Craft Essences


灼熱の抱擁 Scorching Embrace

Ahhh, I love him, I love him, I love him!
I truly love him, from the bottom of my heart.
If this love is fake, then nothing in the world is real.
That’s why… I burned him. I just burned him, with my love and my sadness.

Bond level 10 reward for Kiyohime [Berserker]

ネコエプロン Cat Apron

Cat thinks, therefore cat is.

What is a meal?
Is it something one makes? Is it something one is compelled to make?
Is it something that is given? Is it something one is made to give?
There is no need for a cat who has yet to arrive at this truth.
Indeed, it is said that only one who has mastered the arts of seasoning and nutritional value may wear this pink robe.

As the Catmancer Merlin once decreed,
“Whoso donneth this apron is rightwise wife and sovereign of Chaldea.”

—-That’s what I was thinking. So how about it, Master!?

Bond level 10 reward for Tamamo Cat [Berserker]

勝利の渇き Thirst for Victory

The Sword of Unpromised Victory.
Though the sword bore “victory” in its name, Queen Boudica ended her life in defeat.
Still, she displayed valor in the face of hardship and injustice, and won many victories before the end. Even today, her memory is carved into the hearts of the people.

Bond level 10 reward for Boudica [Rider]

聖なる献身 Holy Devotion

With love for the people, seven colored lights cut through the morning sky…

Seven lights?
Well, I only shot once. …Then again, I wasn’t there to watch it all the way, so there’s not much I can say.”

“Still… Seven colored lights, eh?”

Bond level 10 reward for Arash [Archer]

王律鍵 Key of the King’s Law

During the Age of Gods, the domain of Men was still limited.
The King assembled all of the earth’s treasures, and built a vault to house them.

They were the prototypes of the various treasures created in later eras.
They were proof that human wisdom and knowledge were real.
The people extolled it as the “Gate of the Gods.”
Indeed, it was so.
The vault itself would become a mystery surpassing the myriad treasures stored within.

As for the key to the vault, none but the King can handle it.
The key’s golden form shifts ceaselessly, and the catalogue of treasures continues to accumulate.
Without the ability to comprehend the vault’s contents in an instant, the key will not open.

Bond level 10 reward for Gilgamesh [Archer]

女神のきらめき Sparkle of the Goddess

Servants? Heroic Spirits?
I’m surprised to be in such a state.
On top of that, it feels strange. All these things have been given form on my body.

…You don’t know what I mean?
Look at my hand, then.

This is my sparkle, the sparkle of a goddess. You’re looking at a physical embodiment of that.
Oh, but don’t stare too long.
You’ll go blind.

Bond level 10 reward for Stheno [Assassin]

契約の箱 Ark of the Covenant

Yep, that box is our covenant with God. It tells us what we shouldn’t do or see.

Disaster befalls those who carelessly open it.
Despair comes to those who thoughtlessly disclose it.

After all, this is the trust that God has placed in us.
He said, “Man should not be so foolish as to open that which I have decreed must never be opened.”

Bond level 10 reward for David [Archer]

バビロンへの扉 Door to Babylon

A vault containing all of the earth’s treasures.
It is also known as the Gate of the Gods.
In other words, it is the legendary treasure vault of Babylon.

Once, it was said that the gravestone of the Assyrian queen Nitocris concealed the door to the fabled vault.
The kings of Babylon could never touch it, but a great king threw open the door without hesitation.

Herodotus wrote that “there was nothing in the tomb,” but did the king not acquire mountains of wealth from the door?
Did the king bring prosperity to the land solely through his just reign?

At the very least, his descendants gained some measure of wealth. And thus, they were embroiled in a great many wars…

Bond level 10 reward for Darius III [Berserker]

叛逆せよ Rebel!

The moment of gloom had come.
Raucous spectators, booing, cheering, and yellow-bellied cries.
He ignored them all, and focused on his brethren before him.
The starving lion bared its teeth.
Driven violent with hunger, he heard that it had already devoured three men.
Like him, it had to kill or be killed.
Therefore, the beast’s death was certain.

…How pitiful.
Oppressors who toy with the lives of man and beast — watch as I, Spartacus, strike you a fatal blow!

