good…”

Saint Graph Readvent

  1. “Thank you.”
  2. “Hmph… very good.”
  3. “Yes, this is indeed…”
  4. “Excellent. Perfect! This is indeed Arjuna! Heh heh heh… AH HA HA HA HA HA!”

Start of Combat

“A pointless battle. There’s no hope for you, you know?”

“It can’t be helped. I suppose we must fight…”

Command Card Selection



“Very well.”

EX Attack

“Your fate is sealed.”

Skill Use

“Then, here.”

“Then, please.”

Noble Phantasm Selection

“Now… what to do?”

Noble Phantasm

“Expanding sacred domain. Spatial fixation, divine punishment enforcement limits… all approved. By the wrath of Shiva, thy life ends here. Pashupata!”

Heavy Damage Received

“You dare!”


“It wasn’t… supposed… to end… in a place like this…!”

“Impossible…! Argh… Damn it all…! ”

End of Combat

“Told you so.”

“You bet your life on a futile struggle. Pathetic.”


“Yes. I, Arjuna, am pleased to earnestly serve you.”

“When it comes to you and I, surely you recognize my greatness. Yet, that is irrelevant. You are my Master. I regard that fact highly.”

“I await your decision, Master.”

“My wish for the Holy Grail? I wish for eternal solitude… That’s not a joke. I’m serious, you know.”

“Things I like…? I enjoy being alone… A sentiment unbecoming of a hero.”

“Things I dislike…? I don’t like it very much when people try to intrude into my heart… Be careful, Master.”

Karna: “Karna, to think that we’d be in the same camp… Should I deem this another hand of the gods? I won’t fight you now, but the next time you show your face, who knows what’ll happen?”

Bond Level 1: “It is good to know you, Master. Now… what should we do?”

Bond Level 2: “Oh? Master, have you taken an interest in me?”

Bond Level 3: “I see. So this is a bond. It is somewhat annoying, but perhaps… this too is the fate of a Servant.”

Bond Level 4: “Don’t… look at me. I, Arjuna, cannot bear to expose my shame.”

Bond Level 5: “Ah… you saw… my face. How awful. How dreadful. I implore you, Master. Keep this between us.”

Birthday: “I hear it’s your birthday. Congratulations. Be grateful for your parents, your teachers, your friends, and everything else important to you.”

Event: “Something seems to be happening.”