エミヤ ★★★★


Character Information
Illustrator: Takeuchi Takashi
CV: Suwabe Jun’ichi

Because his origin differs from that of other Heroic Spirits, Emiya cannot be called a proper Heroic Spirit.
This Heroic Spirit is classified as a Guardian, a defense mechanism born from humanity’s collective unconscious will to “persist.”
This defense is also referred to as the Counter Force of humanity. In other words, he is a faceless representative of justice, elected by the faceless masses.


Mind’s Eye (True): B
Clairvoyance: C
Magic: C-
Magic Resistance: D
Independent Action: B

Bond Level 1
Emiya is established as a bow-wielding knight, but in life he was a mage, not an archer.
He is a counterfeiter (Faker) who creates copies of numerous famous and magical swords.
It is believed that he wields a bow as his primary weapon not due to any particular strength he has as a Heroic Spirit, but rather because his fighting style ultimately falls back on sniping.

Bond Level 2
Mind’s Eye (True): B
Insight cultivated through discipline and training.
Combat theory that allows one to calmly analyze the situation and enemy capabilities in a dilemma, and derive a means of escape.
If there is even a 1% chance to reverse the situation, the user can fight for the chance to put that plan into action.
Superficially, it resembles the Instinct skill.

Bond Level 3
Emiya is a realist who indifferently carries out his work.
He is also sarcastic and a pessimist. He is not a workaholic, and occasionally he even has a playboy side that spouts nihilistic jokes.
Emiya believes in rational tactics and works to benefit social justice, but there are things he will not compromise on because he began his career with the ideal goal of saving all people.

Bond Level 4
Unlimited Blade Works
Rank: E ~ A++
Type: ???

A special type of magic, known as a Reality Marble.
For a limited time, reality is overwritten with the user’s mental landscape, and all the weapons the caster has ever seen or used are temporarily reproduced and stocked in the Reality Marble.
However, the ranks of the reproduced weapons are decreased by one.

Bond Level 5
Projection Magic: C (A+ under certain conditions)

Magic that reproduces images of tools for several minutes.
Archer’s favorite swords Ganjiang and Moye are also made with Projection.
When the projected item is categorized as a sword, the rank of this skill dramatically rises. Thanks to his ability to produce a countless number of counterfeits, Emiya destroys his projected Noble Phantasms. He instantly boosts their power by exploding them.

Unlock: Requirements of a Master
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 78 kg
Source: Fate/stay night
Region: Japan
Alignment: True Neutral
Gender: Male

“Fighting yourself? Forget it, nothing good comes of that.”



“Servant: Archer. I’ve come to answer your summons.”

Level Up

“We’re still not done. Don’t get complacent.”

Saint Graph Readvent

  1. “Looks like I’ll be in proper form soon.”
  2. “We’ve reached a new height of magical power.”
  3. “Now I can even fight on my own.”
  4. “Excellent, Master. I’ll live up to your trust.”

Start of Combat

“Let’s oppose them with all our might.”

“They never learn.”

Command Card Selection


“Very well.”

EX Attack

“I’ve got you!”

Skill Use

“Trace, on.”

“A bad habit of mine.”

Noble Phantasm Selection

“Fire up the mana. I’m going to finish this, Master!”

Noble Phantasm

“I am the bone of my sword. So, as I pray, Unlimited Blade Works.”

Heavy Damage Received

“Now you’ve done it!”


“I’ve taken severe wounds…”

“I have failed.”

End of Combat

“Your determination and conviction were not enough.”

“I thought they’d be a little more challenging…”


“It’s time to head out. Are you ready?”

“It’s a contract, after all. No matter what order you give, I’ll at least listen to it.”

“Servants have both likes and dislikes. I’d like a commander I can trust.”

“Just as Servant classes have affinities, so too do Heroic Spirits. In my case, it’s the golden Archer and the blue Lancer. I beg you not to put us in the same team.”

“What I do in my free time? I calibrate my weapons… and clean the kitchen and bathroom, I guess.”

“Things I dislike? Inexperienced people still have room to grow, but I can’t stand immature thinking. Ah, no, I didn’t mean you. It’s a personal issue, Master.”

“I have no interest in the Holy Grail. You can think of me as a boring man with no dreams.”

Bond Level 1: “A novice Master… no, a novice magus. I know how you feel. You may feel frustrated with your powerlessness, but right now you just need to make steady progress.”

Bond Level 2: “You want to know what sorts of lives Servants lead? Let me see. Once we’re summoned, we’re pretty much like you. Servants have individual differences, but there are those who enjoy eating and sleeping. …Me? I… well, I do enjoy meals. Making them, mostly.”

Bond Level 3: “Well, aren’t you doing fine? Are you feeling a bit more confident now? Good. That’s the spirit. I’ll help you however I can.”

Bond Level 4: “Hm? …I sometimes change the way I refer to myself? Ah… R-Right… Seems like it unconsciously slips out. I show my true colors when I let my guard down, I guess. It’s a habit from my youth to refer to myself that way.”

Bond Level 5: “It’s a little lonely to think that this fight will end soon. As a Heroic Spirit, I’ve experienced many battlefields, but this war has been special. Saving humanity sounds like an absurd mission, but since you’re fighting, I can’t lose.”

Birthday: “Happy Birthday, Master. I need to make sure I’m not unsightly in front of you today.”

Event: “Hm… Something’s happened. I hope it isn’t trouble.”