Bond level 10 reward for Spartacus [Berserker]

預言の星 Star of Prophecy

When he was a boy, he saw a burning star.

The falling star was swift and unerring, leaving nothing but a faint trail in the sky.
Many of his friends had a moment of sadness.
But he just felt silent conviction.

“Like that star, I will use up all I have in my youth, and then disappear.”

He realized his expression was relaxed.
It was good. Even in his youth, he had already embraced his destiny as a fine warrior.

Bond level 10 reward for Cu Chulainn [Lancer]

ヘカテの錫杖 Staff of Hecate

This staff was a gift from the goddess Hecate.
It is the only memory she has left of her homeland.

No matter how skillful her magic, no matter how deep her knowledge, she will never regain the home that she lost.

So please, let her have this one relic of the past.
Spend difficult but fulfilling days training under her, just as she once passed the days with her wonderful fellow acolyte.
May Hecate protect the beloved pupil she has so longed for.

Bond level 10 reward for Medea [Caster]

方天画戟 Fāngtiān Huàjǐ

Now, allow me to explain!

Fāngtiān Huàjǐ was the symbol of General Lü Bu, and his peerless partner.
The weapon was a work of art that the general devoted his heart to, caring nothing for friends or companions.
He made use of the great two-handed weapon’s features to slash, pierce, crush, scythe, and sweep away his enemies.
Indeed, you could call it an all-purpose weapon.
Perhaps the general was so clumsy that he never mastered other weapons that might have fit the situation better?
Such was the jealous prattle from those envious of the general’s weapon.
The simple truth was that the weapon could easily knock about ten foes when wielded with sufficient skill and effort. Such martial prowess suits his fame as the Flying General, does it not?

To tell the truth, it was a weapon from the Northern Song Dynasty, so it couldn’t possibly have existed in Lü Bu’s era. That aside, it was there because I secretly developed it, well ahead of its time.

Bond level 10 reward for Lü Bu Fèngxiān [Berserker]

授かりの英雄 Blessed Hero

We offer you treasure.
We grant you power.
We will give you all there is to give.

Thus I had everything, but it was only later that I knew it was all for naught.
I realized that this was not what I wanted.

So now, I risk my life to obtain what I truly desire.
Yes, I have thrown this much-beloved life on the table, like coins to be used in some common wager.

Frankly, it gives me the greatest of pleasures!

Bond level 10 reward for Arjuna [Archer]

貧者の一灯 The Poor Man’s Lamp

Once, a wise man was invited to the king’s court, where he was welcomed extravagantly. The feasting continued into the night, and the wise man’s road home was shrouded in darkness.

The king commanded that his riches be used to light the path, but a strong gust blew out all of the king’s lamps.

Even so, the wise man’s road was lit by a dim lamp.
It was not one of the king’s proud illuminations, but a feeble lamp left by an old man too poor to even bring a gift to the banquet.

—-Glory and ambition may indeed be the flowers that give life color, but I believe that just a single act of unsung sincerity can make a life feel blessed.

Bond level 10 reward for Karna [Lancer]

黒の兜 Dark Helmet

She had grasped that which shone at the world’s edge.
The changes began taking to her instantly.
First, her flesh. Then her mind.
However, the moment before she was shifted completely to becoming the goddess of the holy spear, she made her choice.
That she would remain as the Storm King – as herself.

She ended up a tempestuous existence, removed from the aspect of herself that wielded the holy sword as the King of Knights.
Even so, she would continue to be a human being.

She would exist not as Lady Rhongomyniad, but as Artoria Pendragon.

What stood here was not she who would become the Lion – but the heroic spirit of the holy spear.

Bond level 10 reward for Artoria Pendragon (Alter) [Lancer]

最後の戦い The Final Battle

My men were routed. Only two of us remained — I, worn and thin, and a young knight shaking in his boots.

Would this shield block the dragon’s breath? Even if it did, how would we defeat the beast? How difficult would it be to pierce a weak point, wherever that was?
Time slowed to a crawl, so I paused to think.
Why was I fighting? Did I really think I could?
My youthful passion should have left me long ago, replaced only by a mere desire for peace and quiet.
“…No, I see now.”
My long-lost fighting spirit blazed anew.
I would die here. Here was a fitting hell to end my life.

