ア タ ラ ン テ ★★★★


Illustrator: Rin Kususaga
CV: Hayami Saori

A famous huntress in Greek mythology.
In the hunt for the Calydonian Boar, she made her name by being the first to wound the beast with an arrow.
She was also a member of the Argonauts, a company of Greek heroes.

Parameters: STR D, CON E, AGI A, MGI B, LCK C, NP C

Height/Weight: 166 cm / 57 kg
Source: Greek mythology
Region: Greece
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Gender: Female
Likes apples and meat.

Atalanta was the daughter of a king of a certain country. Her father wanted a son so he cast aside Atlanta and abandoned her in a forest.
The goddess Artemis took pity on the baby, and had her nursed and raised by a she-bear.

Before long, Atalanta grew into a peerless hunter, and went on many adventures such as the hunt for the Calydonian Boar and the voyage of the Argonauts.
She had many suitors, but a troubled Atalanta challenged them all to foot races for her hand at marriage.

Atlanta lost to no man, until one suitor borrowed the power of a goddess to trick her into defeat, partly compelling her to marry him.
Later, she was turned into a lion as divine punishment, but the details of this are unclear.

Her beloved bow — Tauropolos, Bow of Heaven — was a boon from the goddess Artemis.
By praying to Artemis and the goddess’ brother Apollo, the god of the sun, Atalanta can activate a potent anti-army Noble Phantasm — Complaint Message on the Arrow.