アーラシュ ★

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  • Interlude: The Man as Fierce as a Lion


Illustrator: BLACK
CV: Tsuruoka Satoshi

A great hero from the legends of ancient Persia.
Arash was a warrior serving Manuchehr, who was said to be the last king of the Age of Gods in western Asia. Arash’s feats ended the sixty year-long war between Persia and Turan.
He was a savior and a champion who brought peace and stability to the people of both lands.


Stalwart: EX
Clairvoyance: A
Magic Resistance: C
Independent Action: C

Bond Level 1
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Source: Persian mythology
Region: West Asia
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Gender: Male
The Stalwart skill grants Arash poison resistance, and also enhances his Constitution.

Bond Level 2
Āraŝ-e Kamāngīr.
In English, this would be written as “Arash the Archer.”
Arash personifies the image of the archer in west Asia as an agent of peacekeeping.
Even now, he is well-loved in the region.

Bond Level 3
Lone Meteor
Rank: B++
Type: Anti-army Noble Phantasm

The ultimate shot that brings an end to all wars.
Per its name, it is an earth-breaking extreme long-range attack.
In terms of pure energy, it is on par with anti-fortress Noble Phantasms.

Bond Level 4
According to legend, Arash loosed the ultimate arrow that carved the border between the countries of Persia and Turan.
It sundered the earth. Its range was 2500 kilometers.
In exchange for this feat that surpassed all human ability, Arash’s body was shattered and he lost his life.

Bond Level 5
The nature of Arash’s Noble Phantasm is an effect that disperses over a large area, rather than focused into a single point. Thus, it is classified as anti-army.
More accurately, it is worthy of being called an anti-country Noble Phantasm.
However, it can only be used once. In a sense, it is another type of Broken Phantasm.

Unlock: The Man As Fierce as a Lion
Arash will whole-heartedly answer the call of a Master attempting to restore human history.
Even now, he has not forgotten that he was a hero who laid down his life to save the many.