Once I grew old, I lost the passion I had when I slew Grendel.
Still, I left behind a peaceful land.
Countless people enjoyed serene lives. Even when things got tough, they strove to avoid despair and carry on.

“I guess I should act like a king for once.”

Not for myself. Not for honor, or riches.
I would fulfill my duty as a king.
Rise again, Beowulf. Though your strength is a far cry from your youthful vigor…
…it surely cannot be naught.

Bond level 10 reward for Beowulf [Berserker]

勇士の滾り Hero’s Arousal

There you are, Master!
Actually, I’ve been looking for something.
I think I left a small red bottle around here. Have you seen it?
I have spares, but it would be bad if a minor or a human drank it without knowing what it was.

Oh? Did that pique your interest?
In a way, it’s like the proof of being a hero.
It’s a secret among secrets that we Red Branch Knights received from the druids, a rare elixir coveted even by the Connachta!
A single sip will bring even a half-dead warrior back to his full vigor!
Its efficacy is proven both on the battlefield and in the bed!
If you can pass the Luck check, that is!

These days, I suppose you would call it an “energy drink.”

You want to know what happens if you fail the Luck check?
Wait. Don’t tell me you drank it?

Bond level 10 reward for Fergus mac Roich [Saber]

無我識 心空妙有 Comprehension of the No-Self — Empty Mind, Marvelous Being

The Dharma states that true ‎emptiness is a state of free existence.
It is a heart that distinguishes not between opposing dualities, but contemplates the truth and state of the world as it is.

‎Emptiness is distant, and color is faint.
My graceful flight threads the unattainable boundary, viewing the trajectory of the stars.

That love was a transient dream.
That dream was an eternal parting.
I still watch that meeting which shouldn’t have been, though it blazed for an instant.

On this snowy night, I watch, as if gazing into the distant void.

Bond level 10 reward for Ryougi Shiki [Saber]
*many Buddhist terms. Translations are approximate.

天草四郎陣中旗 Banner of Amakusa Shirou

When we fought, our defeat would be certain.
It was more important to demonstrate our will to fight.
God was with us, and death would be a respite.
Still, we couldn’t merely die, I thought. Not as long as there was one person who could be saved.

Victory today will lead to despair tomorrow.
I know it. I know that, but…
Hear me, my banner.
Their only sin was their faith in me.
They had no choice but to follow.
I happily offer you this life, so please, tell me a way to fight.
But if they cannot be saved…
If they must lose their lives at the end of this battle…
I will cease to save people, and save humanity instead.
I will save them all–
The good, the evil, the weak, and the strong.

Such were the last words of a boy who abandoned his heroism.
He understood that it was self-interest, yet wished for it anyway.

Bond level 10 reward for Amakusa Shirou [Ruler]

シャトー・ディフ Château d’If

No one leaves the prison tower alive, the living hell they called Chateau d’If.
A bastille of death that kept confined those sinners who have committed the most unforgivable.
It is said that every form of suffering has been gathered at this place.
It is said that voices of wrath, grief, and sorrow eternally echo in its halls.
It is said that your imprisonment marked your end, as escape was impossible.

Thus, he who left this hell alive must bear their endless grudges.
He would be a man, yet not of man.
For what stepped forth shall be one who had uttterly conquered his own humanity – a devil in the dark.

“Yes! That is what I am!
The man who fell into Hell, but devoured it, survived it – it was none other than me!
From beyond good and evil, let vengeance be done, by mine hands…”

Bond level 10 reward for Count of Monte Cristo, Edmond Dantes [Avenger]

無限のパンケーキ Unlimited Pancakes

“Sweet candy is a symbol of friendship.
Why, you ask? When most people eat candy, they won’t be angry or sad.”

“Oh, my… My, my, my!”

The little witch cried out when she read the utterly ordinary cookbook.
After all, she had clearly realized a spontaneous idea as a precise spell.

“How wonderful. How truthful. To think that people fight because there isn’t enough sweetness to go around! There are only so many pancakes to fight over!”

