Summer! Beaches! Expansion! Chaldea Heat Odyssey ~Evolving Civilization~

夏だ!海だ!開拓だ!カルデアヒートオデッセイ ~進化のシヴィライゼーション~


Chapter 1: Encounter on the Fury Road

Chapter 2: Nine Sisters

Chapter 3: I’m Back. I’m Home. (1/2)

Chapter 3: I’m Back. I’m Home (2/2)

  • Mordred
  • Tamamo no Mae
  • Marie Antoinette

Chapter 4: Dokkoi Ikiteru Spearman

Chapter 5: Lion King Kakkokari

Chapter 6: The Mechanical Beast Cries

Chapter 7: Did You Forget Anything?

Ending: Homecoming

Expansion Quests

Brilliant Summer Quests