A doomsday scenario sprang to mind.
The absence of her goddess and siblings was disastrous.
She took up her beloved staff, and attempted to summon the mystery of infinite foodstuffs.
The result goes without saying.
Her magical skills were super duper ultra top-notch☆

Bond level 10 reward for Medea (Lily) [Caster]

友からの手紙 Letter From a Friend

“Oh, Gilles, Gilles! My dear friend!

It shatters my feeble mind to wonder if you endure hellish torture!

Your pain is my pain.

Your joy is my joy.

And your sins are too sins that I once committed!

To hate people while loving them. To test people while hating them. I value that contradiction, that wailing of the soul, above all else. And I wish to save it.

But, well. Unfortunately, there’s no escape from the corruption. It isn’t something you can conquer or recover from.

If you have the conviction, then come visit my atelier. I’m sure it will aid your studies and pursuits.

Once, you asked me something.

You wanted to know why I helped you. For you, my beloved, I shall leave you with that answer.

We share common pasts, but you and I are not the same. While God made you suffer and you blasphemed Him, you became all the more unable to deny Him.

I saw true faith in you.

I have the utmost respect for you, who sank into the sea of evil but did not drown. You have my encouragement until the end of your days.

—-Welcome to the banquet of terror and nightmares.”

Bond level 10 reward for Gilles de Rais [Caster]

クランの猛犬 Hound of Culann

Yeah, that’s my other name.
Actually, there were other hounds with that name under Ulster. Culann was the name given to the brave hounds who guarded the estate.
Those beasts were really something.
They were so badass that, for a moment, I got serious and killed one.
Normally, I wouldn’t have killed the hound, and the hound wouldn’t have attacked me.
Still, what’s past is past. We met and fought to the death. I came out on top.

We fought each other with everything we had, so I don’t regret it. I just wanted to pay my respects to a powerful foe.
It’s not every day you meet a one-dog army!

That’s how I came to raise his children. I was the second Hound of Culann.
I’d raise them to be even tougher watchdogs than their dad…

Before I knew it, it had become my new name.
I was the beast that howled at the sight of enemies and tore out their throats.
A beast worthy to be called Culann’s hound, they said.

Bond level 10 reward for Cu Chulainn (Prototype) [Lancer]

女神のきらめき Sparkle of the Goddess

Like I said, you’re asking the fundamentally impossible. Get it?
I was born as a goddess to be loved, not to fight like Athena and Ares.
We exist to be desired, loved, and stolen by men, so there’s no way we should be able to fight.

Still, I became a Servant. An Archer, no less.

Even my Noble Phantasm just popped up out of nowhere. Look, it’s a bow and arrows.
Isn’t that Cupid’s thing!? Even Medusa didn’t have to tell me that!

Anyway, it is what it is.
Now that I’ve got this bow, I’ll draw it on your behalf.
I’ll do my best… For you, Master.

Bond level 10 reward for Euryale [Archer]

英雄の武装 A Hero’s Arms

Well, long story short–
Any weapon is fine with me.
Helmets and gauntlets will break someday, no matter how fancy and sturdy they are.
Even a famous, polished spear will eventually snap or be lost.
Weapons and armor are disposable goods. It’s the height of folly to obsess over them.
All I need is for this to kill someone when I hit them with it, or withstand one or two blows.
A dull weapon is fine. There’s nothing wrong with a crude hunk of metal.
You know, crude armor will still save your life, and you can still kill someone with a blunt weapon.

…That said, my troops, my dad, my wife, and my little brother still polished them up for me.
Maybe I should show a little class and swing them around like a hero would. Man, how embarrassing!

Bond level 10 reward for Hector [Lancer]

不撓不屈 Tenacity

She resisted, and she fought.
On the battlefield, she fought.
In England, she fought.
Even in Crimea, she was not content to sit on her laurels, and she took on the world with single-minded perseverance.

The world was a place where would die easily, if no one said a word or extended a helping hand.
Unsanitary conditions, indifference, ignorance, and disease…
The entire world was her enemy.

She resisted, and she fought.
Even in the modern age, her struggle has yet to end.
In this very moment, countless nurses fight to save lives, carrying on her feelings and her vows.

Bond level 10 reward for Florence Nightingale [Berserker]

たった一人の戦争 The Lone Man’s War

He challenges all armies, opposes all creation, and slaughters all peoples.
He has no time for others.
He has no need for lovers, comrades, children, or kings.
He is always aloof, always the strongest, always seizing victory.

He kills, kills, and goes on killing.
At the end of his path lies a mountain of corpses.
Sing of his strength. Boast of his strength. Extol his strength to all.

Even if no one acknowledges it, I will.

His name is Cú Chulainn, the mightiest warrior of Ulster.

Bond level 10 reward for Cú Chulainn (Alter) [Berserker]

聖なる泉 Sacred Spring

The centre of the world. The chosen star. The ruler of all.
Yes, that’s right… it is me, Medb.
Queen Medb of Connacht.

Lovers, comrades, children, kings.
They all belong to me.
Everyone is drawn to me.
Everyone loves me, and is taken by me.

I love, love, and love.
I take, take, and take.
You can’t disobey me.
Because you want me to dominate you, don’t you?

So, make your wish.
Rather than some Holy Grail, depend on my sacred spring.
If it strikes my fancy… perhaps you will get to enjoy something good.

Bond level 10 reward for Queen Medb [Rider]

不滅なる刃 Indestructible Blade

Until that day, war was ordinary to the boy, and a source of pleasure.
Swinging swords and loosing arrows were mere amusement.

But only when Sita was abducted, and Rama had to challenge the demon lord Ravana, did the youth finally come to know the terror of war.

He did not fear death. But if he died, then he would lose his friends, his younger brother, and his beloved Sita.
He did not fear harm. But from the bottom of his heart, he was deeply afraid of throwing away the lives of his brother and his subjects.

War was frightening.
Still, Rama did not shrink from battle, nor did he flee. He would wound, he would kill, he would be hurt, and he might even be killed. He accepted all of this, and challenged the demon.

That is the essence which makes a hero.
Swallow your fear, step into the fray, and cry out the name of your love!

Bond level 10 reward for Rama [Saber]

隠された女神 Hidden Goddess

I wrote many books.
I explained the wisdom of the Mahatmas, and cited numerous well-known magical texts.
I put my heart and soul into those books, but they were attacked by the British intelligentsia and the Society For Psychical Research.
All I got from the Clock Tower, that headquarters of mystery at the center of the Magic Association, was ridicule.
“Figures,” I thought.
“There’s nothing else to be done,” I sighed.

My work was a major break from modern civilization which is based on science, and it also deviated from the Clock Tower with its long, unbroken history. And, none of them could hear the voices of the Mahatmas.

But I won’t resign myself to feeling powerless.
I don’t care even if it’s a truth that’s only for me.
If I can give shape to even a fragment of the great beings I met long ago, I’m fine with that.

Very well, then. First, I’ll be the one to lead myself.

Bond level 10 reward for Helena Blavatsky [Caster]

文明の灯火 Light of Civilization

Failure after failure. Wretched results. The inventor sighed.
He made a fresh cup of coffee, and drank it.
He took a walk.
He thought of a different material.
In high spirits, he obtained it for the next experiment, but that too was a failure.
“It may not exist in this world.”
“We may never be able to keep a light bulb on.”
He pondered such thoughts… and then he crushed them.
He had only tested eight thousand materials, but the world still contained over ten thousand he had yet to try. He would test them all, and if it was still for naught, he would invent something new.
He kept trying and trying, casting aside doubt as he kept running.

“Now, what’s next? Japanese bamboo?”

Bond level 10 reward for Thomas Edison [Caster]

技量、神域に達する Skill that Reaches the Gods

From time to time, there are people of incredible talent who make incredible effort, and display incredible skill.

Some called him the God Spear.
Some ridiculed him as a fraud.
Regardless, Shuwen paid them no mind. All he did was move, so that next strike would be ever sharper and more magnificent.
He had no time to waste on other people. No idle man could stand among gods.
Breathing, focus, and footwork.
He let fly a singular thrust of the spear that reached the realm of the gods.
It was a sharp breeze, perceivable only to those in the seat of the gods at the summit of the sacred mountains.

Bond level 10 reward for Li Shuwen [Lancer]

騎士の誓い A Knight’s Oath

He swore an oath.
He would uphold chivalry, show loyalty to his king, and protect his loved ones with his two spears.

Never once did he consider betraying that oath.
But when he turned to look, his path had been stained.
His friends had left him far behind, and only his love remained at his side.
He dearly loved his wife. She even bore him children, and he watched them grow up. His heart trembled with happiness.

But, he chanced back to look at his path.
When he did, he always saw that which had fallen by the wayside…
The knight’s brilliant, tragic oath had been tainted, twisted, and trampled underfoot.

Bond level 10 reward for Diarmuid Ua Duibhne [Lancer]

エレメンタル Elemental

Ah, yes.
The supernatural beings that symbolize the four great elements. The term refers to these.
When I use the term, however, it takes on a slightly different meaning.

These artificial spirits made from the accumulation of all elements are the “elementals” that I employ.
They are overwhelming in power, yet not Phantasmal Species. They are clusters of the Five Great Elements — Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, and Void (Ether).

They can be used as concentrated pools of mana, and they are also useful for attack or defense.
As for me… ah, yes. I use them as research materials and catalysts in ritual magic.

Now, observe.
Behold the light of the elements that comprise the world…
Witness these mysteries that may lead us to the Root, one day.

Bond level 10 reward for Von Hohenheim Paracelsus [Caster]

真・階差機関 Truth: Difference Engine

It was the dawn of the nineteenth century. A young man, freshly graduated from Cambridge University, was calculating the movement of the cosmos…
He was tackling calculations of enormous scale, when a thought occurred to him.

He realized that large teams of human computers would be needed to handle the massive quantity of calculations in not only astronomy, but also government, industry, and research. If only someone made a machine that could process these countless operations!

Then, he had another idea .
I could create it.”

Complex and difficult calculations could be automated by a machine running on steam power.
Its name was the Difference Engine.

Indeed, mathematics were applicable to every field.
When the machine was completed, it would usher in rapid advances in every field, and civilization would make centuries of progress.
It was the hope of legends, yet to be accomplished by any person.

In the end, he was only a step away from realizing his dream. But the people spoke of the man. He was a great genius, and a cornerstone of civilization…

He was the Father of the Computer.

Bond level 10 reward for Charles Babbage [Caster]

王の馬 Horse of the King

In days past, that name meant “bear.”
The bear is the king of the forest. A massive, ferocious beast.
Few creatures would withstand a blow from its terribly powerful paws.

What are you, then, who would place yourself on the back of this famed steed, Dun Stallion?
Little girl wrapped in silver armor, what a lovely Arthur you are…

Just so, there were once those who found it whimsical.
However, you were truly Arthur.
Little girl, you are a king. A great beast.
A dragon without compare.

Upon the back of this steed rode a dragon.
What honor!
Witness, as the steed fired itself with a neigh.

Your command, o king who had once been but a girl!
Dun Stallion shall carry you in conquest unto the very ends of the world!

Bond level 10 reward for Artoria Pendragon [Lancer]

万能の智、根底の知 Polymathic Knowledge, Fundamental Wisdom

I made my name as a painter, but basically, I did anything and everything.
I made tools, and I made weapons.
I designed cities, and I built ships.

The one thought always in my mind was “the scheme of all things.”
The manmade bird, the staff of the star, the universal combat omni-gauntlet, all mere products of this one constant.
I sought absolute beauty.
It just so happened that I needed to know many things to reach that.

Hm? Did I achieve the perfect beauty?
Of course, I did. At a fairly early stage, as well!
But that was only a personal observation.
Day and night, I did not stopper my genius but aimed to share my view with more and more people, and bring better and better developments.
I took in pupils, and I went on journeys.
At times, I healed the hearts of people.
I may be a genius, but I am not without heart.
After all, I came to know what perfected beauty is.
One who does not love humanity, cannot grow as a human.
It’s quite simple, really.
Although, well, it did take me a little while to figure it out.

Bond level 10 reward for Leonardo da Vinci [Caster]

湖の乙女 The Lady of the Lake

It all began here.
My life has been filled with misery, and love, and hatred, and joy.
I sighed, unable to spend my days together with those I held dear.
I loved the building of bonds.
I worshipped, and I hated, our inhuman king.
Even so… my life had been filled with joy.

The things I have lost, the mistakes I have committed, and the hurt I have dealt. They were beyond count.
The things I have gained, I believed to be just, and I protected. They had certainly existed as well.

But it does not matter anymore.
The time has come to leave it all behind.
I am somewhat wearied.
I took off my armor, removed my helm, cast aside my sword…
I shall sleep, for a short while.
Upon this lake of endless calm.
For a short while… for a short while…

Bond level 10 reward for Lancelot [Saber]

砂浜ラブレター(恐怖) Sandy Shore Love Letter (of Terror)

Ah, Master!
Oh? What are these writings on the sand?
It’s a love letter I wrote in the sand, of course!
Fufufu, this long, sandy shore is proof of all my love!
…Well, I did get a little tired by the end and you might notice a few odd words here and there.
But those are small issues in the face of all of this love. Isn’t that right, Master?
Now, no need to hold back. Please, take a good look at it. Look, look ♪

Have you seen it to your heart’s content?
Well, then I think you should know the correct reply, Master.
Let’s say it together… now!


…That’s! Not! Right!

Bond level 10 reward for Kiyohime [Lancer]

失われた右腕 The Lost Right Arm

Shining Airgetlam.
It normally refers to the prosthetic arm of a god.
Nuada, god of war of the Tuatha De Danann in Celtic mythology, lost his right arm in the midst of great conflict.
Dian Cecht, god of healing and smithing and artificing, constructed a divine armament in its place.

This arm, made for Bedivere who had lost his own right arm, was not the Airgetlam of Nuada, of course.
It is a temporary Noble Phantasm, its existence bolstered by granting it the same name as the myth.

In truth… it is the unreturned holy sword.

With the Sixth Order, the restitution of the holy sword had been accomplished.
As such, what acts as the right arm of the one whose name has been recorded in the Throne of Heroes under exceptional circumstances, is not the holy sword itself.

A hypothetical holy sword.
No longer a Noble Phantasm that whittled away one’s soul, but activated by the relation and bond between Servant and Master, it is in a way one of the newest of Noble Phantasms.

Bond level 10 reward for Bedivere [Saber]

存在の証明 Proof of Existence

I am a lowly woman.

I was nurtured as a flower, concocted as a vial of poison.
So honored as to be given a title as the order’s leader.
And yet I had betrayed something venerable.

But… ahh.
I wished. I desired. I dreamt.
My flesh, my limbs ached.
I wanted to touch.
To come close to another.
To grasp their warmth.
Just as the others do, so too did I wish!

I did not want to kill…

But I exist to kill.
To kill. To kill with a touch. To kill with a caress. To kill with a dance.
To kill with an embrace. To kill with a kiss.
Whatever I might seek. However much I might desire.
I was a weapon that would continue to kill. An assassin, a fatal poison.
Whatever befell me, that would never change.

One day.
For sure.
I… will kill you too.

Bond level 10 reward for Hassan of Serenity [Assassin]

七頭の戦鎚シタ Seven-Headed Cita Mace

‘Fear her and praise her. Venerate her and worship her.
She is the mistress of Heaven. The personification of beauty whom all must love.
Her hand clasps the beautiful seven-headed mace.
See its vile and vicious form, and know that merely wielding this merciless rod strikes down the enemy.
Goddess, since your mother’s womb, you have wielded this barbarous weapon. Gods, save us.

O lady who is the shooting light of dawn.
O Goddess of Venus, guide the day’s break.

She desires protection from no one, but leads the formation from the front, making greater gains than any other. Why are you here?
But the greatness of her heart is kept not only in war.
By her occasional whims are we blessed with floodwaters, removing harmful beasts, her fertile authority bringing good tides and much life to our cities.

Whatever her faults and aspects, she brings joy to the world of man in the end.
Blessed be our Goddess, her name is Inanna.

Although legends tell of the Goddess Inanna wielding another weapon of equal destruction…’

“Wait, this song is supposed to be glorifying me, right?!
So why can I see all these honest opinions in between the lines?!”

Bond level 10 reward for Ishtar [Archer]

フワワの花 Huwawa’s Flowers

“I wonder why she wore that circlet.”

The Chain of Heaven murmured.
She was the monster they had once fought.
The monster that had once been a friend.
The terrible one, with razor claws sharper than anything upon the earth, even the Chain itself.
However, there were flowers upon her head.
They were those once grown by the Chain in the Cedar Forest.
Small, pale flowers.
It was a garden made, bending the laws of the earth, for the sake of that monster with the heart of a young girl.

“For its innocent heart was it was all the more joyous for a simple wreath.”

So declared the man who stood beside the Chain, and he returned to the city.
Leaving behind a second circlet on the ground for the friend.

Bond level 10 reward for Enkidu [Lancer]

天命の粘土板 The Tablet of Destinies

This took place in the far distant past, the ancient era of Gods, when the King of the Gods had not been Marduk (Merodach), but Enlil.

There was a monstrous bird, named Anzu by the Akkadians, and called Imdugud by the Sumerians.
This storm demon was a God, the manifestation of great clouds and powerful winds.
Although this bird had served Enlil, one day, it seized a great treasure while its master was bathing.
In an instant, all of creation became enveloped by darkness and destruction pressed upon the world.

The rare, great treasure stolen by the bird Anzu was the utmost royal authority which controlled the world and the Gods – the Tablet of Destinies.
It was not something the bird ought have touched.
Was it because that it had plunged the entirety of the world into danger? No.
Rather, as the royal authority would not respond to those with who were undeserving, Anzu would gain utterly nothing from it.
In fact, the great treasure was retaken by the Hero God Ninurta, son of Enlil, and the world was repaired.

Long after, in the era of the rise of mankind, the great treasure would be delivered to the golden capital for keeping.

What thinks the tempestuous Anzu, then?
That the seizure of the royal authority which he had failed, was accomplished by a man, the Hero-King, in whose veins flowed divine blood…

Bond level 10 reward for Gilgamesh [Caster]

ありえざる明日 The Tomorrow Not Meant to Be

I was given life in this world.

Yes, from the moment I was born, I was different from my elder sisters.
They were true goddesses.
Their nature was different from that of living things, and they were perfected in every way since the instant they took form.
But I was born.
Like a human being.
With time, I would grow and change my shape, like a living thing.

Even so, there was a time when I thought that I would take on a fitting appearance to be together with my sisters.
As though the day would come where I would wrap myself in the same clothing, become the same shape, and act like a goddess.

Please, feel free to laugh.
Laugh, at this small misconception I have made.

Bond level 10 reward for Medusa [Lancer]

原初の火 Primordial Fire

The Jaguar prowls in the dark with gleaming eyes.

The Jaguar is death.
The Jaguar is fangs.
The Jaguar is claws.
The Jaguar is sudden death, fear, and unavoidable pain.
The Jaguar represented the jungle itself.

That means that the Jaguar at times granted boons.
It is a warden of nature, at times taking lives, at times nurturing them.
And so, it is said that the Jaguar granted the primordial ‘fire’ to mankind.


Per the traditions of the indigenous peoples of the Americas, ‘fire’ was stolen.
From awesome nature, mankind acquired great intelligence and power.

Bond level 10 reward for Jaguar-Man [Lancer]

幽谷の淵 The Abyss of the Valley

No longer are there any teachings to impart, nor the man to preach them.
The swordsman became an envoy of Heaven, his works surpassing mere mastery.

For years and years, he watched the evening bell toll.
His life could no longer be called a life, as it ventured into the realm of natural phenomena.

In the tranquil valley, the line blurs between Life and Death.
The swordsman who long embraced Death lives on, even as he dies.

He persists, as does the legend of the Old Man of the Mountain, whom he created.

Bond level 10 reward for Old Man of the Mountain [Assassin]


When he opened his eyes, he saw a distant plain.

The familiar feel of the earth,
the wind tickling his ears,
and the leaping, prancing love of his life.

It was a long-lost memory of someone who was no longer here.
Someone who hadn’t been taken from him, but whom he thought he’d abandoned.

He is grateful to whoever brought her here.
Humans and beasts will never understand each other. They are fated to keep killing one another.
He knows this, and yet…
Because you didn’t approve of that, there’s something he wants to tell you:

“This is where I lived.”

Bond level 10 reward for Hessian Lobo [Avenger]